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Today’s blacklisted American: Whites aggressively blocked from attending health dept meeting

Jim Crow celebrated in Seattle!
The return of Jim Crow, this time celebrated in the north, in Seattle!

“Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!” Seattle health administrators purposely organized an employee Zoom training session for minorities only, then aggressively banned any white staffers from attending, and then lied repeatedly about their actions and the segregated and illegal nature of the session.

The subject of the session was in itself bigoted, as it made the claim that dieting is a white racist strategy to harm blacks.

The King County Department of Human Resources announced the remote workshop, “Anti-Blackness and Diet Culture,” in an all-staff email newsletter. It was part of the county’s Balanced You program, which focuses on staff wellness. Tacoma-based Liberating Jasper, which conducted the workshop, claims dieting is harmful to black people, and that “Western ideals of attractiveness and health are steeped in whiteness.” It even implies that obesity can be healthy.

Despite claims to the contrary, the workshop intentionally excluded white people. Indeed, the event was promoted both publicly and privately for “BIPOC employees only.”

For those not educated in the left’s alphabet lexicon of races and genders, BIPOC stands for blacks, indigenous people, and people of color. It is designed to create a group of favored minorities while excluding the sexual perverse, which in other contexts the left will gladly celebrate.

What makes the story especially offensive is not this bigoted session and the desire to ban any whites from attending, but the extent in which government officials repeatedly lied about their intentions to discriminate against whites. This story was revealed by Seattle radio host Jason Rantz. Over and over again his office would challenge officials, who would make some absurd claim, and over and over again Rantz would prove this an outright lie, using internal emails obtained by Rantz’s investigation.

For example, one white attendee was specifically removed from the Zoom meeting because of his race.

According to the complaint, obtained via public disclosure request, the incident occurred moments after the staffer turned on his webcam.

“During the first few minutes I had my front facing camera turned off and was enjoying the training,” the employee said in an email to Interim Sheriff Patti Cole-Tindall. “I turned my front facing camera on and was promptly removed from the training. I am a White male County employee. I said nothing in the training and my microphone was on mute. I tried to rejoin the training and was blocked from doing so as it said I was removed by the host.”

In his email complaint, the staffer asked if other attendees were removed, but concluded, “I was kicked out of a work training session based solely on the color of my skin.”

When confronted with these facts, one health official lied, claiming the problem had simply been a technical error. When Rantz challenged this claim to the county, it did its own investigation, and admitted to the lie.

“Following your inquiry and subsequent information received by staff, an investigation occurred to gather all the facts and full understanding of the events that took place,” Gallagher told the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH. “That investigation found in fact there was a deliberate decision by one of the employees involved in the session to remove an individual from the event. The information provided by that employee led to the response that was relayed to you, which we know now was not accurate.”

When the investigation was complete, the “employee resigned their position.”

The lies continued. Next the officials claimed the meeting was really not segregated, that it had always been open to everyone. Email evidence proofed this a lie also. Next officials claimed the error was made by low level employees, that higher authorities never knew about the discrimination. More emails proved this a lie as well. Next officials tried to claim that excluding whites from the meeting was legally okay because they had planned a parallel meeting open to all. This of course was bogus, since all civil rights laws forbid discrimination against anyone anytime due to their race, color, or creed. Faced with this fact, the officials then tried to hide the meeting’s discriminatory nature with edits to the announcements, making it sound as if the meeting was merely promoting attendance for minorities, when in fact the meetings would intentionally ban whites no matter what.

And so forth. Read the whole article if you want to get the full flavor of the dishonesty and bigotry in this Seattle-area county government.

This kind of segregation against whites is now the norm in leftist Seattle, not the exception. In the past year I have reported numerous similar stories (here, here, here, here), all focused on treating whites as inferior beings who must go to the back of the bus.

Seattle is the bluest of blue cities, totally controlled by the Democrats both politically and culturally. That not only means you can’t dare express any dissent to that party’s leftist ideology, if you are white you must also accept your status as a second class citizen. This is what the Democratic Party has always done, treat people not based on who they are as an individual but based on their race. Once that party’s agenda favored whites and oppressed blacks, in the deep South. Now it favors minorities and oppresses whites.

There is no difference however. It is still an agenda that is bigoted and hateful, in places like Seattle.

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  • GaryMike

    My DNA tells me that, though I’m white today, my most distant ancestors were not.

    I’m tired of being told by stupid people that I have to think the same as them.

    Sod off, stupid losers.


  • Alton

    ? ? ? Cheers

  • Jeff Wright

    Hey, I like big girls and fried chicken! Well, I was researching Biden’s ancestry and what do I find? He descends from….wait for it-

    the Blewitts!

    What is more…there was a children’s book on the Adventures of Baron Trump a century ago!

    God has a sick sense of humor..

  • James Street

    Seattle used to be such a beautiful city. Now it’s a hell hole.

    Violent crime is skyrocketing.
    Leftists do everything they can to destroy a civil society beginning with the destruction of the family, the foundation of society. The most unhealthy destructive thoughts and actions are encouraged. Violent members of protected leftist groups are let back on the street with little or no prison time.

    There is garbage, human feces, needles, and graffiti everywhere.
    Leftists have made it so expensive and difficult to get rid of garbage that people just throw it anywhere. For example grocery store parking lots used to have garbage cans scattered around and if you had just stopped at McDonald’s you could throw your burger paper in there. The garbage cans were removed so people just throw their garbage anywhere.

    There are “tent cities” of people sleeping under blue tarps.
    We are in year 17 of King County’s (the county Seattle is in) “Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness”. They keep increasing the bureaucracy with high paying jobs for people with master’s degrees in sociology that specialize in transgender homelessness to study specific “problems”. The few taxpayer funded housing that does get built goes to immigrants, legal and illegal.

  • Cotour


    (Copy and share with a Democrat)

    “With violent crime on the rise and showing no signs of a letup, a majority of voters said their family would be better off if they fled New York City, a new survey reveals.”

    “New York City is launching a digital billboard campaign to lure Floridians unhappy with their state’s “Don’t Say Gay” law to the Big Apple, Mayor Eric Adams announced Monday.”

    (Did you need sexual or sexual orientation instruction when you were 5 years old? That is a rhetorical question)

    Eric Adams (D), I was giving you at least 6 months to demonstrate you were a man up to the job you have secured, and it isn’t looking good. Eric Adams is apparently merely a better dressed version of Bill DeBlasio? What do you think?–~D

  • Cotour


    Eric Adams (D), check yourself, abandon your dangerous, woke, Leftist Democrat party agenda and be a great mayor of NYC. Refuse and go down in history as a massive failure, right behind Bill DeBlasio (D).

    New York is such a friendly and welcoming city now, everyone should rush to move here.

    (Sarcasm if you are still politically unconscious)

  • Ida

    So leave. If the place you live suppresses your basic rights, leave that place. Let them turn it into Baltimore or Detroit or any of the other assorted hellholes run by black Democrats.

  • Cotour

    Leave? The city? The state? Or the Country?

    Where would you draw the line.

  • Col Beausabre

    “Next officials tried to claim that excluding whites from the meeting was legally okay because they had planned a parallel meeting open to all.”

    So “Separate But Equal” is alive and well in Seattle, some 70 odd years (some very odd) after Brown vs The Board of Education

  • MMinWA

    So leave?

    I moved to WA from AR last year because my gal is here. I’m a ferry ride away from Seattle in PA. When I lived in CO, Seattle was my fav getaway for a 2 or 3 day breather. Now? It’s a cesspool.

    The last time I was in Seattle I made the mistake of walking through downtown from the ferry terminal to the light rail station. In the evening. Zombified denizens shuffling about or bent over staring at their feet, piles of needles & feces, garbage every where, eagle eyed criminals on the look out, block after block of tents and not one cop. NOT ONE. And when I say piles of needles, I swear one pile I saw had at least 200 syringes just dumped next to the sidewalk. Whatinthehell???

    I’ve heard people ask(snarkily) If Seattle is so bad, why do our real estate prices keep rising? And to that all I can say is I guess what is one man’s level of tolerance is another’s ticket to scoot. What can’t go on, won’t.

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