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Today’s blacklisted Americans: California’s ethnic studies uses Nazi language to demonize Jews

They’re coming for you next: The new California ethnic studies program that is expected to be imposed on all the state’s classrooms is in fact based entirely on critical race theory (CRT) that makes whites the devil and all other minorities its victims, except Jews, who are targeted for special condemnation using language reminiscent of Nazi Germany.

Because of outrage over the bigoted nature of the earlier versions, two revisions have been offered, both of which really changed nothing of substance. The last version however added the following:

Two lessons have been offered about Jews. One, following crude CRT dogma, teaches that Mizrahi Jews coming to the United States from Arab lands were mistreated by “white” Ashkenazim. The other suggests that Jews of European descent have white privilege.

The Jewish Journal points out that Jews are the only group in the curriculum for whom the term “privilege” is used. And this privilege is not earned by way of talent, or educational and professional attainment, but rather trickery. The ESMC, echoing Nazi propaganda about Jews as impostors and appropriators hiding in plain sight, points out that American Jews often change their names (“this practice of name-changing continues to the present day”) to change their rank in the social hierarchy.

The historical reality of repeated genocidal attacks on Jews because of their perceived or imagined privilege is not offered as counterpoint, because ethnic studies teachers assume the Holocaust is taught in world history class. But next year in San Mateo County, world history will be replaced by ethnic studies.[emphasis in original]

There is a lot more in the article at the link. Overall it outlines the racist, white- and Jew-hating nature of critical race theory, about to be imposed on all students in California’s public school system, even as that system removes any teaching about world history and the Nazi genocide of millions of Jews.

Rick, stating the truth in Casablanca
Click for video.

Note that while this program is being created by the bigoted idiots in the state’s various ethnic studies programs, it was mandated by the state’s Democratically-controlled legislature and signed into law by the previous Democratic governor, Jerry Brown, and later endorsed by the present Democratic governor, Gavin Newsom.

If you live in California, you voted for this, either from apathy, ignorance, or maybe even your own bigoted motives. And while one would expect Californians to be horrified and ashamed by this, I fully expect more apathy and ignorance, even as the bigots gain more power.

As I say, they’re coming for you next. And I fear that few decent people are doing anything to stop these thugs.

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  • Herman D Hurt

    Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

    George Santayana

  • Lee Stevenson

    Bob…. I have a serious question for you… There seems to be some sort of cognitive dissonance going on here….I’m not sure I understand this post entirely, but it’s your “left” hating on the Jews (allegedly), but I have also seen almost any criticism of Israeli policy condemned as “anti semetic”, also by your “left”.
    I will look into this link further if/when given chance, but regarding the other side of the argument, how do you as an American Jew feel about criticism about the Israeli state? I have quite a few problems with Israeli policy, I have no problems with the people, or their religion. However if I express my opinion on policy I tend to be slammed as anti semetic, and this trend continues all the way up from this lowly citizen up to politicians. My feeling is that the “anti semetic” card is used way to often when discussing Israeli politics. I will probably disagree with you ;-) but I am very interested in your opinion here.

  • Lee Stevenson: You seem to have forgotten that series of essays I wrote about Israel a few years back that I asked you to read. You said you did, but it apparently has been forgotten. You should especially reread “Bigotry in Israel” and “Building a real Peace Forest in Israel.”

    While I support Israel strongly (because it is the only free democracy in a region of oppressive medieval Islamic states), I also have many problems with its policies. And I don’t have a problem with anyone criticizing those policies, as long as they do it from a position of knowledge. If they show ignorance, I will call them on it. (Which is something I have done with you in the past.)

  • Phill O

    Personal peace and prosperity. I will get some acres out in the middle of nowhere and let it all pass me by so I will not have to stand up a risk losing my prosperity.

    UNTIL they come for me: Then I will say “Where were you all when I needed help?”

  • eddie willers

    The biggest mystery to me is how Jews vote overwhelmingly for Democrats. I just can’t fathom it.

  • Robert, I didn’t know you did memes.

  • Blair K Ivey: Not a meme, merely a screen capture from the video, with a subtitle of Rick’s line, which expressed exactly the situation just before Pearl Harbor. Americans were asleep, refusing to face the horror that the Nazis were bringing to the world.

    Thank god after December 7th Americans woke up. Today I fear nothing will wake them.

  • Per Robert Zimmerman: Americans may awake in time, but the Serfs will die in their sleep.

  • madrocketsci

    If you live in California, you voted for this, either from apathy, ignorance, or maybe even your own bigoted motives. And while one would expect Californians to be horrified and ashamed by this, I fully expect more apathy and ignorance, even as the bigots gain more power.

    Mr. Zimmerman, given what we’ve learned about our government this past year, how sure are you that Californians *did* vote for this? The state is very interesting: Ballot initiatives almost always tend to favor freedom. The politicians on offer are usually a choice between two communists: Republicans, or even anyone remotely freedom-minded, often don’t even bother to run anymore, the system is so rigged. Can you really berate people for their government, when the supposed democracy is a sham?

  • anonymous

    America in general have been voting to stop this for decades now. Voting and voting and voting. Writing angry letters to the people they voted for, who turn traitor the moment they reach the capitols. Last year made it crystal clear that voting isn’t going to work. It was always an incredibly weak tether on the behavior of the government to begin with.

    Civil actions aren’t going to work. Pleading your cases before courts that ignore the law and constitution isn’t going to work. Jury nullification might work, but jury selection has been a joke for decades, and recent asset forfeiture laws mean you might not ever see a jury as the state takes everything you’ve built over a lifetime. Our state and local representatives, people we might still have some degree of control over, aren’t even able to *speak* about the problem without facing legal harassment up to and including death threats from assassins!

    So we aren’t “asleep”. We’re aware. We just have no idea what to do about it. Being caught in public disapproving of the regime will get you fired, blacklisted or jailed. Disobedience will get you jailed. Individual rebellion will get you killed. The government is going into a paranoia spiral right now about anyone organizing anything over any channel they don’t control or monitor: The FCC directive a few months ago threatening HAM operators (heretofore a scrupulously law abiding group) was cute.

  • Evan Schackmann

    “If you live in California, you voted for this, either from apathy, ignorance, or maybe even your own bigoted motives. And while one would expect Californians to be horrified and ashamed by this, I fully expect more apathy and ignorance, even as the bigots gain more power.”

    You have no clue what you are talking about and no idea what it is like to be a conservative in CA. Look to the mote in your own eye.

  • Arty

    madrocketsci, interesting conjecture. Just how far down the rabbit hole are we?

  • wayne

    socialism/communism/ the Democrat Party, all are religions unto themselves.

  • Evan Schackman: I have been a conservative Jew living in liberal New York and Washington for almost my entire life. I know very well what it would be like to be a conservative in California.

    Rather than take my email personally, you should be showing it to every liberal person you know. Rather than attacking me for pointing out the problem you should be using what I wrote as a weapon against the blind and ignorant people I know you know, using it to try and educate them.

  • pzatchok

    Everyone understands the idea of overwhelming the system in order to bring it down.

    Its what the left is trying to do to America as a whole.

    Well all you conservatives in California can you not find a way to overwhelm the Californian system and bring down that whole state?

    One way is to get California to seceded from the union. That state can not stand on its own. It just doesn’t have enough natural resources, power or water.

    Its on the verge of ripping itself apart now just help it along. a little.

  • ExCal

    Robert…the last thing we need is more piling on and Monday-morning quarterbacking on the right.

    I am a California native who recently left my beloved state after 50+ years. I had to leave in order to preserve a future for my “privileged” white children and to live out the rest of my days in something like peace and freedom. Your assertion that Californians voted for this, actively or otherwise, is patently absurd. I say this as a longtime fan of yours (first heard you many years ago on the John Batchelor Show) and not as an adversary.

    Those of us who aren’t part of the vast brainwashed masses have worked to oppose measures such as this through all legal means available. This includes voting at the ballot box, meeting with legislators at the local as well as state level, participating in and organizing whatever passes for political activism on the right, running for local offices and local boards, participating in the redistricting programs, trying to influence friends and neighbors one-on-one, and most importantly, educating our kids in both the corrosive nature of programs such as this one and the overall slide toward the Marxist abyss. We fought all the smaller incremental issues that didn’t make national news the way this one did. We did the things that we were “supposed” to do as responsible Americans.

    We played by the rules, fought like hell, and lost. But don’t you dare say we voted for this, actively or otherwise. We did not. We have been outmaneuvered and outnumbered.

    The blue coastal hives and Sacramento have far more people than the mostly red remainder of the state (I have lived in both parts) and the corruption in those blue areas runs miles deep. The left has been working every angle to make make this revolution happen since at least the 1960s, miseducating generations in the schools and propagandizing relentlessly through the media. The gerrymandering of districts, and outright theft of elections, has created a permanent one-party state. Unfettered illegal immigration–and illegal aliens voting–has also played a role. There are more factors, but this is already too long.

    What do you think we should have done? I don’t know what more we could have tried, but I’d be interested to hear your thoughts. Better still, if you have any ideas I’d suggest you put them into action now where you live. What happened in California is coming your way too. And please don’t say “it can’t happen here.” Remember that California was a red state until the 1990s. If you’re not already fighting where you are, you may be too late.

    But in any case, please stop piling on. We lost paradise already, don’t rub it in. Let’s pull together on the right and fight together.

  • ExCel: Why do you and others take what I write so personally? I would think it is patently obvious I am referring to the millions of “vast brainwashed masses” (as you put it).

    I must also say that from my long experience in New York and DC, it isn’t just these masses who are at fault. Blame also falls to the many conservatives I have known who did not pay attention, or simply never bothered to vote, or would simply refuse to believe me when I would describe stories like this to them.

    They exist. You know they do. They need to be called out for their apathy, as do all those brainwashed masses. If they had acted with the outrage I have felt now for four decades, the left would not have won all those battles.

  • ExCal

    “If you live in California, [bold]you[/bold] voted for this, either from apathy, ignorance, or maybe even your own bigoted motives.”

    That is arguably a personal statement, and the brush used to paint it is a perhaps overly broad. Nonetheless, I get that you don’t mean me personally, and no offense is taken. I see my reply to you as correcting some misunderstanding on your part, and perhaps providing some color and texture that may not be quite so apparent from 3,000 miles away.

    Funny thing about being a Californian. Even people who have never lived there think they know what it’s like. When I traveled the US for work I would often encounter those who would tell me all about the place I had lived in since birth, and they’d generally get it wrong. I blame movies and television.

    Speaking of blame, you are right that the apathetic and anonymous conservative types need to be called out, but I understand their reluctance. To be openly conservative in the blue parts of CA is to invite unwelcome consequences. The actions I took in my own small way were enough to get me shunned in certain circles and branded as undesirable. (And I’m a nice guy! Handsome, too.) Putting a bumper sticker on your car that had a conservative candidate or message was to invite vandalism. That wasn’t just in the Trump years, but since the mid-1990s. You were taking a guaranteed social risk, and occasionally a physical one, to come out as conservative. After what I endured, I can’t really blame the quiet ones for staying that way.

    But, to your point of four decades of the outrage you’ve felt, the real blame needs to be laid at the feet of the Silent Generation. They raised the next generation, which brought about this debacle. Their overprotective overindulgence (understandable after what they had seen, though still shockingly wrong) of the 1946 – 1964 cohort planted the seeds of our demise. We’re reaping exactly what we’ve sown. It happened in CA first, and it’s coming to a theater near you.

    Buckle up.

  • ExCal. Yup to all your points. Note I could sign myself as ExNY or ExMD if I wanted.

    In this sense I blame myself for running rather than staying and fighting it out even more loudly then I was. Trust me, I had my own bad experiences of being shunned in both NY and MD. Yet, if we are to win how do we do it if we all run from the fight?

    Considering all however maybe survival required fleeing. At some point one can no longer live with such people.

  • Lee Stevenson

    @ Bob, I did read your essays, and while I find some of your opinions and reading of the facts problematic, I also learned much that is useful when in discussion over the Israeli/Palestinian “problem”. My question specifically avoided being drawn into that conversation. My question was how do you feel about the fact that every and any criticism of Israeli policy is claimed to be anti semetic? It genuinely feels to me that this can only cause harm to the Israeli population in the long run. No one claims that criticism of Pakistani, Russian or Chinese policy is anti Islamic, orthodox Christian or Maoist, yet the ( and yes, especially the left, which is somewhat ironic ) media, along with many Jewish leaders and Israeli spokesmen claim the anti semetic excuse. In my opinion Israel still has some hard questions to answer regarding the treatment of the Palestinians, yet it seems to be classed at anti-Semitic to even ask them.

  • Lee Stevenson

    I also have an observation to make regarding the general discussion here… I can’t quite wrap my head around the division you guys over the pond have regarding politics…. I am friends with, and work with folks at the absolute other end of the political spectrum. I actually wear a “V” badge on my backpack I commute with, the V standing for “Venster”… The Swedish for “Left”. We occasionally have heated discussions over politics, but I have never fallen out with anyone over my politics. We have our vote, we use it, we have a multi party system, and a coalition government, which works (most of the time) and accept the result of our (free and fair) elections. The very idea that someone would have to leave an area because of the local politics genuinely seems rediculess to me. This is not because of apathy, it’s because of a respect for democracy, and an understanding that if you want your party to do better next election, you have to try harder next time. I think Bob is right that you should stay and fight for your ideals, but I also think that it’s kinda sad that political opponents over there will bully out dissenting opinion.

  • Lee Stevenson

    ( sorry for all the typos… but for those who consider me a workshy communist.. I’ve worked 26 of the last 48 hours… We are snowed under at work, and to be honest, I like the money…. but I’m also exhausted… thank whoever you like, but it’s nice I have 13 hours of work left, then a 4 day weekend! With holiday pay of course for Friday and Monday ;-) Happy Easter folks!

  • Lee Stevenson wrote, “My question was how do you feel about the fact that every and any criticism of Israeli policy is claimed to be anti semetic?”

    I don’t “feel” anything because this statement by you is wrong. While of course some people do what you claim, it is an outright falsehood to say that everyone in Israel or all Jews routinely accuse any critics of Israel of antisemitism. I don’t, certainly, and I read the Israeli press regularly and almost never see such accusations there, except when it appears justified.

  • Lee Stevenson

    @Bob, you obviously don’t read enough European news to appreciate my point. ( Which is fair enough… You don’t live here… ) But we in the continent over the pond are essentially gagged from criticism of anything regarding Israel. It is instantly condemned as “anti semetic” , in the last UK general election, the Labour leader, and indeed half the labour party have been accused of being “anti Jew” because of their criticism of Israeli policy. You are doing a great job of avoiding the question. I see anti-Semitic claims on a regular basis, mostly, and including when questions are raised regarding the Israeli treatment of Palestinians. Do you have an opinion on the use of the phrase “anti semetic” in such circumstances? The last leader of the labour party in the UK has been demonised because of his support of the Palestinians, I believe this to be a political, rather than any religious issue. Yet he is pasted as anti semetic… Your replies have been wishy-washy so far. Do you have an opinion on this use of the phrase?

  • Lee: I admit I do not focus my reading on European news, so I might not have the full picture.

    However, if you think there was no antisemitism in Britain’s UK Labour party, you yourself have not been reading enough. Corbyn did enormous harm to that party while its leader, bringing in many antisemites and pushing their agenda. He was not attacked for his criticism of Israel. His own party recognized this, eventually suspending him while since trying to make amends. Its reputation remains, along with many in that party who harbor such bigoted views. Thus, in this case the accusations in were justified.

  • Lee Stevenson

    @Bob…. I do not believe there is an anti semetic agenda in the UKs labour party. I think that anti Israeli and pro Palestinian viewpoints are being used as a political tool and are claimed to be anti semetic by those who would silence them. You have maneged to avoid answering my question so far, so I will ask again.. do you have any opinion on my view that the use of the term “anti semetic” has become weaponised, , and is used to silence any criticism of the nation state of Israel, and it’s govenment?

  • Lee: Of course there are people who are trying to weaponize the term “antisemitism” to shut others up. The one example however you decided to use to prove this — the UK Labour Party under Corbin — was the one example that did no such thing.

    You still need to reread my essays, as it is very clear you did not absorb them. To sum them up: The only ones in Israel and the West Bank that are in favor of apartheid are the Palestinians. The only ones there who hate others, as the policy of their governments, are the Palestinians. The only ones whose governments wish to commit genocide against their opponents, as stated by their own founding documents, are the Palestinians.

    And as I concluded in the last essay in the 2013 series, none of that excuses the original sin behind the founding of both, the concept that you can create separate Jewish and Arab states, each based on religion or ethnicity. Such a concept, brought to us by the UN, was guaranteed in the end to bring us to where we are today, with hate and endless war.

  • Lee Stevenson

    @Bob, I agree with you regarding the Israeli/Palestinian conflict to a certain point, however the Israeli use of overwhelming force is a different debate… And also at the center of my argument. ( Hence the cognitive dissonance), there are many and varied arguments to be had from both sides of the fence. Take the India / Pakistan conflict, another example of “the west” intervention and division of land based upon western ideals…. Hindi over there, Muslim over there… With no respect for traditional borders or the will of the people. My point is only that the Israeli government, or at least it’s media arm are using “Jew bashing” as an excuse to avoid scrutiny. I believe this to be wrong. There are many discussions to be had, and your essays provide an important view into the Israeli side of the argument. There is also a huge amount of argument to be had from the Palestinians… Which I generally agree with, to be honest, but my point is that any criticism of Israel is currently seen as anti semetic, which is just as much of a censer on free speech as anything you post regarding your lefts cancel culture. We need to break off the chains of supposed “PC” bull crap, and have these important conversations without fear of being called anything “IST”…. I guess we both agree on this point, we disagree regarding the Israel/Palestinian actual situation, but the closing down of any argument by deeming it anti-Semitic is my bugbear. We need an environment which allows free speech without either side getting “triggered” by words which need to be used. Not just in Israel, but across the world.. I just hope that the pendulum is swinging back to our world when debate can be had without one party packing their bags and leaving because they do not like the tone of the conversation.

  • Cotour

    Hope springs eternal:

    “The Washington Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that the effort to remove a Seattle councilwoman, who was accused of allowing protesters into city hall during riots in the city, can proceed.”

    “City official Kshama Sawant, a socialist, faced a recall after she purportedly “admitted hundreds of people into Seattle City Hall,” “led a protest march to Mayor Jenny Durkan’s private residence,” and “failed to comply with public disclosure requirements,” the court wrote.

    Charges were “factually and legally sufficient for recall,” and the effort was allowed to continue, justices concluded.”

    She has a Right to be a radical Socialist, and the city council has the Right to remove her for her radical Socialism.

  • Cotour

    And then on the other end of the spectrum:

    “The Chinese Communist Party’s Cyberspace Administration of China has boasted of one of the most critical connections between the 2020 U.S. Presidential election, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the groups and individuals campaigning to stop President Trump and his “America First” agenda, The National Pulse can exclusively reveal.

    New, bombshell admissions over China’s influence in both the United States and Europe link organizations such as the Berggruen Institute with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The Berggruen Institute first rose to national attention after co-founding the “Transition Integrity Project” which advised on how Joe Biden could seize power on the back of an ostensible Trump victory.”

    And that is the Ying and the Yang of where America finds itself at this moment in time.

  • Lee Stevenson wrote: “Take the India / Pakistan conflict, another example of “the west” intervention and division of land based upon western ideals…. Hindi over there, Muslim over there… With no respect for traditional borders or the will of the people.”

    Except that your knowledge of the history of India’s partition is entirely wrong. It was not western intervention that produced the separation of India and Pakistan. It was the Muslim part of India that demanded its own country. Gandhi opposed it, as did many.

  • Edward_2

    Lee Stevenson, What critiques of Palestinian or Arab/Islamic “entities” do you have?

    – Hamas pushing gays to their death off rooftops in Gaza?
    – Islamic Republic of Iran hanging gays from construction cranes?
    – FGM and Honour Killings
    – 500,000 dead in Syrian civil war?
    – Thousands of people (many military age men) from the Middle East and Africa flooding into Western Europe?
    – People murdered by Islamists in Western Europe (like Lee Rigby, French schoolteacher Samuel Paty, bombing of Pan Am 103, London’s 7/7 transport bombings)?
    – Syrian born (NOT a white guy) murderer of 10 in Boulder Colorado.

    Since there about 50 countries that are predominantly Muslim, there would be coverage that would would dwarf the focus on Israel

  • Edward_2

    Lee Stevenson,

    Do you understand why there are Checkpoints at every commercial airport in the world – which screen (X-Ray, sniff) passengers, luggage, cargo?

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