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Today’s blacklisted Americans: If you are unvaxxed you are banned from hospital care in Colorado

Coming to your town in America soon!
Death camps are coming for the unclean unvaccinated.

Blacklists are back and the Democrats have got ’em: It appears it wasn’t enough to ban one woman in Colorado from receiving a desperately needed kidney transplant because she and her donor had not gotten their COVID shots. Now, Jared Polis, the Democratic Party governor of Colorado, has told all hospitals in the state to ban everyone from getting treatment if they refuse to get the experimental drugs being touted, falsely, as vaccines against COVID.

Polis’ order reportedly gives health care professionals the authority to prioritize crisis care under the direction of the state health department. “If you are unvaccinated, a regular trip to the grocery store, a night out to dinner are more dangerous than they have been at any point during this pandemic,” Polis said, according to NBC News. “The delta variant is brutally effective at seeking out the unvaccinated, like a laser-guided missile.”

“While the state has a nearly 80 percent partial vaccination rate, unvaccinated people with severe Covid-19 are overwhelming hospitals, many of which reported being over 90 percent capacity,” said Scott Bookman, Covid-19 incident commander for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

The language of this executive order makes it clear that it authorizes discrimination against those who are not vaccinated for COVID-19.

Polis’ order was likely issued in response to the kidney transplant story in order to give the state’s hospitals some political cover as they ramp up their discrimination against those who refuse to get the experimental COVID shots.

Some news reports suggest that this order really only applies to elective treatments, but that does not appear to be the case. The actual order states:

Pursuant to the authority vested in the Governor of the State of Colorado and, in particular, pursuant to Article IV, Section 2 of the Colorado Constitution and the relevant portions of the Colorado Disaster Emergency Act, C.R.S. § 24-33.5-701, et seq., including C.R.S. § 24-33.5-704.5(1)(e)(II), I, Jared Polis, Governor of the State of Colorado, hereby issue this Executive Order authorizing the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) to order hospitals and freestanding emergency departments to transfer or cease the admission of patients to respond to the current disaster emergency due to coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Colorado. [emphasis mine]

While that order doesn’t specifically mention the reason why hospitals will be ordered to “transfer or cease the admission of patients”, Polis and other officials made it very clear the criteria will be whether someone has received a COVID shot or not. If not, no treatment for you!

The Democrats really have returned to their Jim Crow roots of the South. Rather than simply deny healthcare to blacks, they are now denying healthcare to anyone who disagrees with them about COVID.

As I’ve written repeatedly, the Democrats are not very far from death camps and imprisonment. The distance from Polis’ order and these horrors is quite small.

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  • Gary H

    Since a majority of hospital admissions for Covid are unvaccinated, I suspect the order applies to elective procedures.

  • Christopher Lopes

    “The Democrats really have returned to their Jim Crow roots of the South.”

    Given that the vaccination rate for minorities is lower than for whites, this statement is truer than one might think.

  • Cotour

    “Vinay: What you are not considering is that the point of the mandates may well be to begin to take that rope ladder of upward mobility from those who will not comply in these way Left cities and states in the country. The Left loves compliance, they insist on it and if you do not comply, you will become a pariah and will be unincluded in civil society / civilization. You must consider it given their unreasonable positioning. Everything in politics has an underlying reason and that reason is always ultimately about power and control, I.E. Compliance. Love your analysis, well thought out, balanced and a great presentation. Thank you.”

    The agenda is to raze and destroy what is, and rebuild anew.

    And whom ever does not comply and shows their contempt for those who demand it MUST be eliminated from “Civil” society and shunted off to live in obscurity and invisibility. By any means necessary means by any means necessary.

    Mr. Hitler and Mr. Mao are the models here, and these mandates and being excluded, being “Othered” are their tools.

    Shameful and embarrassing for any true American.

  • Skunk Bucket

    So I guess I’d better be very careful about riding my motorcycle home from work in Colorado Springs today. If I crash, they might not admit me to the ER, seeing as how I’ve been relying on the natural immunity I got from having ChiCom-19 back in 2020. It’s like Polis is in a race with California’s Gavin Newsom to see who can turn their state into East Germany the fastest.

  • Questioner


    Are you still a huge Trump supporter? He lost a lot in my eyes – after the events of January 6th – when he betrayed his most loyal and courageous supporters. At the time, I expected that he would protect these people from punishment. He had the opportunity. And he didn’t. He obviously has a bad character (I say that regardless of the fact that he was cheated out of his election victory). Now his supporters, whose lives have been ruined, sit in jail, ruined for a cause that Trump ends up being responsible for.

  • Patrick Underwood

    Questioner, what opportunity was that? What should he have done?

    Trump didn’t actually say anything to incite an “insurrection.” You are dismissing the agency of the people who entered the Capitol.

  • Cotour


    “Are you still a huge Trump supporter?”

    Yes. Trump or anyone who adheres to his simple tenets of America First and rejects the Globalist agenda.

    “He lost a lot in my eyes – after the events of January 6th”

    Who did he betray in your opinion?

    “when he betrayed his most loyal and courageous supporters. ”

    Anyone who foolishly entered the Capital building during that riot, the riot that was clearly driven by agent provocateur and MAGA hay seeds needed to be arrested and prosecuted. They did great harm to Trump, the movement and America.

    Agent provocateur: A person who induces others to break the law so that they can be convicted.

    Just like the Mueller investigation, just like the 6 AM invasion of Roger Stones house with full armed agents, just like the DOJ not being able to “SEE” Hunter Biden’s activities facilitated for and by his father in the interests of Ukrain and Communist China, just like not being able to detect Hillary Clinton’s finger prints on the Trump / Russia “alliance”, etc, etc.

    Look up this guy: Ray Epps. He clearly appears to be something other than what he says he is on Jan 6th. I think the definition above fits him well.

    Questioner: PS: I notice that when you are asked specific questions that you do not exactly like answering you seem to just fade away. Why is that?

  • Questioner


    What do you mean exactly? I’m bad at guessing.

  • Cotour

    In our last conversations on similar subjects you ask me specific questions and I answer you in full, but you do not reciprocate.

    Why is that?

  • ARR

    Rumor is that the governor’s next executive order will allow the Colorado DMV to turn away anyone who doesn’t posses a valid driver license.

  • Cotour

    To my initial point in this news panel:

    “Thanks to New Diversity Policy Managers at One of the World’s Largest Investment Firms, State Street Global Advisors, Will Need Permission to Hire White Males”

    All those who are none compliant will be “Othered” and will be dismissed or not hired at all.


  • Questioner


    I have to apologize for that. No intention. Has to do with how this blog (or website) works. This blog is designed in such a way that it is practically designed for topicality and comes with new posts every day. I, on the other hand, would like to stay on one topic for a while and work through the details with others – like you – to discuss. This only works to a very limited extent here, because the special post to which the comments belong are quickly pushed back. So that’s essentially it. Maybe I should take a break here. It’s easy to get addicted.

  • Jack Kemp

    The governor has no authority to do that except in state run hospitals. Any privately owned hospital can and should tell the governor to go f himself.

  • Jack Kemp: Watch your language. I’d prefer you’d use “Let’s Go Brandon!” then shorten an obscenity to just one letter.

  • Cotour

    And here we have a prime example of the American political class, or a segment of them, needing to destroy America and pledge the fidelity to the flag of the U.N. in the process.

    “Sen. Barrasso: At Climate Conference Biden ‘Pledged Allegiance To The Flag Of The United Nations’ Not The United States”

    I have said it before and I will say it again, Joe Biden and all the rest of them are all traitors to his / their country.

    And that is plain to see. And thirteen Republicans just gave them a win in the Congress, $1.2 Trillion in “Infrastructure” (Only 10 percent of this bill goes to traditional infrastructure, the rest is a function of their re-defining of words and terms. How many Republican Senators will do the same in the coming weeks for the rest of their multi Trillion dollar “Infrastructure” / Socialist wish list? Stay tuned on that.)

  • Cotour

    Its ALL related whether its here in America or over in Germany, or Poland or where ever:

    Christine Anderson, German MEP:

    “Never take anything any government tells you on face value”.

    First the Left, the true believers, must destroy what is in order to give birth to the “New” and “Improved” what “Must” be in their opinion.

    And if and when they lose their power staring in 2022 in the house and the Senate, and then the presidency in 2024, that is when you will see them become violent. Very organized and very violent.

    Just my opinion.

  • Ben Colder

    Who cares people die in hospitals .Gov Lolipop has gone all in now he will shut down the churches again pretty darn sure. This guy is a peice of art and a tax cheat wonderful communist.

  • m d mill

    US hospitals normally run at about 90% capacity so that fact is irrelevant . And few if any hospitals are actually “overwhelmed”(90% is less than 100%!), and they could not be overwhelmed if millions of nurses and other staff had not been laid off last year for no good reason mandated by inane government/bureaucratic overreaction. This is a scare tactic.
    Most people (ie, over 50%) who have heart disease or diabetes or lung cancer or liver disease or fall off a ladder are so because of bad decisions they have made throughout their lives that were AVOIDABLE and well known. Should they also be banned from hospitalization? That would be the guv’s “logic”.

  • wayne

    Tom MacDonald –
    “Fake Woke” (January 2021)

  • wayne

    Czerwona Ho ota –
    ( Polish Anti Communist Song)

    “Don’t be afraid of fighting, stand in the line,
    In front of you, is the red scum.”

  • Should they also be banned from hospitalization?

    Depends upon the presence of a co-morbidity … supporting the guv’s opponent.

    As for me, I’m headed for Radio City this weekend to see the Christmas Spectacular … because I bought the tickets before Comrade Bill issued his mandate that only the vaccinated can enter. Had I known he was going to to this, it is not likely that my wife and I would have bought them … and as long as that mandate sticks, it is very unlikely that me, my wife, and our money will be heading into the City after this. And I say this, having had the two-shot Moderna series.

    Of course, Comrade Bill has also turned the City into a hazardous area for crime, after Guiliani and Bratton cleaned it up and Bloomberg kept it clean. We used to go into the city every few weeks – that slowed down greatly after Comrade Bill assumed power and let the hubris loose.

  • Apeon

    I travel from theNazified state of WA, to North Texas each year—3 yrs ago I stopped passing through Colorado, and go around it. Best thing we can do is never visit the Nazified states….if you have to travel thru them, do not stop except for gas. Buy nothing!

  • wayne

    The only thing I want to do in Colorado, is drive the Eisenhower tunnel.

    Driving the Eisenhower Pass (I-70) in Colorado
    The Highwayman (Music by Joe Satriani)

  • James Street

    Why doesn’t Biden require jabs to get a welfare check or food stamps?

    Why is it only required for those who work and contribute to society?

  • Gary H

    “I travel from theNazified state of WA, to North Texas each year—3 yrs ago I stopped passing through Colorado, and go around it. Best thing we can do is never visit the Nazified states.”

    Live in a state that suits your views/needs. We are in a situation somewhat like early 1940s India and I don’t see a modern day Gandhi coming to slow and somewhat abate the future chaos. Perhaps Chinese aggression will unify the country. God help us if that is what it takes.

  • John Locke

    Oh no, another moron facing the consequences of their actions! Why bother if she’s unwilling or unable to make good choices to protect herself and her new kidney?

  • John Locke (and sir, you misappropriate the name by your actions):

    ‘Good decisions?’ judged by whom? Yes, it would be wise to take every protection when available, and proven by experience. But what we have here, is a failure to communicate. The vaccine, isn’t. What is starting to irk a lot of people is the forced acceptance of an experimental serum into their bodies. The Powers That Be have known this (how could they not?), and if not straight lied, at the least, misdirected.

    My experience has been that any time there is a ‘rush to judgement’, or conformity, something suspect to freedom and liberty, is going on.

  • Max

    The unvaccinated can’t go to the hospital? So the hospitals must be overrun with only the vaccinated ones…

    “vaccinated people infected with the delta variant after vaccination may be contagious and spread the virus to others,” Walensky said in announcing the new guidance, a reversal of what the CDC recommended in May. “This new science is worrisome and unfortunately warrants an update to our recommendation.”

    “Earlier in the day, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the CDC, which in May said vaccinated Americans no longer needed to mask up in public, has been forced to reassess because of the emergence of the highly infectious delta variant.”

    And then it happened!

    Same with this guy, canceled his trip to Rome after his booster shot.

    Strange reports like this…
    Majority of the people dying are fully vaccinated in Sweden, UK.

    Why?… Vaccinated–are–immune!

    So are the people dying in the United States all unvaccinated?

    “are you aware that anyone who dies within 14 days of getting vaccinated is considered “unvaccinated”? No wonder they claim everyone who is dying is unvaccinated. If you die from COVID-19, whether you’re vaccinated or unvaccinated, they just call you unvaccinated”

    In an interview, the old CDC Director admits that they don’t want a record of those who are vaccinated in the hospital, they don’t collect that data to avoid being like Israel… proving the vaccinations don’t work.
    NPR audio file, about 40 minute mark?
    45 Mark for SARS 1 being accidentally released six times, and the possible creation of the virus artificially by using highbred test subjects of animals with human immune systems.
    50 mark for the intelligence agencies working with the CDC…
    What could go wrong?

    Another CDC Director admits “40% of the deaths” are breakthrough cases in Maryland.

    Oh no…

    Makes ya wonder how much longer they can keep lying to us… Unbelievable!
    The healthy ones are the sick ones. It sounds like a Hollywood film “the maze” where the final book is called “the death cure” to round up all the people who are naturally immune and healthy to drain their blood.

    So, the unvaccinated need to have the shot by “January 4” or they won’t be able to work, buy, or sell. “Sounds familiar”.
    That is unless you have a verified Covid test… That expires “January 1”

    Our on site testing lab doesn’t know what to do, they still don’t have an authorized replacement…
    Or do they…
    The two most evil men of the modern world having a monopoly on a new technology, coming to our rescue, the irony is too much.

    CDC claims they isolated the virus.

    And then they admit “they have not!”
    They cannot provide a pure sample virus to create an accurate PCR test.

    There’s more…
    (I don’t know what to do with that one, it’s inconceivable)

  • Jeff Wright

    Conservative hospitals, stores…alternative everything is needed

  • wayne

    Some good stuff, which I will put on my List to take-a-look at.

    Very Good Stuff.
    Ref our John Locke friend above— if we are going to go down that route, there’s 30 million people on food-stamps who often don’t make ‘good choices’ with the free food they choose, for which I have to involuntarily pay.

  • wayne

    James Street-
    Great question. (I was skimming and missed it.)
    On a related tangent–
    Why don’t we get to see a list of every medication every member of congress (and their staff) take?
    (sorta rhetorical— Staff take a lot of mix amphetamine salts (Adderall), benzodiazepines (Xanax, Valium, et al) and antidepressants, while a good portion of the Senate all take Alzheimer medications.

  • Idonttweet

    According to Scott Bookman, the Covid-19 incident commander for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment “..unvaccinated people with severe Covid-19 are overwhelming hospitals, many of which reported being over 90 percent capacity.”

    But according to HHS data, only 71% of inpatient beds in the state are actually in use, and only 13% of inpatient beds are being used for COVID-19. The same page reveals 83% of ICU beds in the state are in use and 35% of ICU beds are in use for COVID-19.

    Significant? Yes, but hardly “overwhelming” and certainly not “over 90 percent capacity.”

  • Judge Judy

    Man, these anti-vax people really are an embarrassment, aren’t they?

  • Why doesn’t Biden require jabs to get a welfare check or food stamps?
    Sure, make me feel like an idiot for not thinking of that, myself. That’s a very good point – and might even be legal, as opposed to making everyone get it.

    I feel validated in my decision to have left Colorado.

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