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Today’s blacklisted Americans: UC-Berkeley law school clubs ban Jewish speakers

The coming genocide
Becoming Judenfrei at UC-Berkeley

Persecution is now cool! Nine different law school clubs at the University of California-Berkeley have now made it their official policy to ban all “pro-Zionist” speakers, and are doing so with the full support of the college administration.

And these are not groups that represent only a small percentage of the student population. They include Women of Berkeley Law, Asian Pacific American Law Students Association, Middle Eastern and North African Law Students Association, Law Students of African Descent and the Queer Caucus. Berkeley Law’s Dean Erwin Chemerinsky, a progressive Zionist, has observed that he himself would be banned under this standard, as would 90% of his Jewish students.

Zionism has always been used by leftist hate-monger groups as a euphemism for Jew. Its meaning is generally unclear and vague, and in the end usually ends up covering anyone who is support of Israel’s existence. Since this opinion fits the description almost every Jew, banning Zionism essentially bans Jews.

The university’s support and backing of this anti-Semitic ban has come from Dean Chemerinsky himself, who admits he would be banned under these rules but in a rebuttal posted at the link above, expresses full support for the anti-Semitic policy of these clubs.

It is important to recognize that law student groups have free speech rights, including to express messages that I and others might find offensive.

Chemerinsky is not only being naive, he is being intellectually dishonest. The bans are not merely an expression of an offensive message, they are designed to censor and ban anyone who disagrees. He also claimed in his rebuttal that no Jewish student has been denied membership in any club, but that is also dishonest. I guarantee that if any Jewish student joined the Law Students of African Descent and the Queer Caucus, for example, and dared express in conversation support of Israel, that person would be kicked out forthwith.

That is of course assuming a white heterosexual Jew would even be welcome in this race-based and sexually-perverse club. We all know such a person would be instantly blackballed by these bigots.

The article at the link notes that such anti-Semitic bans have become increasingly common on college campuses in recent years, and lists a few examples. In my own blacklist column I have also documented a few examples, such as at SUNY-New Paltz, at USC, and at Linfield University in Oregon. Nor is this growing anti-Semitism limited to colleges. For example, parents in Los Angeles are fighting to prevent its school system from introducing a curriculum that is blatantly anti-Semitic. At this time we should not be hopeful they will win.

The goal of the left is to silence all debate. To do so, any dissenting opinions must be squashed, and thus, we see its on-going effort to censor and blackball conservatives on college campuses.

The left’s fundamental reliance on identity politics also means that some races and religions must be given special treatment, while other races and religions must be oppressed. The attempts to ban Jews and Christians from colleges demonstrates the left’s bigoted nature.

I wonder when decent Americans will finally recognize this bigotry, become properly outraged, and take action to stop it.

Based on the naive words of Dean Chemerinsky, however, I am not optimistic this will happen soon.

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  • GaryMike

    The only things missing are the box cars, the showers, the barbed wire, and the holes.

    All classes of humans are evolutionary barbarians.

    You try to make things nice for everyone, and someone always disagrees.

  • Edward

    U.C. Berkeley: once proud to be the home of the Free Speech Movement.

  • David Telford

    Wonder if that “free speech” principle extends to cake makers and web designers who have limits on what they’ll do. For those limits they get hunted, and harassment suits are brought by our leftist “human rights commission”, and with the backing of progressive lawyers like Chemerinsky.

    Heard it said a while back, “behind every double standard is an unspoken, single standard.”

  • Cotour


    (Please copy and share)

    The irrational fraud that is the entire radical, racist, Leftist Democrat party argument in America today. And it is childish arguments like “cultural appropriation” that are about to decimate the Democrat party and their political power this November for many years to come.

    Dr. Phil: 4 min.

    Dr. Neal Lester, a professor at Arizona state university who is from what I can see culturally appropriating traditional Western Judeo-Christian corporate / business dress by wearing a tailored suit, dress shoes with socks, a watch and I assume BVD’s in combination with his what I assume is his self-identifying traditional cultural hair style (Looks like Goofy to me). He essentially says that you, if you are white or not black, and everything about you is offensive to him.

    Q: How much of that self-identifying dress originates in Dr. Lester’s traditional culture of origin? A: Absolutely NONE.

    The fact that Dr. Lester himself is clearly a cultural appropriator by his own definition does not offend me, wear whatever you want. It is his entire made-up argument that people in some way shape or form need a permission or should be banned from wearing whatever they are pleased to wear because it may in some way offend someone is beyond me. When did being offended become so pivotal?

    The First Amendment is all about being offended, stop insisting on your being butt hurt by what someone says or wears.

    (Stupid is stupid. I do not like stupid, do not talk stupid to me and demand that I agree with you based on some subjective measure of guilt, fairness or morality, or worse the color or someone’s skin.)

    Why does it offend you and why does it matter? Because you want and need it to offend you based on a political agenda.

    The radical Left who are primarily and exclusively Democrats are attempting to as Mr. Obama stated “Fundamentally transform America” into a schizophrenic psyops driven, infected, confused and paranoid country in order to in some way shape or form control people and political power and reshape our culture to suit their psychotic un and anti-American political power needs.

    “Psychosis is an abnormal condition of the mind that results in difficulties determining what is real and what is not real.”

    The radical Left is populated by people who are indoctrinated to think in these irrational and culturally, racist, exclusive ways, and they demand that you recognize their psychosis and stamp it valid. I say NO!

    Goofy is a fictional cartoon character, and so is this entire “Cultural appropriation” argument a fictional argument.

    A pure Marxist / BLM esque scam.

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