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Connecting the dots of the COVID lie

What our leaders want us to be
What our leaders want us to be

There were many reasons the world panicked in 2020 when COVID appeared and spread from China. Some of that panic was motivated by natural fear of an unknown disease. Some of it was motivated by a desire for power, harnessing that fear to nullify the Bill of Rights and the legal restraints on dictatorship. Some of it was inspired by a simple blind hatred of Donald Trump, and saw an opportunity to use the virus as a tool for getting him out of power. And some of the actions of our leaders was motivated by pure and simple greed, willing to let millions die so that they could personally get rich, or richer.

To connect the dots to understand the worst players in this terrible story, we need to look at more than one story or report, each telling us something that the fear-mongers have tried to hide from us so that their dishonest and sometimes quite evil motives might not be recognized.

To begin, there are these two stories, showing that we now have solid evidence that the military committed fraud in order to hide data that showed the COVID shots were causing a terrible number of health injuries and deaths to soldiers being ordered to take them.

From the first story, describing a lawsuit that claims the Defense Department committed fraud:

Mr. Renz also has the sworn statements of four whistleblowers inside the DoD serving as Army medical officer who have reviewed the relevant information and corraborated that important medical data has been altered. All of them had access to the relevant database — called the Defense Medical Epidemiological Database (“DMED”) — and they independently verified the findings.

What did they find?

They found dramatic increases in serious conditions after vaccination: a 456% increase in acute myocardial infarction, a 468% increase in pulmonary embolism, a 296% increase in all cancers, a 275% increase in myocarditis.

The lawsuit then documents how the Defense Department then altered those numbers illegally to hide them.

Were the hidden injuries and deaths in the military a concern? Could it be that these whistle-blowers are over-stating the risk of getting a COVID shot? Maybe, but then we have these recent stories:

It does appear more and more that in the long term the COVID shots might actually be a threat to the public’s health.

Ironically, anyone who has ever researched the history of flu shots would not be surprised by these stories. The COVID shots are comparable to them in that they can only protect against their own specific varient, their effectiveness fades with time, and taking them carries a risk, albeit usually small.

And most important, the shots apparently don’t do much to prevent the disease, whether it be COVID or the flu. The two graphs below, showing the number of flu shots given year-by-year on the left, and the trends in mortality from the flu during that period, prove the point:
Comparing flu shots with flu mortality

Flu shots have had zero impact on the number of flu deaths. The shots appear to have been an utter waste of money. And though the mortality numbers in the second graph don’t extend out to 2020, later years strengthen this point.

Actually it’s worse that that, because 2017-18 – not shown on this chart – was the worst year for flu deaths in decades – probably since the Hong Kong flu of 1968.

There may be benefits to getting a flu shot, but the data suggests strongly that those benefits are largely minor. The data now concerning the COVID shots is increasingly similar, showing relatively minor benefits accompanied by what appear to be much greater risks.

We must then ask, why did the government push so hard for flu shots prior to COVID, and then follow this with the insane push to require people to get COVID shots or risk losing their jobs? An explanation might be found in this story: Follow the Science, or Follow the Money? This quote is starkly revealing:

The CDC owns 57 vaccine patents and spends $4.9 billion of its $12 billion annual budget (as of 2019) buying and distributing vaccines. High level NIH officials, including Fauci, receive up to $150,000 in royalty payments on drugs and vaccines they help develop and usher through the approval process. Between 2010 and 2016, every drug that won approval from the FDA—210 different pharmaceuticals—originated from research funded by the NIH.

From his position at NIAID, Fauci now dispenses an astounding $7.7 billion annually in the form of research grants—including $1.7 billion funneled annually from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)—a power he uses to reward those who do his bidding and to defund, bully, silence, and ruin scientists whose research threatens the pharmaceutical paradigm. His control over this astonishing budget has given him dominance over federal agencies, world governing bodies, and private foundations including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Health and Human Services (HHS) agencies, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Pentagon, the White House, the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations, the Clinton and Gates Foundations, and Britain’s The Wellcome Trust.

By 2020, Big Pharma was spending approximately $10 billion per year for advertising on mainstream media networks, with a focus on news networks.

The FDA receives 45 percent of its budget from the pharmaceutical industry, through what are euphemistically called “user fees.”

The leader of the pack
The leader of the pack.

No wonder it is incredibly easy to find examples of Anthony Fauci lying or mistating facts in his effort to promote the jab, either for the flu or COVID. The story at this links what it calls “The Top 10 of COVID Misinformation from Tony Fauci,” but then readily admits:

It wasn’t easy to down-select to 10 false claims from Fauci for the Top Ten mis-information list, as there is so much to choose from. Someone else’s Fauci Top Ten list would vary from mine. In the interest of time, I did not attempt a complete list of Fauci MDM. I’d need a team of researchers and a year to do so.

To help get the list down to a mere 10, the research was confined to the last two years. To open this up all the way back through the 38 years Fauci has held the NIAID Director job would result in COVID mis-information only being one or two of the Top Ten. We might want a Top 100 list if his whole career was included.

The examples given in the article are well known. And as stated, they only scratch the surface of the number of times Fauci has carefully disassembled the facts to instill fear and thus promote the use of flu or COVID shots.

Fauci however is not the only villian in this great tragedy. He is joined by many many others, including governors in New York, California, Michigan, Oregon, Washington, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, to name the worst. Fauci is also joined by numerous health officials at all levels of government, from city health departments all the way up the CDC, the FDA, and WHO.

This was a team effort, fueled by panic and greed and a lust for power, and it cared not one whit for the lives of the millions who were hurt by that effort.

It is now the responsibility of ordinary citizens to take note, and to take decisive action. The citizenry must now fire these thugs. And if we don’t, we will have only ourselves to blame at the even worse horrors that are surely to follow.

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  • Lee S

    God dam you Bob and your inconvenient facts!

    My opinion on this pandemic has been fluid…. I saw some people die, and work colleagues hospitalised, during the first wave… but I understand that any parasite that kills its host swiftly will not do well evolutionary.

    Since the first wave passed, most of my coworkers have tested positive and had a week at home with mild symptoms. Some are still suffering from lack of smell, or lethargy ( but they did before covid! )

    It has evolved into a regular flu that we will have to deal with every flu season… I have the flu jab ever year, I have type 1 diabetes, so believe in hedging my bets… I’m double vaccinated, but have turned down the booster shots… if it was gonna get me it would have done so by now.

    Thank you for linking to that paper Bob… its reading ….well, makes interesting reading , to say the least…

    ( I’m not a conspiracy theorist by any means… but reading the figures… who’s promoting “booster shots?”)

  • Lee S

    I should caveat my comments above… I actually don’t believe in some great conspiracy from the start… we all know “the big plague ” is in the post… we are in for one sooner than later… the days when a virus from a bat or penguin would infect a single village or igloo are long gone… it will only take one infected human with an especially virulent strain to jump on a plane then off we go…

    It perhaps was a good rehearsal, but I think some research into where all the money went ( and is going ) wouldn’t be a bad idea

  • GaryMike

    Once again:

    Never wore a mask.

    Never got a vaccination.

    Still breathing.

    Still free.

    Not so trusting anymore.

    Harboring resentments.

    Paybacks are now a form of perverse entertainment.

    Be silent, if you value your existence.

    I’m self-identifying as Dr. Fauci.

  • Alton

    Thanks Sir Bob!!!

    It’s amazing how much panic one honest man can spread among a multitude of hypocrites.
    Thomas Sowell

  • Cotour


    And what do you expect to happen when you install gigantic wind driven blades all over the countryside? How are these companies expected to mitigate this potential? That is not possible, so the government just fines them $53,000.00 per eagle killed? What about the millions of other birds that are now regularly killed by these spinning blades of death? Everything has its costs. The question remains, is it worth it?

    “Green Energy Company Pleads Guilty After Their Wind Farms KILL 150 Bald Eagles”

    “And you have to make sure you kill them with a wind turbine. Because it’s necessary to kill eagles to save them from climate change.”

    “A green energy company has pleaded guilty after it was discovered that 150 Bald Eagles have been killed by their wind farms. The Bald Eagle is the symbol of America, and they are a protected species. Killing them is a serious crime.”

    This is but one more incongruous example of government counterintuitive logic. The government is once again contradicting itself and pointing their finger at others when it should be looking in the mirror.

  • GaryMike


    It’s a good day when I can make myself believe that there are no people who care nothing about killing other things/folks.

    No. There are no such days.

    That’s a lot of no’s.

    Can we just go 4/5 gen nuclear?

  • Cotour


    NOTHING is free as you well know.

    But as long as someone some place feels good about something, it’s all apparently worthwhile.

    As I was compiling this message I was thinking “what is the real answer here?” And my answer came automatically….NUCLEAR.

    And then what popped in to my head?

    Hillary Clinton receiving over $125 million into her and her husbands “Foundation” before, during and after they received that money FROM THE RUSSIANS in return for the Uranium One deal that she approved!

    And the Russians who just happen by coincidence to now control a major component of our uranium supply for those nuclear projects today and into the future.

    We are in real terms as Americans merely being managed in many ways. How does it feel to be managed?

  • GaryMike

    We’ve always been managed. Since I was in kindergarten, I’ve always felt the “helping hand” of ‘guidance’.

    They don’t like those of us who appreciate the proper roll of the 2nd Amendment.

    Yoda says: “Fear, they should.” It will be a surprise.

  • Cotour

    And here we have even more validation for “Strategy Over Morality, The Two Conversations”, and being managed by those who exist in the Political Realm.

    Sen. Mitt Romney was against Ketanji Brown Jackson before he was for her.

    In what some speculate is Mit Romneys attempt at a future play to run for president in 2024 in order to disrupt and dilute any Trump attempt to once again become President Mit Romney votes for some for the Supreme Court when he previously apparently voted just one year before against her on a lower court.

    And this is a prime example of the manipulations and the ability to justify ANYTHING in the pursuit of political power and control.

    Mit Romney, one disgusting and duplicitous human being and is officially now a threat to the country because he cannot be trusted. And neither can Collins and Murkowski, all must be rejected and disempowered and replaced. RINO’s must be made irrelevant and moot.

  • Cotour

    Let’s hope you and your Socialist kind are one of the lucky ones, Noam.

    “Noam Chomsky Is Scared ‘We’re’ Entering The ‘Most Dangerous Point In Human History’ And The ‘Lucky Ones Will Die More Quickly’”

    Have you every listened to true believer Socialists and Communists who exist in America?

    They are beyond simplistic and naive.

  • GaryMike

    Here in the U.S. we have a saying: the squeaky wheel gets the grease. In Japan they say: the spouting whale gets the harpoon.

    It’s not easy to thread one’s expressed opinions between squeaking and spouting (that’s what cancel culture is all about).

    In my increasingly old age I have more to gain (grease) than I have to lose (harpoon). So, I speak out when I didn’t before.

    I now spout so that the rest of you can hold your cover and claim: “Hey, I was just squeaking.” “Look over there. He’s way worse.”

    You’re welcome.

  • David


    You said 150 bald eagles were killed. Incorrect. Most of the eagles killed were golden eagles.

    Facts matter.

    By the way… as you weep for those birds, how many birds are killed every year in North America by house cats (both feral and the millions let outdoors by their owners)?

    The answer is stunning. Go look it up. For every bird a wind turbine kills, hundreds or more die at the paws of house cats. And that doesn’t count the millions who die yearly flying into buildings, powerlines, etc. The number of birds poisoned yearly by our chemicals? That matters also, right?

    So if you really give a hoot about the birds, your focus is off. And you care about the birds…right?

  • Cotour


    Good points, facts do matter, lets fix it.

    Lots and lots of eagles and other birds are killed annually by wind generator turbines. This IMO is just one of those unanticipated consequences of innovation and the application of a new technology in the real world.

    This would be in addition to the many birds that are killed both by cats and the many other things that humans erect in the world. There is never a perfect solution to problems, there is always a cost. Are you arguing that it’s really the existence of humans who are ultimately the problem?

    Because if you are that is a slippery slope that I am not sure you want to slide down. If you are you might want to locate the closest highest bridge and avail yourself of its human engineering. But I really do not suggest that we will find some reasonable balance in time.

    A friend emailed me something related that he saw in attempting to mitigate this bird / wind mill of bird death situation to some degree. He heard that of you paint one of the blades black that seems to dial down the bird deaths. As for the cat situation? When I had cats I keep them inside, built them a large totally fenced in enclosure I called “Catopia” on the side of my house which they went in and out of as they pleased. Worked great, kept them safe and they were not able to cause an offence to the nice birds in the world. I am very pro bird.

    Are you aware of this issue? Windmill blades are a recycling problem after their useful life:

    Another consequence.

    And have you seen this related to the heliostat generator / bird issue?

    Every solution, even the nice and seemingly earth friendly “Clean” power generation concepts all have their costs. Its always a design challenge. In my experience for every solution you implement it usually creates at least three news problems. The question? Can you live with the consequences of the solution?

    Thank you for the feed back, I hope I have better clarified the issues for you and anyone else who needs clarification.

  • GaryMike

    Life feeds on life. Try living on eating rocks.

    Birth is a terminal condition.

    Some folks enjoy using accelerants.

    Some folks want to preserve the food-space as long as possible.

  • Cotour


    And after you paint one of the blades black you may find that when some people see this bird death solution counter measure, they become sick, or it triggers an epileptic event, and they crash their car and kill either themselves or others. Everything has a cost.

    And to your point the ultimate solution of course is that human beings just not exist. Human beings have a responsibility related to their impact on the environment and so let’s address that in a rational and reasonable manner. And the only way to do that in my estimation is to be and remain strong and in charge and NOT weakened and diminished. And therein lies the two different perspectives about what America is and needs to be as opposed to what others definition of “Fundamental change” means.

    And keeping in mind, I love birds, cats, most other living things and most other humans (But not all).

  • Cotour

    One more example of the consequences of the best of technological intensions and “progress”. We discussed here on BTB this AI auto subject quite a while ago and what was brought out is exactly what you see here.

    It will be good, cars will drive themselves, you can relax and arrive at your destination refreshed. (You may arrive relaxed and refreshed, but God help those who might unfortunately get in your way)

    The world is full of examples.

    Do the risks justify the advancement? And like most things that is but a subjective opinion, what will be will be.

  • Cotour

    Why not some more, I’m in the mood today.

    And then we have direct human caused uncalculatable error causes of catastrophe:

    Utah woman blames fatal hit-and-run on uncontrollable defecation

    What the hell are we as humans to do?

    Maybe if everyone painted their arms black things like this would be less likely to happen?

  • How can it not have been said, already?!? [Deleted] (I think that – just barely – scoots under the “no profanity” rule.)

    In any case, it’s an excuse for the “hit”, but not the “run”. That whole article is a mess. Is pulling over “several hundred yards later” really “running”? As a juror, I’d probably say “no”. Or perhaps the problem was being high (albeit on prescription drugs). As a juror, I’d say “lock her up” – driving high is avoidable, voiding may not be (restitution of some sort, not [much] jail).

  • marketdup2: Nope, that obscenity doesn’t come close to being acceptable. I have deleted it, and you are warned not to do it again.

    It tells us how decadent our culture has become that you can’t even recognize an obscenity, and its use, when you use it.

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