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It is finally time to end the Wuhan panic of the past two years

How governments today determine policy
How governments today determine policy

When looked at dispassionately, the news about COVID in the past few months has consistently proven two very basic points. First, the reasons to fear COVID are now definitely gone, assuming they ever existed at all. Second, the oppressive lockdown and mask policies imposed by most governments were an epic failure.

Rather than write a lot of text, I am going to provide my readers instead a nice linkfest, divided up into a variety of subcategories. Not only do the recent facts prove the failure of the government reaction to COVID, all these stories should be cause for celebration, as they show that not only has the Wuhan flu never been as dangerous as the fear-mongers have claimed, its limited but serious threat to the aged and sickly is now also fading.

The real question is whether the public and governments will actually celebrate, or stick their heads in the sand because they have fallen in love with their fear of COVID.

So, let’s take a look at the recent facts:

The end of the epidemic

All research has found that though Omicron spreads fast, for most people they are either asypmtomatic, or experience something no worse than an ordinary cold. In fact, if we weren’t so focused on documenting this disease so obssessively, we would probably not even notice this new wave, and would have as in the past merely noted that “something appears to be going around.”

The studies also appear to show that Omicron is taking over from past varients, thus eliminating most of the danger from this virus.

All in all, the data shows the epidemic is over.

The failure of the vaccines

Apparently, we have just completed one of the largest medical experiments of a new drug in history, and found that it is not relatively ineffective, it can be harmful — especially to the young — and should probably not have been administered.

The continuing failure of masks

None of the facts in the links below are really new. The uselessness of masks to protect against viruses has been documented for more than a century. That they also can be socially, mentally, and physically harmful if used improperly has also been known for decades.That government health departments have demanded their indiscriminate use for the past two years suggests an utter ignorance and incompetency on their part.

The last story simply proves what I wrote above, that health authorities have shown their utter ignorance and incompetency by their demands that masks be used.

Policy failures

The last story was essentially an admission at last by the Tory government of Great Britain that none of its lockdown and mask mandates were accomplishing anything. This basic fact has similarly been proven in the U.S., when you compare the situations in states like Florida and New York. Florida ended all lockdowns and mandates a long time ago, and has seen its COVID numbers drop as it reached herd immunity quickly. New York has continued to impose the most stringent rules, and its infection and death rate has skyrocketed.

I could post hundreds of more links under this category, but since I have been documenting these failures for the past two years, it seems pointless.

Would you throw the Kirwood Derby away?

To sum all these stories up, the oppressive policies instituted by governments to stop the spread of COVID were an unmitigated failure, and in general caused far more harm than anything the virus has done. Those policies should now cease, worldwide, as they have in Great Britain. And the officials who imposed them should be removed from any position of governmental authority, forever.

But most important, the epidemic is over. COVID is no longer a threat. Stop panicking. Go back to living your life normally.

And if you won’t, then stop demanding that others join you in your childish panic. You might want to throw the Kirwood Derby away and remain dumb, but everyone else would rather wear it and be smart.

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  • BtB’s Original Mark

    Bob – thank for the comprehensive article demonstrating why COVIDSTAN should end today – right here in America and right now January 21st, 2022.
    If we had a competent politician in residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, this is the announcement that would have been made at the beginning of the press conference two days ago:
    “My fellow Americans, the Pandemic is over. Going forward, the driving philosophy of this administration will be to trust the judgement of the American people.”

    It will take leadership to throttle the fear porn that has been baked into the administrative state and the large corporations who benefited from COVIDSTAN.
    Hopefully soon there will be more States that emulate Florida and which will provide leadership. Once a strong direction is set, governmental and corporate managers will look for quick off-ramps out of COVIDSTAN. There still will be recalcitrant grifters who will need additional pressure to change. Moreover there will be many who will drag their feet before admitting that the Pandemic is over. It will be interesting seeing how all this plays out.

  • BtB’s Original Mark

    So today we have an example of COVIDSTAN providing resistance.
    CDC Director Rochelle Walensky on Friday announced the definition of fully vaccinated is being changed to include the Covid booster shot. Walensky announced the definition of fully vaccinated has changed and that the agency is “pivoting” its language on how it approaches boosters. This language change includes ditching the use of “fully vaccinated” and replacing it with “up to date.” 

    Conservatives need to have some type of concerted strategy to combat these changes in language from our administrative state bureaucrats.

  • Original Mark: What irks me about the continual policy changes at the CDC is that no one ever asks any of these brainless petty dictators the most fundamental question of all:

    “Can you please cite the new research that justifies this change of policy?”

    If this question was asked every time, we would quickly discover that there is no new research, that the policy changes are purely political and based on the shifting sands of what these idiots think they can get away with.

  • Cotour

    And from the most Nazi like “Progressive” state in the union:

    Remember, “It Takes A Village”, parents need not apply.

  • Max

    I believe correct description of this process is called “rebranding”. Fear must be maintained.

    Fauci said every pandemic has five phases, we’re only getting over phase 1 now.

    Bill Gates in Davos declared that more destructive pandemics are on their way.

    Local paper a few days ago wrote in an editorial that the National Guard should be called out to make sure the unvaccinated do not leave their homes. (yes, it has got national attention)

    The Salt Lake Tribune was purchased by billionaire John Huntsman Jr. If he was still the governor, he would’ve called out the National Guard and show the nation the Chinese way on how to control a pandemic!

    He was a two term governor of Utah, quit to become ambassador to China for Obama. Also ambassador to Russia and Singapore. ( I can’t remember, did anything unusual happened in China and Russia in the last 10 years?)
    He ran for president, and for Utah governor again recently. A leader in deep state activities particularly with the Atlantic Council and the Pacific Council.
    Thinks of himself as an environmental conservative technocrat. (his father was responsible for the poisoning of California groundwater with a cancer-causing agent)
    He’s a lot like his rhino cousin Mitt Romney. He even thought about joining the Democrat party because he agrees with gay marriage and other controversial stuff.

    When has concentration camps ever been on the right side of history? Jon Huntsman has showed his true Nazi colors. Park city, not surprisingly, “agrees” that something must be done about those who refuse the death cure shots… (Typical of the swanky “little California” community that’s known for skiing, and the Sundance film Festival)(The students were protesting today against the lifting of the mask mandate by the Utah legislature… Park city kids have “woke”designer masks)

    Even the Mormon church’s Deseret news is promoting that everyone should be vaccinated…
    The church has billions in pharmaceutical stocks.

    CDC study says the booster will protect you, and yet everybody I personally know are getting sick whether vaccinated or not. (I tested positive on Monday. It was my 36th PCR test. Four days later and I still have no symptoms)

    So let’s put the vaccine theory to the test… You know, the scientific method. Does anyone remember the “science”?
    Put passengers and crew on a boat, 100% vaccinated. All of them given a PCR test before boarding. Hundred percent protected! What are the chances that any ships would break out with Covid?
    Hundred percent, all of 91 of them.
    Don’t anyone ever again believe that break out cases are rare, the data speaks otherwise. In short, The genetic manipulation vaccines do not, and never have worked. (Unless their Real purpose is more sinister)
    What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result? I can understand needing a booster shot every 7 to 20 years, but every six months? Perhaps four times a year? With evidence that DNA damage is occurring, antibodies go up briefly while T cell and immune system go down permanently, failing, and getting worse with every shot causing immune system to go from 40% effective to a -40 only months after your last shot…. A cycle that can only end in a premature death.

    No wonder 85% of those dying have been vaccinated. But they must die with Covid… do you know why? So the hospital can get paid over $100,000. The family and the mortician also get paid.
    Do you know what happens if you die from the “experimental” untested Covid shot? The hospital does “not” get paid, insurance companies do not pay claims on a voluntarily taken experimental technology…
    Now you know why the vaccine injury reporting center numbers are so low. Only reaching “1 million” and yet the entire nation is shorthanded of workers… Jobs offering double the going rate just to get anyone to perform work. Even Starbucks has dropped mandatory vaccine to prevent any more of their stores from closing.

    My daughter the nurse has been offered triple time to work extra hours just to prevent another floor from closing due to lack of staff. (contract professional certified nurses and doctors who were fired from other hospitals for being unvaccinated are filling vacancies at an unbelievable cost)
    My other daughter, who works for a small airline, says they are losing pilots to the big airlines because the big airliner senior pilots can no longer pass the fitness test due to vaccine damage on their hearts.

    At my work every shift is missing 1/4, to 1/2 of the employees. As an emergency measure, a contractor on site has borrowed their employees to fill in the gaps, but they all must be trained for their particular jobs. (they are union also, not scabs, not a union busting move… Yet extremely unpopular in its implementation)

    It has backfired… in that the M95 masked employees working closely with the 15 trainee’s has served to spread the illness faster than ever. (nothing short of a tight fitting respirator or a spacesuit will prevent contagion) Omicron is more mighty than a paper saying “you are a necessary employee!”

    Everyone I know is complaining about the feces on their feet from the elephant in the room that the mainstream media, and Fauci and government has been promising is not really there. The elephant has been making a lot of noise, and has been banging things around as well as all the crap all over the floor which stinks to high heaven. The truth, no matter how strong the mass psychosis is, is leaking through to even the most diligent devotees to the State religion of Deception. Having tested positive I had to report to a contact tracer who did nothing but fill my ear with complaints about how impossible his job has become. He had to ask me my vaccine status to which I said spike proteins had infected me from my wife so I identify as have having been vaccinated. He laughed and said his AK 47 identified as a black powder rifle… he said the vaccinated catch Covid while the unvaccinated catch colds. Then told me to go back to work in 12 days.

    To make matters worse, California is usurping the role of the parent thinking it knows better how to raise your children than the parents do.
    A minor cannot give consent, unless evil people change the norms to make it easier to abuse other peoples children with the law on their side. Choices without consequences leads to oblivion.

    If children can get vaccinated by agreeing with the nurse or the teacher that says they “have too” even if they’ve already been vaccinated a few times… (They’re not allowed to have the childs vaccine records)

    What else can the teacher do with the student? What other medication’s or advice or liberties can an adult male or female take with a student over 12 years of age? After all, they are the new guardian. They’ve been to a woke college and know what’s best for every child.
    Hormone blockers distributed in the cafeteria along with the condoms? (No more demonstrations on bananas… Every child is emancipated and can make their own decision on which partner to use today to get an A in the class)
    Sorry, I’m ranting again.

  • Lee S

    A boots on the ground report… Only what I have witnessed, and I am drawing no conclusions or making any point here…
    The first wave of Corona killed 2 people I knew, put our sales manager in hospital with pneumonia, and my 82 year old father ( who has everything wrong medically ) caught it in hospital over in the UK.
    Everyone I know seems to have missed the delta variant.
    My father got the new trendy omnicon while still in hospital… With no symptoms, he is double vaxed and boosted… I feel that perhaps the vaccine helped him avoid symptoms. He is now back home, (with 24 hour care… But he’s back at home… He has to pay, but a lot less than he would have to in the US…. Just saying..)
    I am immunocompromised, and double vaccinated, and the new Corona is ripping thru my workplace, and my daughter’s school, but touch wood, I’ve been untouched so far. Those that have tested positive have at the worst mild flu like symptoms.
    I think that the first wave was dangerous, but the virus is doing what viruses do, evolving into a less deadly form… It’s not a good idea to kill your host if you want to remain around.
    I still advocate getting jabbed, as I do with the flu vaccine, and indeed all current vaccinations, ( both my kids are vaccinated against everything available ), I genuinely think the benefits outweigh any risks, but… And this is a big BUT…
    The pandemic is effectively over… It’s now a mild flu.. the old and the sick that were going to die are now dead.. ( harsh but true ) , time to revert back to normal.
    Stay safe, but let’s get back to being the social animals we are.

  • Lee S

    As a side comment, condoms available in schools is no bad thing…. Teenagers are gonna do what teenagers do… ( Twas a long time ago, but I still remember when I was 16..) I have a stock of condoms in a draw, my kids know where they are, and a promise from me that I will never question where they have gone, I will just keep it filled. They might fill them with water or put them on their heads and blow them up…. It’s actually non of my business. But they are there.

  • Questioner

    Lee S:

    With your statement you completely forget that these “mRNA vaccinations”, which are not really vaccinations in the true sense of the word, cause 70 times the number of side effects compared to the average of all other vaccinations that also exist.

    Anyone who died or became ill from a Covid vaccination side effect and who was relatively young and did not have any previous illnesses that would have made Covid dangerous for them should never have been vaccinated. His death (or illness such as heart muscle damage) was superfluous!

  • Randy

    Sir, once again thank you for being a beacon of reason during this idiotic dark time. I live in Ontario and our moronic premier locked us down for 3 weeks and when they end next week we open up with the SAME restrictions as before. The man is a moron and needs to be removed but I;m afraid this is only wishful thinking on my part. Thank again for your common sense approach to this over blown man made catastrophe.

  • wayne

    Have you encountered any explanation at all, as to what reason the pharmaceutical companies aren’t utilizing killed virus, as the basis for an actual vaccine?

    Compare & contrast the chinese-virus genetic engineering substance being forced into everyone, with actual flu vaccines:

  • Questioner

    To all those who can still think logically and are not yet hopelessly lost:

    For all the information I have heard or read about the age at death from Covid since March 2020, values of over 80 years have been given as the average (sometimes also the medial) age at death for Covid patients. This corresponds to the general average age at death of all death people.

    1. From this it follows mathematically compelling – irrefutable – that the disease Covid cannot have any influence on the entire mortality statistics, in the sense of a higher death rate or excess mortality.

    2. From what has already been said, it follows compellingly and irrefutably that those who died of Covid would have died of another disease, statistically speaking, at the same age if the corona virus had not occurred.

    3. In practical terms, then, Covid has only replaced other respiratory diseases that would have been just as fatal to those affected.

    quod erat demonstrandum

  • Questioner


    Of course I asked myself that too, but I haven’t found a suitable explanation yet.

  • Cotour


    You have picked up on the main historical and strategic theme here and in the entire “By any means necessary” extreme Democrat party Socialist, “Progressive” paradigm changing times. Why are they pushing so hard and far Left?

    What has been and is going on is an extreme psychological shock strategy to the existing system, ala Saul Alynski where when things “Get back to normal” these *NEW* and now more thought about and embraced concepts in the social structure of America and the world have worked themselves into the accepted fabric of America and the world.

    Concepts like: “Social justice”, “Equality”, “Equity”, The evils of Colonialism recognized, the rejection of the Western civilization model as well as the Judeo / Christian morality and social control model, etc, etc. It’s a long list, they have a lot of work to do.

    These are but steps in a process to some kind of new world model.

    An evolution? Good? Bad? Stay tuned, what comes out the other end is not exactly knowable at this time being fully immersed in the transformation / evolution.

    In the long-term IMO, Good.

    With a caveat: As long as the Left is unable to weaken, gut and render the Constitution moot. And that in the end is exactly what they must destroy to fully realize their goals. How strong is the Constitution? Stay tuned on that as well.

    (And just keep in mind, we would not be having this conversation if Hillary won in 2016. And that is just how tenuous the American brand of freedom actually is.)

  • Cotour

    And PS:

    Covid and the “Vaccines” and complying and not being able to treat this situation with accepted drugs and therapies other than the “Vaccine” is entirely a part of this extreme push for a paradigm change in America and the world. As well as the censorship that is clearly visible and is still being controlled by the big tech overlords. 100%.

    And health and medical therapies is the ultimate ability of government to control who and what they please to control.

  • BtB’s Original Mark

    Wayne – you asked above for an explanation “as to what reason the pharmaceutical companies aren’t utilizing killed virus, as the basis for an actual vaccine”.

    The Occam’s razor answer to your question is that the American Government wanted to use the experimental mRNA technology developed by DARPA.

    The federal government since 2009 has had the capability to surge production of viral vaccines. A manufacturing facility in Holly Springs was constructed in 2009 as a public-private partnership with the United States Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA). The Holly Springs , NC facility was the first to be declared “pandemic ready” by the federal government.

    In October 2021, this facility was awarded a federal contract to develop two pandemic influenza vaccines. The plant, which has the capacity to supply more than 150 million doses of pandemic influenza vaccines within 6 months of the designation and declaration of a pandemic.

    So what took so long? I think you can guess.

    If we had any semblance of a real media, you would know this information by now.

    As the Marines in Iraq often said: “Embrace the Suck”.

    Mr. Z. – what say you about the state of Journalism? Is it that journalist don’t know how to research, or is it that their editors are totally corrupt? Enjoy your weekend by the way.

  • Cotour

    I just heard this quote, I do not know who said it, but I like it:

    “The truth is like a lion and does not need to be defended.

    Just let it lose, it will defend itself.”

  • Lee S

    @Questioner, I find the evidence that the mRNA vaccines are, while no doubt very different from traditional vaccines, pretty effective.
    They seem to ready the immune system, and the percentage of side effects seems vanishingly small.
    Indeed, I see hope for a general flu vaccine on the near horizon. Which would save untold millions of lives, year after year…
    It’s a logical fallacy to only make an opinion on the bad results. Of course they stand out. They are the ones you hear about. The millions of people that have nothing happen because the vaccine worked, you dont hear about, because thankfully nothing happened.
    Have you checked the figures of how many people drop dead of natural causes every day?

  • Cotour

    Lee S:

    What you are naively glossing over are the clear efforts of governments round the world to force, censor and ultimately control the entire population of the world and that goes along with the “Vaccine” and the mRNA technology.

    Will you trade everything for your perception of security and protection in the bosom of government?

    Just look a little bit further than your own nose and see the bigger picture, please.

  • Lee Stevenson

    And I find it kind of wonderful that you all manage to twist the “free market” ( republican ) development of a life saving drug roll out into a democratic conspiracy…

    It’s probably all a conspiracy to chip everyone, funded by Bill gates, avoid the vaccine at all costs… Heaven forbid it might help you get too sick.

  • Lee S

    @Cotour…. What the heck are you talking about? Do you think that taking a shot will turn you into a robot?
    I’ve taken 2 shots, and remain cognitive enough to know your talking rubbish…

  • BtB’s Original Mark

    Cotour – I’ll see your ‘’Augustine of Hippo” quote, and I’ll raise you with “1984/Brave New World/Hell on Wheels” quotes.

    “Winston Smith: Does Big Brother exist?
    O’Brien: Of course he exists.
    Winston Smith: Does he exist like you or me?
    O’Brien: You do not exist.”

    “And that,” put in the Director sententiously, “that is the secret of happiness and virtue — liking what you’ve got to do. All conditioning aims at that: making people like their unescapable social destiny.”

    “Make no mistake, blood will be spilled, lives will be lost, fortunes will be made, men will be ruined. There will be betrayal, scandal, a perfidy of epic proportions.” (Hat tip to Wayne)

    Cotour – You in, or are you out?

  • Cotour


    If you as an individual and your doctor determine that the “Vaccine” is what is best for you then take it. But when government through manipulation, censorship, collusion and overreach MANDATE that you must take what no one can argue is anything other than AN EXPERIMENTAL drug, and then be required in all venues of everyday life to produce your papers, than that is something entirely different.

    Government and the heads of their agencies actively prevented doctors from prescribing what is established through real world use by real-world front-line doctors as being effective and safe.

    Where there is risk there must be choice.

  • Cotour

    Original M:

    It is plain to see where my thinking and philosophies on such issues clearly lies.

  • wayne

    In my opinion, it’s a chinese engineered virus designed to kill the old and infirm, that’s all I need to know.

    Revelation 13:15-18,
    15 The second beast was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed.
    16 It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads,
    17 so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.
    18 This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666. “

  • BtB’s Original Mark

    Lee S

    Please apply your intellectual facilities to an analysis of the facts and assertions that I make in my comment above regarding why we are so dependent on this experimental mRNA vaccine technology.

  • Cotour


    Is the *NEW* mRNA vaccine experimental?

    (Your answer here will reveal exactly who is talking rubbish, so do your due diligence before you answer.)

    If the “Vaccine” is in fact still by definition experimental, then there must be choice on the part of those who might be required to have them injected into their bodies. This is a simple concept.

  • Original Mark asked, “What say you about the state of Journalism? Is it that journalist don’t know how to research, or is it that their editors are totally corrupt?”

    The answer is yes. Both journalists and editors today appear incredibly ignorant about many basic facts, both relating to the history and philosophy of western civilization and the present day events. This ignorance gives them no context.

    They are also corrupt in their willful desire not to learn anything that might contradict their assumptions or political agenda.

  • Questioner

    Lee S:

    It is about compulsory vaccination, which is to be introduced in various European countries. This is intentional physical harm to people who do not belong to the risk group.

    “Saving millions of lives” is a joke. If the vaccinations really increased the mean life expectancy (that means statistically seen “saving lives”), this would be evident from the death statistics. But it isn’t.

  • wayne


    “D-I-E (Diversity, Inclusivity, Equity) must DIE”
    Dr. Jordan Peterson
    Jan 19, 2022
    “This is a reading of my recent article, posted January 11th, 2022 on the National Post front page.”

  • Cotour

    From the lips of a rational Liberal:


    “It’s a pandemic of bureaucracy”.

    Lee S, are you paying attention? Can you somehow see past your own nose and your own myopic self-interests? Can you see the bigger picture?

    And I am not saying you should not take the “Vaccination”, not at all. If you ask me the “Vaccine” to some degree does apparently dial down the harsher effects of the virus if you should contract it. But there are also some negative potentials that clearly exist within the still experimental *NEW* mRNA technology, and the full impact of which is still unknown and unknowable at this point in time.

    And remember, if you have taken the “Vaccine”, no soccer. Soccer deaths on the pitch in 2021, up 300 percent over the mean average since 2000. What has caused this anomaly? No one apparently knows, no one can figure it out. What is the common denominator? Hmmmm?

    Where there is risk, there must be choice.

  • Andrew_W

    The 93% of post vaccination deaths being due the the vaccine is certainly nonsense (at least with regard to the phizer vaccine) in this country 93% of over 12yr olds have had 2 shorts, and death rates are normal. Also data is not confused by covid deaths themselves as only about 0.3% of the population has been infected

  • Cotour

    You can argue for or against whatever numbers or statistics you like and are comfortable with, BUT it is without dispute that where there is risk I.E., related to an experimental drug, there must be choice.

    And that is my main point on this issue.

    And the soccer stats are a very good indicator from my point of view, you can look at it yourself:

    Scroll down the list and judge for yourself. The average deaths on the field related to heart issues is on average just from the year 2000 to 2020 is about 6 or so? (I have not done the hard numbers, these are estimates). And what do you find for the highest conditioned athletes on the planet related to deaths on the field in the one-year 2021 plus one day in 2022.

    Which I think is 22 minus 1 for a head injury.

    The average over the last 20 years is 6 or so, and in 2021 plus one day in 2022 is about 21. What is the common denominator in your estimation?

    What do you see?

  • Cotour

    AND, you want an experimental drug be definition to be mandated to be given to children?

    What is the survival rate for children related to Covid? 99.995%

    You think about that also.

  • BtB’s Original Mark

    Cotour – I appreciate that you point out many important news stories. But why do you think many of the most important stories about COVID end up being memory holed?

    Less than two weeks ago there was a story about a leaked DARPA memo concerning the Origins of the Wuhan Flu and our government’s response. The memo was damning to COVIDSTAN and some compared the leaked memo to the Pentagon papers.

    Cotour, you highlighted this first on BtB in a comment on January 11th.

    However, this story seems to have disappeared down the memory hole. So here’s a quick refresher from PJ Media (an established center-right media company that has excellent columnists). The following article quotes are from Stacey Lennox who writes on COVID issues and previously was a Fortune 500 executive and healthcare professional.

    The article began:
    “Project Veritas released a video allegedly exposing classified documents about COVID and the pandemic response. In the video, Project Veritas showed portions of a memo written by Marine Corps Major Joseph P. Murphy about the pandemic origins and response”.

    And Lennox concluded:
    “If the origin of this virus was research conducted in Wuhan that modified viruses to infect humans then used that virus to inoculate bats, the people responsible must be held accountable. That includes any U.S. or European individuals responsible for funding or overseeing the experiments. It is also imperative that the redacted portions of e-mails from Dr. Fauci obtained under FOIA requests become public immediately. The details of how the lab leak theory was quashed matter.
    No candidate, Democrat or Republican, should run in 2022 without a plan to shrink and refocus the health bureaucracy. If Murphy’s conclusions are in the ballpark, health bureaucrats have all failed at their core mission, and it can’t be attributed to ignorance. Withholding effective treatment, censorship, and a cover-up can only be attributed to malice.”

    How can conservatives fight the ‘disappearing’ of news that we need to discuss with our family, friends and neighbors?

  • Cotour

    Funny, I am listening to James Okeefe from Project Veritas right now.

    Journalism is now “Journalism” and those in the media are by definition and necessity no longer journalists and are now mere extensions of and arms of the big government / big tech media enterprise.

    The modern “NEW” and “IMPROVED” form of fascism.

    Plain and simple.

    They are now both direct existential threats to freedom and the existence of the Constitution.

  • Questioner


    Thanks for the link! By the way, did you know this part of British history? Doesn’t appear to have been a small group led by the father of the “Formula 1-Mosley”.

    “British Union of Fascists March October 3rd 1937”

  • Cotour

    “How can conservatives fight the ‘disappearing’ of news that we need to discuss with our family, friends and neighbors?”

    In answer to your question, there are still patriots that exist in our country and within the government who still understand what America is about and are willing to fight to have it remain generally as founded and structured.

    The genius of the Constitution? It structures the political warfare that we all are seeing playing out in front of our own eyeballs.

    It forces the politically empowered to reveal themselves. And so, they are revealed.

    And the people will comment on their performance soon.

    And that is why it is essential for the now Leftist driven Democrat party machine to usurp the Constitution with things like the “Voting rights act” (Translation: The Democrat party always wins act).

    The Democrat part machine must cheat, lie and steal every seat they have. It is their core business model. was the 2020 presidential election stolen? Absolutely.

    But there is no proof!

    It’s coming, in some way or form, slowly but surely. It is coming.

  • BtB’s Original Mark

    Cotour – I think your comment above makes sense – that many (most?) in the media are “now mere extensions of and arms of the big government / big tech media enterprise”…and…”existential threats to freedom and the existence of the Constitution”. We’ve argued in this comment section before, but obviously we both have pro constitutional values.
    You are a very prolific news aggregator. If you don’t mind me asking, what sites provide you the most cutting edge stories in the fight against Authoritarianism, Medical Tyranny, and the Marxist infused leftist aggression against traditional America?

  • Cotour

    I look at, read, absorb and weigh and consider anything that is not Mainstream corporate media in nature.

    I never sit down to “Watch the news”.

    Trust none of them, Left, Right or otherwise.

    From: S.O.M.: “CONCLUSION: The public lives and operates under a subjective moral code or within a “Pedestrian Realm” perspective which they assume their leadership which exists within the “Political Realm” is constrained by. This is a subjective false perspective conclusion on the part of the public. Leadership at its existential core is not about morality, truth and honesty. Leadership is about the fundamental exercise of power and “its” survival.”

  • Lee S

    @Cotour, quote “I look at, read, absorb and weigh and consider anything that is not Mainstream corporate media in nature.”
    Probably the best statement I’ve ever read here.

    I’m double vaccinated, keys do not stick to my arm… I’m alive… My father, triple vaccinated is alive after a second bought of the Rona… Would he be without the shots? Who knows… But they did him no harm. Indeed, there is a case to be made they kept him alive… ( He’s very right wing in his politics… He would like you guys … But he’s 80+, and thinks the internet is YouTube… )

  • Cotour

    Lee S:

    Keeping in mind that I am not saying that if it is determined by you and your doctor or your own ability to understand the issue that someone, anyone, should not receive the “Vaccine” if you think it will help / protect you based on your age and health situation. Not at all.

    An adult should clearly have the choice. It on balance was probably a good idea for your father and even you to take at least one shot to attempt to dial down your potential for a negative result should you have contracted the virus.

    And the government could argue that under a health emergency that they have the responsibility to do whatever is required to not put the country as a whole at risk by overloading the hospital / medical system. That is a reasonable argument that can be made, but as the facts about Covid were better understood that IMO was not a necessary extreme to have to go to. And they went there for “Other” reasons.

    My point is that because by the very fact and nature that this mRNA “Vaccine” is experimental, and no one can argue that fact, that the individual has the choice to have it injected into their body.

    Why? Because it is experimental and it cannot be un-injected. Very simple.

    The government, the American government specifically and its agency heads have through a political agenda over and above the medical issue has blown this entire issue and has failed miserably. And that failure is based more in a political agenda and very possibly / probably financial motivations and not a genuine concern for the individual’s health and welfare. And they are still pushing to have children as young as 5 years old be injected with it and they have no idea what that might produce. Not for one second.

    In what reality do you choose to put your youngest and most undeveloped individuals and their future health at risk? The older and more realistically at risk? Sure.

    This entire Covid event as it winds down is a big pile of crapolla and it was and is being used by governments around the global for “Other” things. Have no doubt.

  • BtB’s Original Mark

    Lee / Cotour,

    In addition to the fact that this mRNA “Vaccine” is experimental, do you know why Americans do not currently have access to a COVID Vaccine that uses the long established vaccine technologies prior to mRNA?

    The Occam’s razor answer to that question is that the American Government wanted to use the experimental mRNA technology developed by DARPA.
    The federal government since 2009 has had the capability to surge production of viral vaccines. A manufacturing facility in Holly Springs was constructed in 2009 as a public-private partnership with the United States Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA). The Holly Springs , NC facility was the first to be declared “pandemic ready” by the federal government.
    In October 2021, this facility was awarded a federal contract to develop two pandemic influenza vaccines. The plant, which has the capacity to supply more than 150 million doses of pandemic influenza vaccines within 6 months of the designation and declaration of a pandemic.

    So what took so long? I think you can guess. The more established vaccine technology and production was slow walked so that the only vaccine available to Americans would be mRNA.

  • Cotour

    As I understand it that is exactly what this introduction whole hog and exclusive use of this *NEW* mRNA technology.


    It’s all been an exercise and the biggest human experiment in human history. How else can you get the real-world data that is needed?

    Now this is without doubt a prime example of Strategy Over Morality. All strategy, no morality. In the big picture, we are all but numbers and just so many data points and human cattle to be managed. Its cold and disturbing, but there it is all the same.

    You don’t believe it? You are unable to believe it? The government would never do such a thing on purpose?

    *IT* does not care.

  • wayne

    “George Hurst on Elections”

  • BtB’s Original Mark

    I miss Deadwood, also known as “Shakespeare in the mud”.

    P..S. This is officially my shortest post ever, so maybe it will be read by somebody besides Wayne & Questioner.

    BehindTheBlackers – watch the Deadwood series!

    Let’s Go Brandon!!!

  • m d mill

    “Apparently, we have just completed one of the largest medical experiments of a new drug in history, and found that it is

    RZ conveniently left out these links:

    The vaccines have been extremely effective at reducing death and severe illness from covid variant infection. RZ’s intended statement above is simply inane. For people who considered themselves at risk the vaccines were probably a very good idea. But it should be a personal non-mandated decision.

  • Mitch S.

    Just a quick FYI.
    The J&J vax (vector virus) is not mRNA.
    But it’s significantly less effective.
    AstraZeneca is a recombinant vax (seems to me it’s similar to an RNA vax but uses a piece of engineered DNA – but I’m far far from an expert).
    So there are vax other than the mRNA but they’ve had more issues.

  • BtB’s Original Mark

    m d mill – Let’s stipulate for the sake of argument that the COVID mRNA vaccines (Moderna & Pfizer) have been effective for particular age groups and against particular variants.

    My understanding is that the Viral vector technology has been studied for decades (Viral vector vaccines use a modified version of a different virus as a vector to deliver protection). Specifically there have been numerous studies of viral vector vaccines against diseases such as Zika, flu, and HIV.

    It seems odd to me that US & other western governments only supported two companies (AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson) that we’re using this more established vaccine technology. Why wasn’t support given to four or five companies that use this more established vaccine technology?

  • wayne

    I’m no expert either, that being a given;
    There is a difference between “designing the molecule,” (simplistically speaking) and “mass producing it.”
    If you go to that CDC link I posted (a couple feet up, so to speak, by now!) and speaking of actual flu-vaccines only; it appears they divide existing flu ‘vaccines’ up (in part)—along these lines:
    “Inactivated Influenza Vaccines (IIV4s) and Recombinant Influenza Vaccine (RIV4),” and
    “Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine (LAIV4)”
    And amongst these, they are divided as to whether they are “egg-based, “cell-based,” or “recombinant.”
    as well– “with or without Adjuviant MF59.”
    -from one of their tables:

    “Main Influenza vaccine types:
    IIV= Inactivated Influenza Vaccine
    RIV= Recombinant Influenza Vaccine
    LAIV= Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine
    Numerals after letters indicate valency (the number of influenza viruses represented):
    4 for quadrivalent vaccines
    3 for trivalent vaccines
    Prefixes are sometimes used to refer specifically to certain IIVs:
    a for adjuvanted IIV (e.g., aIIV4)
    cc for cell culture-based IIV (e.g., ccIIV4)
    HD for high-dose IIV (e.g., HD-IIV4)”

    Each of which is specifically licensed as to Use, Administration, Dose, and Population targeted.

    As for the current “emergency use substances,” I have no idea how they were designed, nor how they are manufactured.

    Yes. familiar with the British Fascist, Mosley.
    Are you familiar with the German American Bund? (aka American Nazi Party)

    The German American Bund
    Mark Felton Productions (2021)

  • wayne

    “Unconditional Surrender” (1956)
    -polio vaccine-

    This has a definite agenda unto itself but compare and contrast how the Polio vaccine was handled.

    (also available at Archive dot org, for easy downloading)

  • Cotour


    Why is there a program to “vaccinate” the children of the world when their Covid survival rate is 99.995%?

    WHY!? (What does not make sense, does not make sense. So, then you must ask: WHY? What is the proposed benefit?)

    *Child Vaccination Suspended After 10-Year-Old Girl Suffers Cardiac Arrest Hours After Receiving Pfizer Vaccine

    “She took the vaccine in the morning, and at 9 o’clock at night she came to my room saying that her heart was beating very hard, when I put my hand, it was something unbelievable. She fainted on my lap,” says the police officer

    *Double Vaccinated 18-Year-Old Brazilian Model Dies After Developing Blood Clots Due to ‘COVID Complications’

    “Valentina was healthy and had taken both doses of the vaccine [Pfizer]. She was part of the Ford Model Brasil São Paulo agency, which confirmed her death [translated],” says news outlet Estadao.

    *Investigation Has Launched After Three-Year-Old Girl Dies From Cardiac Arrest One Day After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine in Argentina

    “The 3-year-old child, Ámbar Suárez, received one dose of the Sinopharm, China’s COVID-19 vaccine. The police and justice system will investigate the cause of her death and an autopsy will be performed.” (Sinopharm vaccine is not an mRNA-based vaccine technology)

    If you are an older person and you have health concerns about contracting Covid because you have the several comorbidities that would indicate a potential poor Covid result, then you might consider on taking the vaccine. Weigh the risk and make a choice. But why the children?


  • Questioner


    Yes, I’ve heard of this group.

    Incidentally, I’m curious to see how long Mark Felton can keep this lucrative business model going. At some point every stone must have been turned in connection with the Third Reich.

    Lady Diana Mosley interview

    “A cut down version of a fascinating interview of Lady Diana Mosley who appeared on ‘Good Afternoon’ – conducted by respected journalist Mavis Nicholson. Lady Mosley describes her meeting with fascist Dictator Adolf Hitler and the time that she spent in Holloway Prison.”

  • Mitch S

    Could adverse results after the mRNA vax be due to improper injection technique?

  • Mitch S.

    Lenny Bruce has a handle on the American medical establishment back in 1959:
    Starts at 19:35
    BTW I recommend any fans of “The Marvelous Mrs Maisel” watch from the beginning of the vid.

  • Cotour


    Have the now clearly desperate and consistently failing because of their extreme Leftist agenda Democrat party “Wolves” gone too far? Have they gone so far that they may indeed suffer criminal consequences for their un and anti-Constitutional actions against their political opponents?

    Newt Gingrich thinks they may have. 2 min.

    Maybe a little too much Strategy and not enough Morality for the Democrat political party players in their desperation?

    We will find out soon the answer to this question.


  • Cotour

    The line has been drawn.

    Defeat The Mandate Rally: 6 min.

    A little too much Strategy and not enough Morality?

  • Mitch S.

    “a little too much Strategy and not enough Morality”

    Cotour, I’m sure you are a nice person but I thought you are from the NYC area. You should know “morality” has no more meaning in the halls of D.C than it does in the halls of Goldman Sachs or the NY Times.
    It’s all tactics and strategy.

    Just read through The Atlantic’s latest left strategic planning paper titled “Jan 6th Was Practice”.
    The Atlantic seems to be a place where the latest left strategies are floated. Remember the Q anon “threat”?
    So the new plan seems to be to convince people that the Trumpers have a nefarious (and brilliant) plan to subvert the next election by allowing states to control their own elections. And if they don’t get their way they are grooming a militia (seemingly made up of grumpy white retirees) to overturn the election by force.

    Sure it sounds comical (the article goes on about the violence of the Jan 6th crowd: They were armed with flagpoles, some even had knives! No mention of the months of truly violent BLM/Antifa riots. Or ballots pulled out from under tables after pole watchers were sent away…)
    But just as Covid fear stoked their constituency, a drumbeat of threats to the election by Trump can be used to end the filibuster and push through the voting bills that will place control of elections in the hands of the Fed Justice Dept (nice “moral” folks like Comey, Strosk etc).
    It also calls for more aggressive attacks on Republican/Right wing groups (throw those retirees in jail and they won’t be available to be Republican. pole watchers) and interestingly singles out the law firm BakerHostetler for intimidation.

    See all those people wearing masks? There are a lot of them and they are the ones who can be convinced that “emergency measures” need to be taken to stop the next “Trump insurrection”

  • Cotour

    “So the new plan seems to be to convince people that the Trumpers have a nefarious (and brilliant) plan to subvert the next election by allowing states to control their own elections. And if they don’t get their way they are grooming a militia (seemingly made up of grumpy white retirees) to overturn the election by force.”

    And so logic and experience would indicate that this is exactly what the Left is planning.

    This is what makes them sooo dangerous right now, they are desperate and they understand that if there is a somewhat normal election in 2022 that they will without doubt lose their political power. And they are not going to give that up because of some to them irrelevant election.

    What will they resort to? Disqualifying the election, they started that already, and violence. And don’t forget their number one go to “racism”. That is how the Democrat party defines “Democracy”. Democracy: Do what we tell you must be done.

    And in the Political Realm, party affiliation aside, it is always Strategy and never Morality.

  • Edward

    We cannot make any conclusions about the Wuhan flu, because the data have been so poorly managed that they were corrupt during gathering. As Max noted, the hospitals in the U.S. that report the deaths have a tremendous financial incentive to report deaths as Wuhan flu deaths, even if they are only suspected or assumed to be Wuhan related. The only thing we can be sure of is that there were no more Wuhan deaths than the official CDC number, but we cannot even demonstrate that there were as many Wuhan flu deaths as in a regular flu year; the data is too corrupted. The CDC reported that there were almost no pneumonia or regular flu deaths from about April 2020 to the beginning of autumn of 2021. Can we believe this? Those deaths were undoubtedly attributed to Wuhan flu for the money. A couple of hospitals were caught trying to pass off traffic deaths as Wuhan flu deaths, imagine what hospitals were getting away with.

    We can make some conclusions about the governmental reaction to the Wuhan flu, because many more lives were lost than would have been expected even after the deaths attributed to Wuhan flu are factored, many livelihoods were lost in 2020, 2021, and now this year, freedoms and liberties were lost and still have not been regained. Society has been changed, and it is hard to say how it will ever recover. This whole thing has been a huge cluster Brandon comprised of a series of other cluster Brandons.

    The models that government followed in March 2020 said that we would lose only 60,000 people if we locked down for only two or three weeks and that the Wuhan flu would be over by August, but government got cocky and kept both the Great Oppression and the disease going for nearly two years — a year and a half longer than modeled — and we are approaching the loss of the two million excess people that the models said we would have lost had we done nothing at all, including not washing our hands.

    The government policies resulted in so much worse than the models predicted if we had only washed our hands and suspended travel from hot spots.

    Government policies have backfired in a big way, and government does not care. Government pretends to parent us, but parents care far more about their children than our government cares about us. Instead of recommending therapeutics, government mandates that we get dangerous and ineffective experimental shots as though they were proved save and effective. No wonder it is all a huge cluster Brandon.

    m d mill tries to tell us that the vaccines make the delta varietal’s symptoms milder, but delta is going the way of the dodo. If the faux vaccine only reduces the severity of the disease and does not protect society from the disease, then there is absolutely no reason to mandate it for anyone. A mandate senselessly reduces liberty and risks harm and death to those susceptible to the side effects.

    In reality, we learned that the vaccines are ineffective. They don’t prevent infection, and they don’t prevent contagion. They don’t vac, and they don’t cine. We don’t protect ourselves, and we don’t protect others. Instead, people are mandated to get the needle despite the futility of it all.

    Heard on the internet:
    “Why do the protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to to use the protection that didn’t protect the protected in the first place?” — Unknown (quoted from 14:10 to 14:30)

    It’s all just part of the huge cluster Brandon.

  • Cotour

    Its funny, pretty much everything that was identified and discussed right here on BTB when it all began turns out to be what the truth actually is. Does anyone else apricate that?

    From: Covid origins, to Facui’s incompetence, constant contradictions and double-dealing double speak, to the inherent safety issues with a rushed *NEW* mRNA vax technology, to lock downs, to mandates and the jr. Nazi tendencies of the many governments around the world.

    The entire thing was revealed through everyone’s information gathering activities and the application of rational thought for the most part. Who found those health professionals who were to be trusted, competent and knew what was what as best as could be determined? Not 100 percent but correct for the most part.

    Don’t believe me? Just look back over the last 2 years posts on BTB concerning Covid and the many offences to freedom and Democracy.

    And the Mainstream Corporate Media propaganda and political agenda manipulation machine?

    Like the Democrat party machine, the Mainstream Media machine has been revealed to many for exactly what they are, a direct threat to the country and peace in the world.

    And as Martha says, “Thats a good thing”.

  • MitchS.

    Note what Glen Greenwald points out about the Jan 6th committee
    (And remember Greenwald is no Conservative, but he is a true journalist concerned about freedom of the press and civil liberties):

    “In its ongoing attempt to investigate and gather information about private U.S. citizens, the Congressional 1/6 Committee is claiming virtually absolute powers that not even the FBI or other law enforcement agencies enjoy. Indeed, lawyers for the committee have been explicitly arguing that nothing proscribes or limits their authority to obtain data regarding whichever citizens they target and, even more radically, that the checks imposed on the FBI (such as the requirement to obtain judicial authorization for secret subpoenas) do not apply to the committee.

    As we have previously reported and as civil liberties groups have warned, there are serious constitutional doubts about the existence of the committee itself.”…

    So the Dems (with a couple of RINOs) have created a star chamber with unlimited power to attack their political enemies.

  • Cotour

    And this is what the Democrat party machine will attempt probably through some form of false flag operation similar to the Jan 6th Ray Epps operation of rabble rousing and agent provocateur activities to “Set” it off just before the midterm elections.

    Maybe they will have Biden declare Martial law?

    No further need for any kind of elections anymore, too risky.

    This is exactly IMO what the Democrat party machine is fashioning both through their Leftist corporate media machine allies and in the minds of the gullible general public. Legally tag Trump as an insurrectionist and disqualify him. Or attempt to disqualify him.

    The Democrats believe that anything the Republicans do is in the furtherance of the destruction of Democracy, and whatever they do as being righteous and how things must be.

    Political warfare of the first order, X’s 10.

    You thought last year was interesting? Hold on 2022 is going to be a never-before-seen in America America.

  • Max

    I took the time this afternoon to listen to all three hours of the most downloaded podcast of Joe Rogan, with the inventor of the MRNA vaccine, Dr. Robert Malone. (Hat tip to cotour)
    Very educational, for an entertainment platform. Censorship has banned it from most platforms. Even Rogan’s.
    Joe Biden asked to suspend the first amendment when he first got in office, and even in his recent press conference that backfired.

    Are there any good journalist left? Not if they’re smart. They have retreated to somewhere safe, out of the way of the mayhem to come.
    The good ones that stood on principle have been ridiculed and fired, paving the way for the gestapo to control every aspect of the media. (It’s been noticed in recent articles that every country in the world have the same talking points)

    Dr. Malone’s speech today in front of the Lincoln Memorial is worth listening to.

    When I return to work after New Year’s, I rolled down my window to have the temperature gun placed to my forehead (as is the custom for over a year now) on entry to company property.
    I noticed the normal security guard was back on duty, and asked him if he was going to be the one responsible for daily checking for “proof of negative PCR test”, a new mandate the company was rolling out. (Which disappeared after the supreme court ruling)
    He had no idea, and didn’t care because he was never going to get another shot! I asked him why, what’s up? He told me last week his girlfriend, who had to get a booster for her work, tried to convince him to be “up to date” like her. He refused because the first shot made him so sick.
    She got her booster, and an extra strength Tylenol for the pain that was about to come. They went to bed early because she didn’t feel well.
    He tried to push her out of bed in the morning, when she would not get up to turn off her alarm to go to work, just to find out she died in the night.
    That’s where he was… taking her body to her family for burial with no optopsy. No foul play suspected, death listed as natural caused.

    What do you say after being told that? I have no words.

  • Max: What a horrible story. Truly horrible, especially because all of it stemmed out of the irrational fear that has gripped too many people for the past two years and allowed evil power-hungry politicians to manipulate them into doing things that were against their better interest.

  • DefendUSA

    I have never been for the shots. Particularly, since I knew they were not tested on animals. I worked in Epidemiology in the Army (not degreed) and the level of stupid I saw in my former superior who holds a doctorate in it, is beyond my comprehension. Our lab was the one that developed the Western Blot and the ELISA testing for HIV. I was in Microbiology and did TB work. We actually ID’d a strain of TB that began appearing in HIV positive patients. My experts at the time above my military people were at the CDC. Yep. Fauci. I did not have direct contact with him but with another doctor to attempt to pin what we were learning down.
    There is no vaccine for HIV and there never will be because antiviral medicines can make the AIDS viral load undetectable and people live full lives. It will be the same for this virus, no matter what is produced. We know that following the money is what drives our current state of affairs. Too many variables line up. There was potential for me to have a shot, until the myocarditis cases began piling up in healthy athletes and because an issue with several people that I know. My son’s cardiologist told him to get it, even with his stenosis. I begged him not to and I kept asking him to wait. Nearly two years later we got the virus but not from each other. I am having him get some diagnostic testing to see if it affected his stenosis and cardiac enzymes with his doc. He is old enough to make his choices but I pray he does not choose the shot over his natural immunity. I could lose my job if the merits of the case are not proven back in the Circuit court since my owner did say it would be a condition of employment. But I will be done. I will not start over at 58. And I will stand by my belief that this was the largest fraud ever committed against our citizens. Natural immunity and body autonomy matter. The lettered agencies have helped to kill and maim their fellow man everywhere with no indemnity and that should be shouted from the rooftops, but is not and somehow that narcissistic doctor gets to be the face telling us we will need a fourth shot? No, thank you. I will risk my 1.8% chance. Used Quercetin, D3, Zinc, Aspirin, Claritin, and a pulse ox to treat myself when docs said I was not compromised enough to get monoclonal antibodies. But I also used it as a prophylactic when I traveled. Stop this madness!

  • wayne

    sorry to hear of these events!
    You can always watch Rogan on spotify. Just use a throwaway email address to register.

  • wayne

    Interesting stuff. I’m in your age cohort so I empathize.

  • Max

    Yes Z man… clown world where the clowns have guns.
    Things are falling apart for the left, Glenn Beck played Bill Maher with a guest who said she was done with Covid which horrified Whoopi Goldberg.

    My brother sent me this;

    Holy crap
    The media just turned on biden!
    NBC’s Chuck Todd: Biden ‘no longer seen as competent and effective’

    Thanks Wayne, I will keep that in mind.

    Defend USA, enlightening information that genders no confidence or enthusiasm for what the military is doing with Weaponized diseases.
    You could probably tell us a thing or two about the marriage between the military and the CDC in operation warp speed where the military became part of our health system…
    A year ago I read the emergency authorization which said this pandemic was paid for through 2024. At that time the military/ presidency has the option of continuing the emergency or not.

    The military wanted to build a level five bio containment facility at Dugway proving Ground where they destroyed the nerve agents from World War II. Utah legislature passed a restriction of no level five… So the military built a level 4.99… The same facility that accidentally sent live smallpox to universities studying disease. Through the mail. Dangerous toys.

    Here’s an update on my personal situation.
    My employment called to see how I was doing and asked if I was returning to work next cycle. I told them yes, that I was nearly over my (imaginary) cough and runny nose. I asked them if the situation at work had peaked and is getting better? She replied that she was recently hired last week as part of a team because it proved impossible to call all 500 employees who needed to be contacted.
    That must be close to half of the available workforce.
    The “Good news” is, because of false positives on PCR tests, I was told not to test again for 90 days… Not until April. (So much for Biden’s once a week mandate) like Australia and Great Britain, they’ve given up offensive measures and just riding this flu season out.

    Visited with my nurse daughter who informed us that they’re shutting down one floor of the maternity ward to make room for the influx of critically ill people. Some with Covid.
    Winter is slow for births, this year unusually so. They offered once again to cross train her into the serious care hospital section and offered her wages “times four” with “five times and a half” after 40 hours.
    They gave her a $10 an hour raise last year just to keep her from taking a better offer from another hospital.
    Don’t go to the hospital unless you got really good insurance… there’s more to this than the public knows.

    Some of my coworkers, whom I’ve known a long time, have cancer or the resurgence of cancer that they’ve beaten in the past. What do they have in common? They took the companies $500 bonus for getting vaccinated.

  • m d mill

    Edward: “In reality, we learned that the vaccines are ineffective.”

    Edward tries to ignores these these links and widely known results:

    The “vaccines” HAVE BEEN extremely effective at reducing death and severe illness from covid variant infection. Edwards statement above is simply inane. For people who considerED themselves at risk the vaccines WERE probably a very good idea. Weather they will continue to be, I have not commented on. But it should be a personal non-mandated decision.
    I will repeat this for Edward,
    But it should be a personal non-mandated decision.

  • m d mill

    sorry weather =>whether

  • Cotour

    “COVID-19 vaccines protect against severe illness during Delta”

    True enough as far as I can detect. Those who have taken it and do acquire the infection do seem to have an easier time of it., but there remains a question.

    Q: What might be the long-term potentially negative health effects of the mRNA “Vaccine” in the coming years for the general population that has taken it? Unknown and unknowable.

    And that is why the most at risk during this pandemic event might have benefitted from this *NEW* technology, but to use it as a blanket mass therapy throughout the country and the world and into the arms of the least at risk?

    That to me seems unreasonable and a bit too arrogant and confident where there should be measured caution.

  • BtB’s Original Mark

    Cotour – that was a thoughtful and concise response. I’ll probably soon be using this argument when speaking to relatives at an upcoming SuperBowl Party.

  • Cotour

    And I would add to that:

    Why has the several already approved drugs that real-world front-line doctors have established as being effective in dealing with Covid NOT been approved or allowed and in fact denied and actively withheld from use?

    As far as the powers that be are concerned you are ONLY allowed to take the still experimental mRNA “Vaccine”. No mention of supplements or other modes of effectively improving your health and improving your results should you become infected. A clear surrendering of their medical responsibilities to political agenda, the almighty dollar and manipulation in order to establish a new authority and identification standard around the world.

    In time this will all come out into the light and the real facts I am certain will outrage most rational humans.

  • Edward

    m d mill wrote: “Edwards statement above is simply inane.
    Proving that m d mill has no idea what a vaccine is supposed to be and do. Instead, he describes it as a therapeutic. We have better, safer, and thoroughly tested therapeutics that government is not allowing us to use, demanding instead that we use the unsafe faux vaccine, risking our heath and lives.

  • Cotour

    (Patriots within the DOD find the relevant data about the effects of the “vaccines” within the military. Then it was “Adjusted”.)

    Senator Johnson sent an immediate letter to preserve documents in the matter to DOD.

    Attorney Renz named three of the whistleblowers — LTC (Dr.) Thresa Long, Dr. Peter Chambers, and Dr. Samuel Sigloff (sp?).

    Apparently the data found in August showed a 20x or higher in some cases increase in severe reactions to the Covid shots. Later, the data had been adjusted to show only 2x for myocarditis specifically.

    Miscarriages were up 300% over the 5 year average.

    Cancers were up 300% over the 5 year average.

    Neurological injuries showed a 1000% increase.

    Attorney Renz declared our soldiers are being experimented on, injured, and in some cases killed.

    Renz said on 9/28/21, Project Sales, a DOD initiative, provided data to the Useless CDC which showed “71% of new cases were fully vaxed, 60% hospitalizations fully vaxed”.

    Information? Disinformation? You decide. Looks like information to me.

  • Cotour

    Remember the soccer players and their stats regarding on field cardiac related deaths between the ten years 2000 to 2020, approx average, 5 to 7.

    Look it up yourself on Wiki: Number of soccer players who die on the pitch a year. One died of a fractured skull, all the rest? Heart related deaths.

    The soccer death stats in the one year, 2021?

    Up approx. 300% to about 21 for the one year. Correlation?

    What is the common denominator? The soccer ball? Grass? Sunshine?

  • m d mill

    Edward should consider the definition of vaccine:

    “A substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or several diseases, prepared from the causative agent of a disease, its products, or a synthetic substitute, treated to act as an antigen without inducing the disease.”

    These covid VACCINES are not therapeutics and cannot be used as such or considered such since they must be employed before infection, even Edward should be able to figure this out(but maybe not), and do not have to be 100% preventative be an effective “vaccine”. A covid vaccine (see definition above) that reduces death and hospitalization by 80 or 90% in still an effective vaccine. If you were a high risk person and would rather have gotten very sick(even deathly sick) and gone to the hospital and relied on therapeutics to save your life from the original or delta covid variant, that was your opinion.

    Edward likes to pretend that these vaccines HAVE not been effective and certainly useful for high risk people. He rightly notes that therapeutics are getting better and the new variants are getting much less dangerous so vaccines are becoming pointless for all but a few. But this is irrelevant to his original inane statement ie “In reality, we learned that the vaccines are ineffective.”

  • DefendUSA

    In other news? FauxChina and friends have been charged in the ICC, Netherlands on December 6 2021 for violation of the Nuremberg Code and several Rome Statutes that I have no knowledge of. Do we hear of this on the news? No. Ace of Spades blog today has the link to the PDF. Download it for yourselves to peruse.

  • Edward

    m d mill,
    Your definition of a vaccine: “A substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or several diseases, prepared from the causative agent of a disease, its products, or a synthetic substitute, treated to act as an antigen without inducing the disease.

    The Wuhan flu vaccines do not provide immunity and are not prepared as defined. Indeed, your two links — right there in their titles — describe these faux vaccines as though they are therapeutics, not vaccines. Your choice of description, not mine.

    Your ignorance on this topic and your lack of reading comprehension are epic.

  • m d mill

    You used the word therapeutic first. I never did, only in response to you. Your comment is beyond inane, it is senseless.
    The Wuhan flu vaccines do enhance immunity…that is the only thing they can do, they can do nothing else!
    And that is how they DO work, as is proven here here:

    These covid VACCINES are not therapeutics and cannot be used as such or considered such since they must be employed BEFORE infection [and were not considered such in the above articles, contrary to your inane assertion], and do not have to be 100% preventative be an effective “vaccine”.

    Your comments are inane, as usual. You will not admit the proper definition of either vaccine or therapeutic…what a foolish response, again as usual.

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