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The big lie of “systematic racism” in America

In June, shortly after George Floyd met his tragic death while in the hands of arresting police officers, former vice president and Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden was asked by a television reporter, “Do you believe there is systemic racism in law enforcement?” Biden responded as follows:

“Absolutely,” Biden responded. “But it’s not just in law enforcement, it’s across the board. It’s in housing, it’s in education, and it’s in everything we do. It’s real. It’s genuine. It’s serious.”

The absurdity of Biden’s response is immeasurable. What he says here is a lie, a lie so absurd it is both astonishing and horrifying that anyone believes it. There has been no systematic racism in America for generations, and anyone who thinks so is either lying to themselves, or trying to spread lies to others.

The biggest irony is that those who apparently believe this lie the most, our younger college-aged generation, have grown up in a society where for decades blacks with talent and determination have had no problem achieving success in all sorts of business and fields, with some even becoming the dominate figure in their field. (Think of Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey as only two examples.) They can also marry anyone they want, can go anywhere they want, and achieve anything they want. Nothing stops them but their own limitations.

segregated water fountains
Hasn’t existed for generations.

In fact, today’s youth are probably two generations separated from any systematic racism at all, and they are even more separated from such things in that before World War II that systematic racism was mostly confined to the Old American South, the rebel states from the Civil War. In fact, the entire reason for the civil rights movement was to end the segregation and systematic racism in the Old South, a place that had been ruled by Democrats since before the Civil War and was home to racially-separate water fountains, racially-separate schools, racially-separate stores and restaurants, and racially-separated seating on buses.

I was raised in Brooklyn, New York, and in the 1950s and 1960s I saw none of that. Blacks could go anywhere and do anything, with little fear. My parents’ generation would have been appalled and furious had they seen anyone trying to prevent a black person from eating in any restaurant or using a water fountain. They had fought the Germans in Europe expressly to stop such bigotry, and were quite willing to fight again to stop it from coming into their own communities.

It was for these reasons that, after World War II, there was a vast migration of southern blacks to northern cities. They had found in the north a place that did not oppress them, as they were oppressed in the racist Democratically-controlled south.

With the complete success of the 1960s civil rights movement, blacks have had the freedom to go anywhere, do anything, and achieve anything they want, and even do it in the Old South. America has had equal opportunity for everyone, including blacks, for nigh on fifty years.

Thus, for today’s youth to scream “systematic racism” is absurd. They haven’t the faintest idea what they are screaming about.

It is even more absurd for modern black sports figures to complain about “systematic racism.” These pampered black millionaires are amply rewarded for their talents, because they do a better job at their work, better than anyone, whether white or black, and that is what their employers and fans want. No one cares one iota for their skin color.

In fact, the success of blacks in sports and entertainment, but less so elsewhere, is really at the heart of the lie of “systematic racism.” What the Black Lives Matter bigots, including Joe Biden, really want when they scream “systematic racism!” isn’t equal opportunity, but guaranteed power and success for blacks, in all fields, regardless of talent or ability.

There are many fields where blacks in general have not excelled. This failure however is not because blacks have been blocked because of their race, because using race to deny someone a job has been both illegal and culturally prohibited for decades, and no one does it. And the proof of this is that if you look, you will find successful blacks in all fields, just not as many in some places as others.

No, the failures of blacks in general in certain fields is simply the normal unequal distributions that always will occur between races and sexes and ethnic groups when it comes to different careers and areas of interest. It is impossible and idiotic to expect a precise and equal distribution of success in all fields, matching the population distribution. To demand it means you want to determine employment based on race, the very injustice that the entire civil rights movement worked to eliminate.

The screams of “systematic racism!” today are also a desire to hide the tragic political failures of the black community and its Democratic Party leaders. One of the reasons blacks do not excel in many fields is that the black community has, since the 1960s, put its entire faith in government aid and Democratic Party promises. Their reward? Welfare and corrupt government intervention in the big cities of the north, resulting in the destruction of the family and the spread of drugs and crime throughout all these black communities.

Thus, the protests about police brutality really center on these failures, not on racism. In practically every case where the police have killed or injured a black in the past five years, it has been because the black was a criminal either on drugs or defying police orders violently. These have not been people whom black communities should idolize. They are the ones those communities should be condemning and rejecting.

That blacks have been saddled with the tragedy of slavery and the harm it caused to generations is undeniable. However, the solution to that problem is not to re-institute racist policies that favor blacks. That would only make matters worse.

Mae Jemison on ISS in 1992
Astronaut Mae Jemison on the space shuttle in 1992.

No, what each person must do, whether they are black or white, is focus on their own abilities, and strive to make their own possibilities as a human being rise as far as is possible.

We are all individuals. American society has always honored individual achievement, and now for generations has honored that achievement from all peoples, regardless of race or ethnicity. It doesn’t matter what skin color you have, if you work hard and focus on what you do best. Do that, and the world will be your oyster.

Which brings us back to Joe Biden and the big lie of “systematic racism” that he and other Democratic Party politicians, including their allies in the Marxist BLM movement, have been spreading. What they are really doing is spreading racial hate and fear, while also working to cancel the achievements of the entire civil rights movement. Since the 1960s the rule in America has been: No discrimination due to race or ethnicity. These corrupt Democrats, now led by Biden, wish to return to the old days in the Old South, but instead of discriminating against blacks they want to discriminate for them, which in turn will make everyone else a second class citizen.

Come November 3rd Americans of all colors have to vote against this bigotry. They have to tell these new bigoted Democrats we do not want the future you are offering us, a future where people will be judged not by the content of their character but by the color of their skin.

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  • Phill O

    Sorry Bob, but I strongly disagree. MOST STRONGLY.

    Not just in the USA but other countries are hotbeds of racism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not white against black or hispanioc or Asian, but all those against the whites! The Obamas were extremely racist.

    The natives in Canada are extremely racist.

    The clacks in Nova Scotia are extremely racist. For example, I towed a black fellow off of a busy road in Dartmouth (NS) got no thanks and when his biddies showed up, they did not even speak to me: nor did he!

    Once we recognize that there is racism and where it lies, then maybe we can deal with it. I was working in a steel fabrication shop (I am a journeyman welder fitter) to earn enough to go to grad school in NS, and there was a black man also working there. He said I had a black heart. Did not realize what he was saying until Clint Eastwood’s movie “White Hunter, Black Heart”.

  • Cotour

    Phill O:

    I agree with you, everyone needs to admit that they are generally biased towards others that are more like them then not, and not apologize for it. Whether it be skin color or philosophy. And then they state that they however respect all others and expect the same in turn. And then teach that in the home, in schools and broadcast it in the media and in the halls of Congress.

    Problem solved.

    But the Left and the race baiters and the Marxist operatives can NEVER accept that because a solution is not what they seek.

  • Bernard

    This site is such a strange place. A mix of interesting facts and news about space travel and far right propaganda.
    Such a quirky place.

  • Bernand: I don’t wish to debate you. However, you do consistently illustrate the close-mindedness of the left these days, as shown by this comment by you. Anything you disagree with is instantly labeled “far right propaganda.” Better to give it a scary title than deal with the facts being presented.

    Heaven forbid we should have a calm, rational, and adult conversation!

  • Edward

    Phill O,
    I believe that what you have described is not systemic racism so much as individuals being racist.

    The date on your photograph is incorrect, as the ISS was not in orbit that year.

    There <is institutionalized racism in the United States. It is called Affirmative Action.

    Your choice of Oprah Winfrey as a successful person reminds me of a time when she was asked to give an example of when she had experienced racism. She told a tale of a time when she was in Paris France. Oprah had to go overseas in order to feel like she had had a memorable racist experience.

    The screams of ‘systematic racism!’ today are also a desire to hide the tragic political failures of the black community and its Democratic Party leaders.

    Interestingly, most or all of these screams come from cities and states that are run by Democrats. The Democratic Party was founded by Andrew Jackson and his supporters specifically to defend the institution of slavery from the abolitionists. This same party is where the KKK came from as well as the Jim Crow laws and southern racism, such as separate drinking fountains and seating on busses. The Democratic Party resisted civil rights laws until President Johnson realized that this resistance was politically untenable, so he figured a way to soften his party’s racism while looking so much like the good guy that blacks (he used a racist word) would vote Democratic for two hundred years.

    Johnson succeeded, so far. As you noted, Robert, “Welfare and corrupt government intervention in the big cities of the north” was his stratagem, intended to result in “the destruction of the family and the spread of drugs and crime throughout all these black communities” which would then depend upon The Party to save them from this chaos. Unfortunately, they depend upon the very people who prefer to hamper their individual and group successes.

    The Democratic Party also fosters a soft bigotry of low expectations, which is intended to present a viewpoint that some groups just aren’t as good as others in order to explain why some groups have fallen into the welfare and poverty trap. The real reason that the trap is so successful is that welfare is often presented as a form of restitution for (Democratic Party) injustices to past generations. However, in order to receive these “restitutions,” the recipient must remain poor, hence the trap.

    The claim that all of the United States is systemically racist is an update to Johnson’s stratagem. It is intended to draw defecting minorities back into the Democratic Party and to keep others from defecting.

    I am curious as to what you believe to be the non-propaganda truth.

  • Edward: Oy. I got lazy and didn’t check her flight more closely. This was on a SpaceLab flight of the space shuttle Endeavour. I have corrected the post. Thank you.

  • sippin_bourbon

    I believe it was earlier this year, in a debate with Doug M, that I pointed out that all individuals are capable of the sin of bigotry. It is part of the human condition, and is an outgrowth of Pride and Envy/Vanity, and Greed.

    No one, regardless of the color of their skin, the place of birth, their genitalia or the language spoken, is guiltless.

    Most of us, however, can have the self awareness to rise above it, as we rise above other shared human failings.

    No one group should be singled out for their role in perpetuating such failings, except perhaps Democrats.

    Democrats that argued for slavery.
    Democrats that invented Jim Crow.
    Democrats that fought for segregation .
    Democrats that filibustered Civil Rights.
    Democrats that invented economic Slavery(welfare).
    Democrats that fight any effort to allow minorities to rise and fully participate in the benefits of the greatest wealth producing system in the history of the planet.
    Democrats that destroyed the black family unit, and now attack the nuclear family outright.

    They should should be singled out.

  • Phill O


    And it was Jimmy Carter who attended a whites only church until brought to task by the republicans!

  • Bernard

    No….I only call things far right propoganda that are far right propoganda. Like the drivel you posted above.
    And I guess that in order to have a calm, rational, and adult conversation I simply need to threaten to kill some political figures. You seem to be fine with that.

  • Steve

    The Left does not want to solve problems. Solve a problem lose an issue. Lose an issue, lose an opportunity to weild power and control over people. We almost had racism licked. Can’t have that.

  • Drake

    That’s a mighty fine strawman you’ve brought to an ideological fight…

  • pzatchok

    “Nobody is more inferior than those who insist on being equal.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

    It must be hard for black people to rise to their true potential when they have been told by each other and their leaders that they will never amount to anything because of the systemic racism they are constantly told about.
    Generations have been lied to by the Democrats.

    People that work hard and rise to the peak of their chosen fields can come from ANY strata of society. But once they get there they can go one of two ways philosophically. They can forget all the hard work they put in and attribute their success to luck. They will then teach this myth.
    Or they will remember all the hard work and teach that.

    What is Lebron James teaching?

  • wayne

    The Fascist Roots of the American Left
    Dinesh D’Souza at Yale

  • wayne


    this just in…

    Failed musician & virulent right-wing extremist endorses Trump 2020
    The Ben Shapiro Show 10/19/20

  • Joe

    Unemployment this year peaked at 42%. Now, just 7 months after the plague swept us off our feet, unemployment is 7.8% (80% reduction in unemployment rate). Soon it will be back to its low of <4% of which Obama and Trump can share the credit for. This negative postulation that Biden has spoken about is merely his way of getting in office so he can keep doing what he has been doing for the last 47 years. He wouldn't have it any other way.

  • Sam

    Every Bernard comment is drivel and his quirky far left propaganda threatens the life of someone I support.

    [ Sarc, of course. Just trying on Bernard’s shoes and walking in them a bit to see how it is. Honestly, I thought it’d be more fun but it’s just depressing. Don’t worry – won’t happen again. ]

  • eddie willers

    Since the 1960s the rule in America has been: No discrimination due to race or ethnicity.

    I was born in Atlanta, Ga. in 1952. I have posted the following so many times, I am thinking of making it a signature:

    Racism died in 1970. I know. I was there. I stood over it’s corpse.

  • David

    I’m stunned by this commentary. Racism is alive and well in America, being fed by denial of what we all can see, if we would just look with our hearts. The fact that most everyone has moments in their lives when they say or think horrible judgements of another because of their personal demons should never be used as an excuse to not strive for all that is better in this world.

    We are all flawed, but we should not use that as an excuse to dismiss the pain and perspectives of others suffering, others being shutout, others who don’t look like we do, pray like we do, fall in love like we do or vote like we do.

    We are all God’s children. I still trust that simple yet powerful perspective even though I too can get discouraged by what I see. Or today, what I read.

  • Cotour


    People like you worry me, your probably a very nice person, but you worry me.

    People like you will and can never be satisfied with some degree of realistic equality and opportunity anywhere. Especially in America. Your kind of thinking and philosophy ultimately would require that everyone self suicide so we can all be equal in your eyes.

    Its about mutual respect being taught, that is where the actual solution to any perceived inequality lies, and not in the constant unending drive for the kind of destructive, really Leftist, kind of philosophy.

    And like I said, your probably a very nice person, but what you propose is fraudulent. You continue to be stunned.

  • Bernard

    “That’s a mighty fine strawman you’ve brought to an ideological fight…”
    Point conceded. But the problem is I don’t really consider this to be an ideological fight any more than I consider arguing with a toddler about eating their broccoli to be an ideological fight. A privileged, white male member of the Boomer generation states with certainty that racism in America doesn’t exist because there are some successful Black people and because in his experience he has not seen racism in his daily life. And in defense of being accused of an ad hominem attack, a significant part of Zimmerman’s post relies on his personal experience, making that a fair target of criticism. This is beyond an absurd argument. The far right believes this drivel to be true for the purpose of being able to label the racial equality movement as violent, bigoted, Marxist, etc., as Zimmerman has done. By denying the problem, it gives them license to vilify anyone who disagrees with them and assign whatever ulterior motive they desire. That is what makes this right wing propaganda – a false narrative that allows the far right to effectively criminalize people who disagree with them.

    And I notice that Zimmerman still has not responded regarding my statement. Though it may have been strawman in the setting of this post, he has repeatedly refused to respond to this and did not remove, moderate or denounce the post in question.

    Ok. Not sure what this added. Guy is entitled to his political opinion. He is wrong. But entitled to his opinion.

    Nice sarcasm. Problem is, the inaction of the Trump administration has actually resulted in hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths from the pandemic. I know this whole narrative is denied here, and so I won’t even try and argue that point. But the reality is that the far right cult currently plaguing American politics has threatened the lives of many Americans.

  • Cotour

    ” the Trump administration has actually resulted in hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths from the pandemic. ”

    This statement supposes that there is another eventuality that has not been realized related to the Covid virus event.

    Please, Bernard explain how this event “should” have been handled and how it should have played out. How many of those deaths in numbers do you think would have been the least necessary? (The numbers are the numbers.)

    The truth is that some things could have been done better or worse, the virus really did and does not care. This entire event at the beginning was an unknown and the fear that it manifested was real and Trump as I was watching supplied everything that was demanded of the Federal government by those states that needed help. And the primary responsibilities here regarding the people in those states are primarily the responsibility of those governors. And those governors could have done better or worse, and they can only do so much.

    The president, any president can do little in such situations, its up to the people to educate themselves and to keep themselves healthy and safe, not the government. This paternal government narrative that is pushed by some is a political narrative and its driven by political agenda and a particular personality type. The name David comes to mind.

    Barack would have handled it a bit different, Clinton would have handled it a bit different and on and on, and the virus really does not give a crap.

  • Bernard

    As I said:
    “I know this whole narrative is denied here, and so I won’t even try and argue that point.”
    I have also been previously derided here for derailing threads to off-topic. This is a thread about racism. My statement above was in response to a post by another user, but I won’t try and start a debate over the federal response to the pandemic here.

  • sippin_bourbon


    “A privileged, white male member of the Boomer generation states with certainty that racism in America doesn’t exist..”

    False. His premise is that “systemic racism” does not exist in America.
    You changed his premise and then attacked. Also, yes, ad hominem.

    “The far right believes this drivel to be true for the purpose of being able to label the racial equality movement as violent, bigoted, Marxist, etc”…”That is what makes this right wing propaganda..”

    The organization known as BLM (not the more common movement or ideal) has openly stated and admitted Marxist goals. This is fact. It can be found be and verified easily.

    Antifa members openly use communist symbolism, and when actually speaking, call for socialism as a solution to their perceived grievances. Again, fact.

    The protest have been found to be 93% peaceful. Isn’t that nice? That also means 7% violent. And that 7% has done major damage. The burned buildings, looted merchants, and murdered and injured citizens are quite real.

    All these facts are easily confirmed, and have not been denied. In fact both groups named proudly embrace these facts. Therefore, NOT propaganda. Nor “far” right. (At this point, where do you think the center is?)

    If there is systemic racism, I defined it above, in the historical, and factual, series of events and policies the Democrats heaped upon Black Americans.
    The only thing I should have added was Biden’s comment when he admitted, out loud, the belief that Black Americans vote Dem, or they are not truly Black. This statement was a widely reported fact. And there is no denying what he meant by it. (See No True Scotsman fallacy).

    These are facts Bernard. Not propaganda.

    This is not a racial equality movement. If it were it would have broader support, because there is in fact, broad support for racial equality, under the rule of law.

  • Bernard

    My leaving off the word ‘systemic’ was not intentional. I did not intend to change the premise, though my statement still stands. Zimmerman extols of his personal experience and that of his family as evidence that systemic racism in this country is non-existent. If you put forward your personal experience as part of your argument, then criticism of that experience becomes fair game and does not constitute an ad hominem attack. You may disagree with that, but you would be wrong.

    Can you please direct me to the press releases by the CEO of BLM? Or Antifa? Perhaps the HR departments or the departments of public relations? I certainly do not defend everything that every person who claims to be a ‘member’ of BLM or Antifa has done or said. Much of it has been indefensible. And there has been violence, which has been openly and definitively condemned by the overwhelming majority of the other ‘members’ of the movements and by political leaders of both parties. Your questionable statistics notwithstanding, the vast majority of those that make up the current racial equality movements in this country condemn the violence. The fact that there are those that would use the movements to justify violence does not negate the premise of the movements – that there is widespread and systemic racism in America.

    And yes, Biden did make a rather disgusting comment regarding race and political affiliation. He then apologized for the comment, admitted that he was wrong and sought to make amends with the community that he offended. You know, the kind of response that we expect from elected leaders and that has been rather absent of late.

  • pzatchok

    The fact that Biden apologized for his stupid statement does not change the fact that he actually said it,
    Which means he was thinking it which means he must believe it.
    He is a racist at heart. And has been his whole white over privileged life.

    Have you noticed that no one here has said that racism does not exist. Just that systemic racism does not. It is not codified into our law, in fact the law states just the opposite.
    Please name the groups that are systemically racist. The ones that refuse to hire blacks. The groups that refuse to admit blacks.

  • Bernard

    Your request to ‘name the groups that are systemically racist’ demonstrates your complete lack of understanding of the nature of systemic racism in this country. It is not so obvious as an organization hanging a sign in the window that says ‘No blacks’. It is more subtle, but no less harmful. I am not about to write a thesis here describing the ways in which systemic racism in America manifests itself. It is fairly obvious to those of us who are paying attention. Besides, that work has already been done by others. A brief sample follows:

    Educate yourself. You managed to find your way to this site. I am sure that if you put in the effort you could find your way to others that tell a more truthful and complete story.

  • Edward

    You certainly are good at ad hominem attacks, but you have no alternate position or your own truth to put forward. Everyone else is wrong, but your position cannot be questioned, because you have no position to question. Nice going.

    David wrote: “I’m stunned by this commentary. Racism is alive and well in America, being fed by denial of what we all can see, if we would just look with our hearts.

    Racism is now subjective? We have to feel it in our hearts rather than observe it objectively? No wonder so many people think that the actions of a very, very small number of individuals means that racism is systemic in this country. This systemic nature of the problem is just a feeling that they have, not something that can be known for sure.

    pzatchok wrote: “Please name the groups that are systemically racist. The ones that refuse to hire blacks. The groups that refuse to admit blacks.

    I don’t know about blacks, but every year whites are banned for one day from Evergreen State College’s campus in Washington.

    At Minnesota’s Loft Literary Center, if there are too many white speakers at their conference then the whites do not get to make their presentations, they will cancel the conference instead.

    Brandeis University excludes whites from its journalism grant.

    The Democratic Party just might fire you merely for having the audacity to be white:

  • sippin_bourbon


    Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors

    They do not have a CEO, of course. That is a position in capitalism. So they wouldn’t have one of those, would they.

    Politifact, the well know “factchecking” site, has an article on this question, but refuse to label it true or false, but instead ramble on that there is no set defining standard of marxism, and simply try to draw a difference between the movement and the organization (called the BLM Foundation). A distinction I made above. But buried in the article they do admit, that if someone says they are a marxist, then they are.

    Antifa.. well,
    -“They other key point, which probably isn’t made enough, is that these are revolutionary leftists. They’re not concerned about the fact that fascism targets liberalism. These are self-described revolutionaries. They have no allegiance to liberal democracy, which they believe has failed the marginalized communities they’re defending. They’re anarchists and communists who are way outside the traditional conservative-liberal spectrum.”

    -“Some of them are Marxists, some are Leninists, some are social democrats or anarchists”
    Mark Bray in an interview on ( I refuse to link them) . Author of the Anti-fascists Handbook.

    If you left off the word “systemic” deliberately or not you did. It does change the premise.
    And starting your argument with calling someone “privileged” is an attack intended to shame the individual. Boohoo. It did not work here. And calling him a member of the “Boomer” generation. lol.

    You are clearly engaging in identity politics, a system designed to perpetuate differences in race and gender as a means of dividing people. It is a system designed to define peoples in a monolithic fashion . The very tactic that would enable systemic racism.


  • sippin_bourbon

    The 93% statistic can be found on CNN,, Yahoonews, etc. Feel free to go look. That leaves 7%. But you question my statistics. No you are questioning 2nd grade math, but you do you.

    And like mentioned by someone else, Biden said it, because he was thinking it. Of course he apologized. He had to. Because it was the most degrading thing that he could say. But he said it. Obama OPENLY told Black Americans he would consider it a “personal insult” if they did not vote for Mrs. Clinton. Obama was reminding them who they are expected to vote for.

  • Cotour

    To Bernard, and David, you are the problem not the solution.

    Your brand of argument and logic under the label of “Caring” and “Compassion” turns out to be hollow. Its just what we see all over the place in the media and on social media, virtue signaling and NO ONE could ever reach your level of “Proper” attitude towards any of these issue, whether it be racism, or the virus or anything else.

    As an example, the Zman “derided” you because you varied the conversation and you take that personally and it upsets you. What that indicates to me is that you are so intellectually stiff and pedantic. And there are no real solutions to be found there. Only disapproval and outrage.

    A hive mind, and a hive mind equals the modern day Democrat party and their socialist mantra and that is the antithesis of what America in fact is intended to be.

    But I am certain that you are a nice guy, confused, but a nice guy.

  • Cotour

    Bernard and David’s method of problem solving:

    Keep your eyes closed and go around in circles and accomplish NOTHING and tell everyone that disagrees with you that they are nuts, they are racist, they are “white supremacists”, we all now know the drill well.

    I think that is the definition of self delusion and gas lighting.

    (As you can all tell I am sick of this line of Socialist / Marxist logic and argument without solutions in the real world and have no use for it nor will I tolerate it)

  • pzatchok

    Your link Bernard went to an article of opinion with not a single fact.

    Her whole supposition was the systemic racism shows itself in the idea that black people get the Covid more them white people because they are in blue collar jobs and not in white collar jobs like her.

    Not a single fact just opinions.

    I looked up the facts. And yes blacks seem to be dying at a higher rate than whites. But the only reasons given for this are basically opinions.
    Blacks live in poor neighborhoods with better access to cigarettes. I do not know about you but I have NEVER had a problem finding smokes(when I did) any place in the world. Sorry but white people don’t hold the cigarette to their mouth for them. Quit smoking.
    Blacks have a higher rate of obesity. All because they are poor. Sorry if being poor means you eat more carbohydrates why is everyone not fat? Whites eat carbs with every meal also, in fact far more than needed. And guess what? They are dying at the same rate.
    Its called being fat and having all the problems that come with that.

    Sorry but I have to go work a blue collar job with a bunch of black people who seem to be just as healthy as me.

    Maybe its life style and not color.

  • George True

    I am a Johnny-come-late-to-the-party here, but I’ll join in.

    Firstly, I am amused at the boilerplate leftist claptrap from the one called Bernard. And it is all couched in blatantly dishonest arguments. Such as: Linking to leftist opinion articles not based in actual facts or evidence. Engaging in strawman tactics. Gaslighting. Street Theater (A form of gaslighting – ie: “Everyone knows that….”, or “Everyone agrees that…”, or “The science is settled.”) Ad Hominem attacks. Engaging in divisive rhetoric, such as calling everyone who disagrees with him ‘racist’, ‘right-wing’, ‘privileged’, ‘Boomer’, etc.

    I am a White male who grew up in the 1950’s and 1960’s in St Louis, Missouri. We were not ‘priveleged’. We lived next to railroad tracks. Both my parents worked full-time to support their five children. We lived paycheck to paycheck, although being children, we did not realize we were poor. Perhaps because our parents did not call us poor, and they never discussed their tenuous financial condition in front of us until we were in high school, and because they both worked their asses off to make sure we had everything that we truly needed, such as a roof over our heads, food on the table, clothing, school supplies and books, etc.

    Perhaps my White ‘priviledge’ is the fact that my White parents were incredibly self-disciplined and were willing to totally sacrifice themselves to try to give their White children a leg up in life. Virtually all Black children in America today have everything I had as a child, and from a material abundance standpoint most of them have much more. Unfortunately, what many of them don’t have is parents who give a [deleted] about them. That is a reality and a tragedy of the Black sub-culture today.

    Prior to Lyndon Johnson’s massive ‘Great Society’ expansion of the welfare state in the 1960’s, stable two-parent Black families were the norm, and the overall economic welfare of Black families were steadily increasing every year. And only about ten percent of Black children were born out of wedlock in that era. But in their gambit to “have the N*****s voting Democrat for the next two hundred years”, Johnson and the Democrat Party set in motion the utter destruction of the two-parent Black family in America. As a result, today literally eighty percent of Black children are born out of wedlock. This has now created several generations of Blacks who grew to adulthood without the benefit of two parents. And many of those did not even have ONE parent who truly cared or sacrificed for them.

    This lack of stable, two-parent Black families, and NOT RACISM, systemic or otherwise, is the basis of virtually ALL the failure of any Blacks who are unable to achieve in America today. And meanwhile we ‘privileged’ Whites have been demonized as racists for the last fifty years. We Whites did not cause any of it, either individually or collectively. We were still children or teenagers when the Democrats voted for the welfare state that destroyed the Black family, and the Republicans went along with it.

  • George: You are new here and welcome. However you obviously did not read the rules for posting (now shown both above the last twenty comments in the right column and also just above the reply box). Obscenties Obscenities are not permitted here. I have deleted it from your comment.

    You are warned. Next time you will be suspended for a week.

  • My town just voted a Black, Muslim, woman to City Council. Such a racist society we live in.

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