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The stupid party, part 2

Update: Thomas Sowell chimes in, expressing some of the same thoughts I do below.

As we approach the Indiana primary next Tuesday, it appears that we are also approaching the moment of truth for Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and the Republican Party. And not surprisingly, that party appears ready to once again shoot itself in the foot, as it did in 1996, 2000, 2008, and 2012.

Polls show that the race is very tight, though the momentum seems to be favoring Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, national polls as well as the analysis of most political insiders say that Trump will lose to Hillary Clinton in November, while those same polls and insiders say that Ted Cruz has a far better shot at winning the national election.

In other words, it looks like Republican voters are going to pick the weaker of the two candidates for their nominee.

Pretty dumb, eh? What makes it even dumber is that even the slightest honest appraisal of the political beliefs of Donald Trump quickly reveals himself to be a RINO, a liberal Democrat with many ties to the corrupt political establishments of both parties. In addition, his political positions both before and during the campaign have revealed himself repeatedly to be a liberal Democratic in all things except illegal immigration, and even here he has shown indications that he will go soft once in office.

Trump is not a corrupt lying politician like Hillary Clinton. He would definitely be a better choice than her. Moreover, the insiders and the polls might be wrong about his chances against her, but I do not think so. Trump’s primary election results suggested to me that he has the support, like Mitt Romney, of a large minority of moderate Republicans and moderate former Democrats (concentrated in the northeast) that will not translate into a majority in the general election. If anything, he has set himself up to be a nice target for the press to destroy, once he is the Republican candidate.

For the Republican Party to favor him over Ted Cruz, a committed conservative who has repeatedly proven his willingness to stand up for these ideals, even under terrible fire from the press, the left, and the Republican leadership that really doesn’t want the right to win, is either madness, or it shows that the country in general no long believes in the ideals that founded it.

I’m not sure which it is, but either way, the future does not look good.

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  • DJN

    Its not the republicans, its cross over voting in open primaries voting for Trump

  • Cotour

    “Trump is not a corrupt lying politician like Hillary Clinton. He would definitely be a better choice than her.”

    I think this sentiment above and the illegal immigrant issue along with the coming soon FBI report on the Clinton Crime Family ultimately puts Trump in the White House.

    No one will be having their ideal wish list fulfilled this election.

    PS: I think the Cruz / Fiorina move is a net negative. I understand the need to throw a monkey wrench in the mix and create a new direction, but it was IMO desperate and not leadership.

  • Wayne

    Cotour: (Hey!)
    I think the Ted/Carly move is at the worst neutral & most probably a net positive. For me, I’d rather know the Team going into the Convention, rather than risking even more “back-room-deals.”
    Trump, I’m more convinced than ever, is the ultimate in ‘low-information voting.’ And as DNJ notes, Trump is capturing cross-over votes. His ceiling appears to be 30-40% & I’d be surprised if he received 20% (total) in a General.

    If Trump can’t out-maneuver Cruz on the ground, no way he could take Hillary down, and he’ll go full-scale whack-job when his fawning Press acolytes turn on him viciously and for 24/7 leading up to November.

    Caught some of Trump doing the teleprompter ‘thang; his foreign “policy” is incoherent (as written & read) & he clearly didn’t even believe what he was parroting, or bother to read it over before he started.

  • That seemed to be true through the Wisconsin primary, but the primaries in the past two weeks were mostly closed primaries, limited to registered Republicans only. They might have been northeast moderate Republicans, but they were Republicans nonetheless, probably joined by a significant number of Democrats who have switched parties to vote for the only moderate Democrat, Trump, running in this campaign.

  • Edward

    “Trump is not a corrupt lying politician like Hillary Clinton. He would definitely be a better choice than her.”

    Trump is still corrupt and lies, but he is no politician. As far as a better choice than Clinton? No. He has no idea how to make America great again, and if he did, he would not do it, because it is against his interests and against his philosophies. the only difference between Clinton and Trump is that he is currently one of the people who bribes the politicians and she is one of the bribed politicians. That is the world both of them live in.

    As for Clinton not winning the White House if she is indicted, the Democrats long ago accepted evil people as their leaders. Ted Kennedy, rather than risk scandal by getting help immediately, let a young woman suffocate in a bubble in the car that he crashed into Poucha Pond while looking for someone else to take the fall. When Democrats reelected his sorry self anyway, the entire Party realized that they could do no wrong, and have been doing wrong with impunity ever since. This is what Democrats consider to be “progressive.” This is why Clinton has not withdrawn her campaign in shame. Just as with Kennedy, who admitted his evil, self-centered wrongdoing, if Clinton were convicted before the election, Democrats would vote for her in droves over Trump, as they have had no shame, since Chappaquiddick.

    Yes, Robert means that it is the Republican Party that is stupid, but the liberals/progressives have a half-century head start in the stupid department. It’s just that they win at it.

  • Wayne

    Good post.

  • Mitch S.

    I agree that Cruz or Trump are better than Hillary.
    But I think Cruz would have a harder time beating her.

    My friends who are Cruz fans have been telling me for months about how smart he is, how he’s a brilliant debater, and of course how he’s a politically and morally pure conservative.
    “Wait for the debates” they told me.
    Well I watched the debates and Cruz was good but not a standout. He made some significant errors such as failing to explain how ignorant Trump’s China ideas are, and instead attacking Trump as another NY liberal.

    Cruz has come across as tone-deaf and he doesn’t have an appealing public demeanor.
    And frankly he gets the needle on my “sleaze meter” moving.
    Why the evasive answer when he was asked about marital fidelity? Frankly I don’t care, but if he has skeletons in his closet they will damage him far more than something similar would to Trump.
    In any case the Dems and the press will bury him as a radical religious nut and they’ll have Republicans to back them up.

    The polls? From what I’ve seen they are shifting toward Trump (though of course the general election is a long way down the line).
    Trump’s support is because of “crossovers”? Look at NY.
    NY is a closed state. The liberal and Wall St NY Republicans hate Trump and Cruz and voted for Kasich.
    Donald Trump still got 60% – all registered Republicans.

    I prayerfully hope my gut is wrong about Cruz and he is really a solid person working to help America.
    If so, then him not getting the nomination may be a good thing.
    Neither Trump nor Hillary will be president forever. In 4 years, or even 8, Cruz will still be young for a candidate and hopefully will be better seasoned and wiser (and the country will be ready to try a conservative).

    PS here’s a link to the marital ques to Cruz (it might have also been Fiorina’s audition – I think she was a good move by Cruz considering the circumstances):

  • Cotour

    While everything being pointed out may be true to different degrees I do not see Cruz maneuvering in the coming primaries to make much of a difference related to Trumps position. Trump actually appears to be able to make the 1237. If he makes the 1237 he is the candidate.

    Wayne: Carley delivers nothing much, her only leverageable credential is her genital orientation. Her HP experience does not deliver California or much of anything else.

  • Wayne

    Cotour wrote in part:
    “her only leverageable credential is her genital orientation.”

    I’m going to have to call you on the “left-wing-narrative-speak.”
    Sure– she’s a woman.
    She slapped down Trump & she can shut up Hillary on any number of “left-wing-narrative-speak” issues. Whatever she is or isn’t, she didn’t actively fund the opposition for the past 30 years. She’s infinitely more workable compared to some of the other choices Cruz could have made & I have no worries about her actively working against Cruz later on.
    Don’t expect her to deliver any specific State, I expect her to extract additional votes from the key Districts we need.
    (I’m already in 100% for Ted, Carly is just icing on the cake. Just my opinion…)

  • Cotour

    This in the end is what will drive / allow the unhappy Dems, enraged Bernie supporters and the independents who need the least of reasons to vote NOT for Hillary to more possibly vote for Trump:

    And the unhappy Republicans / Conservatives will either sit it out (but probably won’t) or vote for the candidate, which at this point (by the numbers) can be projected to more then likely be Trump.

  • NormD

    I am not whether I am scared more by Trump losing or winning. He seems like an impulsive, ignorant, megalomaniac with no control of his emotions. And don’t get me started on the people he takes advice from.

    If he is elected, I get the feeling that I will wake up one day and find that Trump’s mouth has blundered us into some disaster or other.

    The only saving grace is that he may scare our enemies more than us.

    BTW, I would worry about the space program if he is elected. The good news is that he might cut SLS, the bad news is that he might also cut everything else.

    Its scary to think the Republican party I have belonged to for 30 years would elect him.

    Bob, you always talk about “the stupid party”. I think you are usually pointing to leadership. Trump is not being pushed by the leaders or even the part regulars but from some low-information voters below.

  • wodun

    Primaries may be open or closed but people can change their affiliation if they plan far enough in advance.

    Head to head polls between Hillary/Trump are fairly useless at this point as the two are not competing with each other yet.

    Trump has a lot of negatives but so does Hillary. A typical Republican candidate would be too polite to really take it to her and hold her accountable for her record. Trump doesn’t suffer from this deficiency.

    No one can predict how a Trump presidency would be. Its an unknown that people project their imaginations on. His campaign strategy has been genius, which makes it appalling that he hasn’t studied issues other than the ones he campaigns on.

    Time after time the media and the GOP step into his traps and reinforce his campaign narrative. Hillary will too, she can’t help it. Same goes for the DNC who are rigging their primary and will prevent the DOJ from charging Hillary.

    I don’t think Trump will bring the conservative reforms to government that I want but who knows? I can imagine positives and negatives. Hopefully, enough down ticket candidates are of the Tea Party variety.

  • Cotour

    I will throw this in as a bonus, McCaulif attempts to manipulate the vote by empowering convicted felons, but the felons may see things different:

    It appears that the more that they (pols and the media) attempt to diminish Trump he becomes more empowered by 2. This is the anomaly / phenomenon of Trump, he just has to control his message properly.

    Sorry Wayne I think you are not seeing this properly, all will be revealed in the coming weeks, Trump will develop the momentum and its the momentum that will deliver in the end.

    Like I said, Fiorina delivers very little, she will come no where near “dealing” with Trump or Hillary .

  • Wayne

    NormD: some good points. I would opine however that Crony-Space would do well under Trump. Lots of pork & wheeling/dealing to be done with Big-Space. Trump appears to be ‘that Guy’ & would fit in well with the truly entrenched establishment Cabal.

    wodun/Cotour: some good points as well.
    “Deju Vu all over again”.. we’ve had this discussion, no? Good input.
    I sincerely think Carly is a net plus.
    People who support Trump, -in general-, I don’t believe, care a lot about the down ballot & would instinctively vote for the same whomever, absent Trump.

    No surprise–Ted remains my Guy & I have no deal-breaking problems with Carly so… we shall see.

    If I may tangentially digress…
    Tell me that Trump doesn’t resemble (to a high degree) the corrupt gangster “Bela Oxmyx” played by Anthony Caruso, in season 2, episode 17, Star Trek original series, “A Piece of the Action?” (aka “Planet of the Gangsters,” aka what the old Soviet Union morphed into
    I know it’s fiction… but it’s more “true” than not.
    Want the geeky kid from Debate Team, not the future Used Car Salesman or Al Capone.

  • Cotour

    This rule may make it easier for you or anyone looking for the permission, reason or excuse to vote. Vote for anyone who is, not a Marxist, Leftist or progressive, that is my general metric, anyone who is not any of those things.

  • Wayne

    Good rule-of-thumb on voting.

  • Rocco

    I am still betting a 6 Pack of Beer Trump wins the WH. I will also bet the “Cat Woman” is charged with a crime.

  • Wayne

    Have no faith the DOJ will charge Hillary.

  • Cotour

    What the DOJ will probably do is attempt to delay, delay, delay depending on the FBI report and recommendation, at that point it will be fully in Comey’s (and his underlings who will leak, leak, leak all the details of the report and criminal recommendations) hands.

    The indictment is not what will further undermine the she devil, its the anticipated leaks. I am wondering what Obama will attempt to legally do to stop out such actions? Unless he is willing for the leaks to appear so that she becomes tainted to the point that someone else may become the solution and a more acceptable politician to carry on the leftist legacy, which I do not see the people of America wanting.

    But my intuition says that Hillary will just soldier on, hopefully to a crushing defeat. At which point she and her underlings, which I think would also include her daughter, who participated in the un-secure dissemination of State Department communications, up to top secret, will have some real serious legal decisions to make.

    My liberal friends / Hillary supporters think this is all just about some BS accusations that have been manufactured by the Republicans, until I sit them down and reasonably explain what she actually did. And I understand what her intention was which was to set up a system in which after her service SHE would be able to control all communications that might be used against her. She thought it reasonable to circumvent the security systems used by the government.

    That IMO is truly a fatal paranoid decision that will cost her, and her people who surrounded her who knew better but said nothing “because it was Hillary”, dearly.

  • Mitch S.

    “Bela Oxmyx” eh?
    That was a good episode.
    But notice in the end Oxmyx turned out to sharper than initially thought and he worked with Kirk to keep the peace and get himself a nice “piece of the action”.

    There was a different classic 1960’s character that Trump brought to my mind.
    A tycoon who was also known to cheat at golf…

  • Laurie

    The common decency ship sailed away on the Cruz campaign long ago.

  • Wayne

    Mitch S:
    …”in the end Oxmyx turned out to sharper than initially thought.”
    I wouldn’t necessarily say “sharper,” rather he turned out to be more “malleable.”
    (That is a good episode, isn’t it!)
    As to the tycoon who was also known to cheat at golf… (Good one!) I think maybe that does a disservice to Auric Goldfinger.
    I mean– how does one have a business (or 2 or 3) that go bankrupt selling liquor & having a Gaming license?

    As for Trumps heavy Mafia connections & his IRS problems– to those I just can’t speak.

  • J. J. Hall

    Mr. Trump is reminiscent of Jehu in II Kings who was able to take down Jezebel and turn the clock back for the Kingdom of Israel. He did not fix all of the institutional corruption (he kept the calf idols lest people started going to the southern kingdom to worship in the Temple), but he did eliminate the House of Ahab’s perversity and power base (The worship of Baal). He was a ruthless man who dealt harshly with Israel’s internal and external enemies. Furthermore, he was anointed to do so by God. There were more spiritual people; but none that would be as effective. The lesson is, that even by God’s grace, a political solution is imperfect by nature. Israel’s real need was to turn their hearts back to God. Ultimately, this did not happen, and so the northern kingdom fell prey to the Assyrians several hundreds of years later. Linking this to NASA: the reason our space agency has failed is that it is seeking to wander the galaxy for proof that we do not have a Creator. This institutional bias has made them ineffective, and what success they have is merely publishing how awesome God’s universe is. The creation will always declare God’s glory, because it displays His intricate design.

  • Wayne

    J. J. Hall wrote in part:
    …”the reason our space agency has failed is that it is seeking to wander the galaxy for proof that we do not have a Creator.”

    NASA is many things, including Muslin outreach, but I don’t think they can be accused of wandering the Galaxy…

    Interesting Biblical take on Trump. Unfortunately I don’t think he’s ever read it cover-to-cover. He doesn’t appear to have the intellectual weight to even read our Constitution or Declaration, much less the Bible.
    He does appear to have read & embraced the Communist Manifesto. Not saying he is a Communist, just that he’s a classical useful-idiot at best & a fellow-traveler at worst.
    “Populist, agrarian, nationalist,” something like that, even Trump has no clue about his alleged “movement.”
    We’ve seen this movie before & it never ends well.

  • Wayne

    manually correcting the auto-correct—
    That should be “Muslim” outreach….

  • Jwing

    You can’t turn our ship of state around on a dime after almost eight years of being “fundamentally transformed” before our very eyes in spite of the 2012 election and Tea Party efforts. All ships turn slowly to regain their correct bearing.

    Trump is not perfect, but he will have to do in beginning the process of righting our ship of state and correcting it away from pure socialism or worse.

    Cruz is simply too pious and a stiff, yet I agree with him as a constitutional conservative. Let’s not forget that the founders were not as religiously conservative as Cruz imagines them… (i.e. Jefferson, Franklin, Washington, et al), and yet they were geniuses in creating a sound constitutional republic.

  • Wayne

    Interesting points, good input.
    I’d go further & say the Progressives have spent well over 100 years dragging us to this point, 2 steps forward, (rarely) 1 step back, every day/week/year–relentless in their task.
    I feel we are at THE tipping point and can’t afford to experiment with a Trump. Our Government is already so far removed from it’s Constitutional base, it’s incredible.

    Fully agree Cruz is not the best public speaker on Earth, given the norms to which we have been told, are supposed to matter. I am however, never left with the impression he doesn’t know what he’s talking about or exactly why he believes something. Trump on the other hand– changes with the wind & the sentence/thought-fragments he speaks aloud, drive me nuts. (On the other extreme, Trump is terrible on-prompter.)
    Cruz does drive me crazy with his cadence at times, but never with his content.
    (Lincoln apparently had a terrible voice but boy could he write!)

    I’m more in the a-thesist camp, (maybe a deist in the lurch,) so I’m not Cruz’s target audience with the religious stuff, but it matters not to me & I don’t fear it. (The only crazies that want a Theocracy, are the Muslims, and I do fear them.)((and would advocate any action that destroys them in large measure. sorry, I’ll say it aloud– any Religion that wants to kill me for a number of reasons, needs to GO, by whatever means necessary, but I digress terribly.))

    Can’t speak to the Religiosity of the Founder’s; only that that were educated men of their time, and everything that entails, including the Christian God and/or Natures God, and Enlightenment Thinking. And they knew what religious oppression was & tried to prevent it ever being institutionalized here.

    It’s a Republic if we can keep it… not some agrarian-populist-nationalist Kleptocracy “movement.”

  • Alexey

    Sad. Little Michelson-Morley experiment practically destroyed Lord Kevin believes. Sad. Little Cruz-Kasich collusion blown away ether and fog Robert Zimmerman’s article. I mean, T. Cruz disregarded all people who trusted him and would vote for him in Oregon and New Mexico. He’ll betray you as he did those voters.

  • Jwing

    I am in 100% agreement with you: an authentic “religion” would never claim its god (aka Allah) demands its faithful to kill all non-believers. Islam is not a religion and never was….,it is a political ideological cult masking as a modern monotheistic religion. It needs to be relegated to history’s ashbin now.

    Trump is a complete wildcard…but I’ll take that over Hillary any day. Cruz is unelectable not because of his conservative position but because he lacks the ability to inspire in this modern era of social media and he can’t control the 24/7 news cycle as Trump can. It comes down to showmanship…sadly.

  • Cotour


    To your point about Cruz not inspiring I present this as supporting documentation from another country:–sector.html

    The straight conservative narrative anywhere in the world needs a revamping, Trump appears to be a more acceptable popular alternative and once in office must be strongly influenced by the organized groups of individual people who have empowered him. He will have great potential, but will he be able to rise to the occasion?

  • Wayne

    Cotour posed a question:
    “He will have great potential, but will he be able to rise to the occasion?”

    –I’m doubting he has great potential or that he would rise to the occasion. He has a chance every day to ‘rise to the occasion,’ I doubt he would dramatically change if empowered.
    Standard, historical checks-and-balances are not in operation anymore, once he’s in, he’s in all-the-way.

    Jwing: referencing islam “It needs to be relegated to history’s ashbin now.”

    Totally on board with that thought.
    IMO, sadly, we are far past the point of live-and-let-live. When people scream they intend to kill you, listen to them.

  • Cotour

    Everyone who finds themselves in such a position has great potential, you can not claim otherwise. You seem to be revealing your Cruz bias in putting down Trump.

    Would you say that Cruz has potential should he find himself the president? Im sure your answer is a resounding YES, of course Cruz has potential. You just do not like Trump for the many reasons that we have discussed here, and many of them I strongly agree with, but he certainly has potential.

    Trump is a different kind of cat and he certainly has both the potential and drive to make a real difference. The only thing that remains to be seen is what that difference will be, just like when anyone else would find themselves in the same position.

    Wayne, your bias is showing :)

  • Just because everyone has potential does not mean they can fulfill that potential. It is perfectly reasonable, based on the behavior and track record of both Cruz and Trump to come to the different conclusions about their actual potential, once President. You can call that bias, but someone else can call that a thoughtful educated analysis of the situation.

    I could in turn say that your eager willingness to imagine Trump has this potential, despite his track record, indicates your refusal, because of your bias for Trump, to look at his track record.

    Personally, I hope you are right and Wayne and I are wrong. If we are right, however, we all are going to suffer badly.

  • Wayne


    ab-so-lutely, biased against Trump & for Cruz/Fiorina! (totally! that’s no secret!)

    Trump IS a different kind of cat in American Politics—which is what scares me!

    As I’ve said before– initially intrigued by Trump, even though I never liked him as a billionaire-entertainer, real-estate-Guy.
    (Tangentially– totally sick of Warren Buffet & Zuckerberg, as well. “Give your own money to the government, leave me out of the billionaire social-engineering shtick.”)
    In contrast, and across subjects– I ‘ve been leery of Elon Musk, but the more I find about him, the better I feel. (The electric car ‘thang just smacks of cronyism to me– let’s eliminate the subsidy & see what happens. As long as Musk spends his own money, I have little objection.)

    -I remain persuadable & over a range of subjects, but just don’t see anything about Trump, now or in the future, that would change my mind about him.

    I’ll try not to be repetitive, but you guys all know where I stand.

  • Cotour

    I hear you, but potential is potential and you can not know what it will result in until it reveals itself.

    I temper my position knowing that I am by nature an optimist and have high expectations, as I do with most things, and will reset those expectations as reality reconciles itself with my optimism. I suspect that all our reads will for the most part fall somewhere slightly to the right of center as this whole thing plays itself out. We can no longer move into the future if it continues to fall to the left as it has been for the past several administrations.

    I think it may be short sighted to view Trump only in the light that shines on his public persona. I like to look deeper and find my optimism in of all things the quality of the children that he has somehow managed to produce. They are the best evidence for me.

    I also temper my position with having several friends who have worked directly for him, over and above his egomania, they all have only positive things to say about him. My real concern, and I know it is yours, Wayne’s and everyone else who cares is that he not think that our Constitutional principles are not leverage to be used in some political compromise.

    Our next president (all presidents) needs to be confident and thoughtful, benevolent, respected and reasonable yet ruthless and feared by all opponents, and of course loved for those qualities :)

    And Trump IMO has that potential (there’s that word again).

    If the above story turns out to be true I think its all over but the cryin and the 1237 number for Trump will be attained.

  • Wayne

    Yo Cotour:
    I hear you as well– we just happen to disagree.

    I would say, tangentially, ever since I stopped watching my formally favorite news-channel, my life is infinitely less complicated. Totally sick of the RINO’s & 24/7 punditry.

  • Cotour

    We will soon enough begin to more or less agree with one another, the alternative is just that unacceptable.

    To your media reference: A good friend came to see me for some perspective the other day. They have become sooo distraught related to the news and related confusing information / disinformation issues that they have no control over that they were on their way to a monastery to stay for the weekend to get away from it all.

  • Wayne

    Har– already feel like I’m in an unacceptable situation–started about 7 1/2 years ago… (well, to be honest…. ever since Bush the Elder started undermining the gains of the Reagan adm.)
    The Convention will be interesting—that, I’m sure we agree!
    Har– “Get thee to a Nunnery!”
    Show your friends where the ‘off’ button is on their TV remote, or better still– advise them to watch C-span; unfiltered, no commercials, fair & balanced! And no news-readers telling you what you just watched.

  • Cotour

    I sent them this video with the caption “Have a laugh, forget about the insanity”.

    It really is the best medicine.

  • Steve Earle

    Wayne said:
    ab-so-lutely, biased against Trump & for Cruz/Fiorina! (totally! that’s no secret!) :)

    Trump IS a different kind of cat in American Politics—which is what scares me!

    As I’ve said before– initially intrigued by Trump, even though I never liked him as a billionaire-entertainer, real-estate-Guy.
    (Tangentially– totally sick of Warren Buffet & Zuckerberg, as well. “Give your own money to the government, leave me out of the billionaire social-engineering shtick.”)

    Wayne, agree, agree, agree :-)

  • Edward

    That was good medicine. I am feeling very healthy, today.

  • Cotour

    I hurt myself laughing at that video, the person that I sent it to also appreciated it and said.

    ” Oh my God, that was hysterical! That definitely did it, along with the wonderful meditative weekend I had.”

    Im glad you found the tonic effective.

  • Cotour

    I wanted to add something very important I failed to include related to my friend becoming paranoid and obsessed, my friend is a woman and she has a daughter. She points out that she would not care as much if she did not have to worry about her daughters future.

    And there it is, it really is all about the kids and that is why this fight must continue to be fought.

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