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Today’s blacklisted Americans: Anyone who worked in the Trump administration

Death to the Bill of Rights!

They’re coming for you next: Today’s post about the new effort by leftists and Democrats to blacklist all their opponents does not concern any single individual (as has been the focus of my previous posts), but instead will focus on the all-encompassing effort by the Democratic Party and its leftist supporters to blacklist anyone who worked in Trump administration, so they can never get work again.

Thus, today have three stories illustrating the left’s oppressive and intolerant effort to destroy any who oppose them.

First, there is a bill introduced in Congress by a congresswoman Stephanie Murphy (D-Florida) that would ban any person from federal employment or military service who might have attended any protest rally that claimed the November 3rd election was stolen, or even suggested that there was voter fraud.

This level of attempted government repression is breathtaking in its scope. As a rule, anyone who is convicted (and that’s a key word) of having breached the Capitol building on January 6th and committing acts of vandalism or attacks on law enforcement officers will likely disqualify themselves from obtaining a security clearance. (And hence, a federal job in most cases.) The same is true for all serious offenses, though you can generally receive a waiver for misdemeanors and minor violations. No new legislation would be needed to make that happen.

But this bill is something entirely different. It would effectively criminalize every person who showed up for the rally and remained out in the streets protesting. The same would go for the hundreds of other rallies held across the nation in the preceding months. Further, depending on how the legislation is interpreted, if you ever engaged with Q-anon believers on social media or other discussion groups, you could be similarly canceled from working in the public sphere.

In other words, Democrat Murphy is aiming to make second class citizens of anyone who dared protest the election of Joe Biden. While it is doubtful her legislation will pass as is, do not be surprised if it gets slipped into a larger omnibus bill somewhere, when no one can spot it. And don’t be surprised when the Democrats controlling Congress help her get this done.

Next we have an effort by leftist activists to develop a real blacklist and use it to prevent anyone who worked for the Trump administration from getting a job in the private sector.

Left-wing activists are forming a database to profile and target organizations that hire former Trump White House officials in the hopes of making these persons unemployable and unable to feed their families.

“Government service does not guarantee private employment. In fact, it should not. And American business should not reward the behavior of the Trump administration with the well-oiled revolving door that traditionally spins at moments of transition,” the Campaign Against Corporate Complicity said in a statement announcing their existence.

This new group intends to trigger digital lynch mobs so they harass companies that hire former Trump administration officials. The Campaign Against Corporate Complicity is being set up as a joint project of Accountable.US and American Oversight.

The article outlines the many links between these organizations and the Democratic Party.

Considering how private employers seem very willing to fire any conservative after simply receiving a single anonymous complaining tweet, this kind of mob action should be very effective. And once they get it to work at blacklisting former Trump officials, they will certainly be tempted to use it to blacklist all who oppose them. Be warned: they’re coming for you next.

Finally, simply preventing former Trump officials from getting jobs is not enough for our modern fascist Democratic Party and its supporters. No, those same officials must be hounded and banned in every other way, including preventing them from ever publishing any books.

Hundreds of publishing officials, professors, and academics have signed a petition to blacklist Trump administration alumni from receiving book deals. It is the latest step in a rapidly expanding anti-free speech movement in the United States.

In the wake of the Capitol riot, Democratic members and others are calling for a crackdown on free speech and punitive actions for those viewed as complicit with Trump. What is striking is how censorship, blacklists, and speech controls are being repackaged as righteous and virtuous. Indeed, the failure to sign such anti-free speech screeds is a precarious choice for many. It is as easy as calling for tolerance through intolerance. After all, why burn books if you can just effectively ban them?

Nazi roundup of Jews during the Warsaw uprising
Nazi roundup of Jews during the Warsaw uprising

The list of people who have signed this petition (which you can view here) and are major players in the book publishing business is quite startling. As inconceivable as it may seem, book publishers and editors are actually calling for book banning. The brainless idiocy of this action boggles the mind.

It is crucial to once again note that this intolerant movement to shut down dissent is not merely coming from Democratic Party politicians. No, it is also being instigated by that party’s rank and file, from below, as shown by the second two stories above.

If you are a believer in free speech be very afraid. There is a large mass of ordinary people who would be sincerely glad if you were made to go away, in whatever manner possible. For these storm-troopers, having a genocide of their opponents would not really bother them that much.

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  • V-Man

    Wow, they’re not boiling the frog anymore, they’re actively chasing it around the kitchen with a knife.

    I’m just an outside observer (not my circus, not my monkeys), but do these people realize that:

    a) their targets are the ones feeding them and otherwise supporting the country’s infrastructure
    b) their targets are heavily armed
    and most importantly
    c) their targets heavily outnumber them, including in the army and police forces

    Is this some weird sociological version of “suicide by cop”? A death drive of some kind?

  • V-Man: Your third point makes a dangerous assumption, that law enforcement will side with the citizens and not the powers-that-be.

    The past 10 months tell me otherwise. Except for some rare exceptions, law enforcement officials nationwide have been quite content to join forces with these fascists to crack down on ordinary citizens. (See for example this post: I am ashamed of the police.)

    They are not our allies.

  • Phill O

    There was a kidnapping south of Animas NM. The sheriff did not do his duty to the citizens and permitted border patrol to take charge including interviewing the child. A neighbor cowboy was the one to find the child. Border patrol would not search where he indicated and thus no footprints were found except the child’s nor were any cent of the illegals. The official report was “Unfounded”. The residents do not agree. IMHO, everything was done to ensure the current president’s agenda of letting the illegals enter the country unhindered was not slowed.

    The children were shipped to their grandmother’s in Colorado early on and the parent departed yesterday morning; for good.

    This story is like the Benghazi one. The victims are made the scapegoats. These were personal friends!

  • Lee Stevenson

    I’m not sure that a genocide is on the cards…. But I am deeply disturbed by the censorship that YOUR left is promoting….. Don’t you guys have laws protecting free speech? Sweden is actually a pretty racist country, and I work with a few people who are members of an outright racist party. We do not discuss politics at work, they do a good job, work 9-5, and pick up their pay check every month. ( We might argue like sharpend knives outside the workplace…. But that has no relevance inside the workplace )…. The fact that anyone’s political views can be used to shush them over there is a dangerous president.. Seriously, you guys … I dislike your right wing politics, I bleed socialism, but this censoring of dissentient voices cuts me to the core…

  • Gary

    Crazy Bill’s can be promoted by either side, but the real question is whether they get promoted by leadership.

    A Congress person has tried to introduce a bill to impeach Biden. Of course, Biden would be the only “president” that could constitutionally be convicted.
    I don’t want to offend anyone so I have referred to a Congress person, because any word that contains “man” is hurtful to some homo-sapiens..oops ..maybe I should not use another offensive word “homo”.

  • Jeff Wright

    Both sides need to come together. Occupy and Tea Party hated bail outs. Antifa will be cracked down by China Joe harder than Trump. Wall Street Bets might be a way to fiscal-dox enemies of speech. Or space. New Betcoins sacrificed to short New Space enemies. DON’T SELL.

  • Andi

    Assuming this travesty actually passes, how is it possible that it could be applied retroactively? Doesn’t the Constitution prohibit ex post facto laws?

  • pzatchok

    I can not wait until we get our letters of acceptance to our new school of re-education.

  • Col Beausabre

    “In other words, Democrat Murphy is aiming to make second class citizens of anyone who dared protest the election of Joe Biden”

    Bob, she doesn’t intend to make second class citizens of conservatives

    Not at all

    She intends to make them not any class of citizen. She intends to make them non-persons.

    What is your social credit score, comrade

  • Col Beausabre

    “Assuming this travesty actually passes, how is it possible that it could be applied retroactively? Doesn’t the Constitution prohibit ex post facto laws?”

    You obviously don’t realize,comrade, that the Constitution is a “living document” and according to modern “deconstructionist” theory, words don’t have a fixed meaning. The meaning is what you think it means. So we can interpret the Constitution as authorizing or banning anything we want.

    What is your social credit score, comrade

  • wayne

    Col Beausabre-
    Good stuff, Komrade!

    Maybe more and more people will start to wake up to the fact, we’re living in obamas Amerika, and it ain’t going to be pretty.

    Absurdistan The Music Video
    Hoppewave 2018

  • Max

    Gary said;
    “A Congress person has tried to introduce a bill to impeach Biden. Of course, Biden would be the only “president” that could constitutionally be convicted.”

    WATCH: Pam Bondi argues Biden corruption concerns are legitimate | Prep for Biden impeachment trial. (30min. Of detailed corruption before she reserves her time)

    Ronald Reagan said;
    “Only a liberal would look at an over weight man and say “he’s fat” because “he stole food” from the thin man”.
    Here comes “social justice” on steroids. They combined it with “global warming” to make it twice as powerful as “environmental justice”. Be woke, or be broke!

    Somebody asked if Biden was even aware of mars… Or a space program. Oh yes, agenda 2030 has its sights on Mars and the lunar colony. It’s in their platform.
    Here is a long boring article using all the right power words, detailing their plans of how they will control the space age…. For its own good.
    (They need conservatives to do all the heavy lifting, then they’ll take over and make it socially acceptable…. or else)

  • Cotour


    Both president Xi of Communist China and president Putin of Communist Russia are bent over laughing at just how stupid the high and mighty Americans can be. Everything is revealed to be fraudulent in 2021.

    The American people have once again allowed their uni political party’s to install a president that is plainly owned and leveraged by these very same international players who could not have chosen a better ally in the form of Joe Biden. Literally bought and paid for by the Chinese and the Russians with monies funneled directly to his family members to the tune of millions of dollars. A prescient investment, and they both invested heavily in Hillary also should she have been installed. And what other leverage do they poses to be used against Joe Biden? (Ask Hunter and brothers Jim and Frank Biden.)

    (President Biden and company is an installed administration, you see it and you understand it. And that was accomplished by fraud and corruption primarily by the Democrat political machine and their minions and the acquiescence of the Republican supplicants who allowed it. Trump had to go! And both Joe and Kamala fully understand they won nothing. We The People, unfortunately are managed and owned. We are no longer a Democracy, if in deed we ever were. Maybe in reality we can be considered a cyclical Democracy? A Democracy demands an honest election and the will of the people is expressed. America is not at this moment in time a Democracy based on that metric. And if you read my opinion and are offended? Then be offended because YOU in your ignorance allows, We the American people to essentially be owned. And your ignorance is no excuse.)

    President Biden has already knee capped our own energy industry in the politically correct environmental psyops that is the “Global Climate Change” religion that has been proven to the be biggest energy producer on the planet giving America independence and massive employment numbers in an essential industry. America first has become America last as the Biden family bank accounts fill. A great investment from the perspective of both Xi and Putin, well done gentlemen.

    Remember, political correctness in the form of “Global Climate Change”, “Social Justice”, “Equal results” not equal opportunity, “Equality”, race based political agendas like those pushed by the likes of BLM which by their own declarations are based in Marxism, the insanity that was allowed and promoted by those in political control (D) in the cities of America where neighborhoods were burned to the ground, where “Defund the police” and the installation of prosecutors and attorney generals and state legislators have a policy of no bail and releasing wholesale dangerous criminals that destabilize communities and create an atmosphere of fear. And now because of Covid 19 the peoples financial dependency on the government. You will submit.

    Lets not forget the very timely and convenient Covid 19 pandemic essentially delivered to America and the world via the Communist Chinese coincidentally during an American presidential cycle. These are all methods of psychological and political manipulations by the Democrats, the Left and Leftists playing this political game we are all involved in. At this level of political play, there are no coincidences. Strategy Over YOUR Morality.

    New Study By Dr. Steven Quay Concludes that SARS-CoV-2 Came from a Laboratory – MarketWatch

    “The final conclusion is that it is a 99.8% probability SARS-CoV-2 came from a laboratory and only a 0.2% likelihood it came from nature.”

  • Cotour

    You understand you are literally owned by your government was this happens:

    And remember: “You will own nothing, and you WILL be happy”.

    You think these Leftists are playing America? Well you think again.

  • Mitch S.

    Wow Max man those “sustainable development goals” really are out of this world.
    Such sensitive wokefulness.
    I mean: “Another key text is Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America (2016), by Ibram X. Kendi ”
    Oh yeah, vital stuff for Mars.
    This person (hey, I’m not assigning a pronoun!) sounds perfectly suited to “MIT Media Lab’s Space Enabled research group, whose mission is to advance justice in Earth’s complex systems using designs enabled by space. ”
    Wonder who .. it’s (?) professors and advisors were.
    Oh look, they were famous organic herbal researchers…

  • David

    Contour – China doing covid19 anal swabs on a domestic flight within China has what to do with the USA? Am I missing something?

    BTW, when time allows, I found some interesting facts pertaining to the ‘energy’ portion of your 9:46am comments.

  • David

    Just saw that five lawyers on former President Donald Trump’s impeachment team have stepped aside tonight. This includes Butch Bowers and Deborah Barbier, who were anticipated to be lead attorneys.

    Unconfirmed buzz is Trump wanted his legal team to rail that there was massive voter fraud, while the attorneys wanted to focus on the constitutional question of a trial being conducted after Trump’s term has ended. Bowers and Trump allegedly had “no chemistry.” I’d suggest that most everyone knows what that really means. Bowers and the other four must not be willing to leave reality!

    Poor Jason Miller’s subsequent attempt to minimize what this says about Trump as the trial is only a week away would be truly amusing except for how serious the matter is for our country.

    Contour, I just noticed I misspelled your name in my previous post. I apologize for that.

  • Cotour


    First. You apologized for misspelling my name, and you also misspelled my name in the apology. Gave me a good laugh :) (How you spell my name is of no concern to me, apology accepted.)

    Second: The Chinese have a clearly stated agenda to control the world and they are extorting most to comply and what ever procedures they are in the process of implementing may well come to America as it may be found to be “Essential” by our now without a doubt government that is on its knee and is obligated to president Xi and his Communist Chinese “Masters of the planet” in waiting fellow Communists. The Lock Down which has been seen an essential in “controlling” Covid is an invention of the Communist Chinese. You will comply, whether that is mandated behind your locked door as your assets are drained away, or bent over a chair humiliated for just another mandatory for your own good test to determine that you are “safe” and not a threat to yourself and others.

    Third: Covid 19 whether released into the world as a result of human mistake in laboratory protocol as it was being studied and apparently manipulated for an increase in function as is indicated by the article by Dr. Quay, or it was developed and released into the environment as a timely strategy to disrupt the worlds economy and primarily to destabilize America’s presidential election and to “Choose Joe” is irrelevant now. The Chinese have demonstrated that which ever the reality Covid 19 can now be seen as a successful beta test and is IMO an indicator that there will be more to come or a blackmail threat of more to come in the future. The Chinese see this as a success and so they will incorporate it into their quiver.

    And the next time I think we can bet that Covid 20 or what ever vehicle that will be used will be a more tailored version, tailored to specific populations and DNA profiles. You don’t have to fire a shot or get yourself dirty in the least. Imagine, design and develop an effective vaccine or antidote to some new virus or bacteria for your population, and then either threaten to release or just release the weapon on the world in order to rid yourself of those who you see as an impediment to your universal agenda and ownership of the planet. And that is without doubt the manner in which these particular Communist Chinese apparently think and act.

    Fourth: I think it may be a strategically wise move to employ Wayne’s favorite way to make parking lots, + 6 PSI, during the next mass meeting of the Central Communist Committee in Bejing. Just get it over with like tearing off a bandage. As the worlds debt becomes unsustainable the Chinese will be the only source of non fiat currency I.E. gold, and at that point they will be able to just buy what they want, and that has been the exact plan that they have been very successfully executing in our open society that invites them in to do just that. Money talks, and you know what walks.

    The Communist Chinese just like the Democrats now dominated and influenced more and more every day by the Leftists purposefully installed within our own government at all levels are anti America and anti Constitution as formulated.

    And as I remember correctly David you identify with that more Liberal / Leftist “Compassionate” thought process. What will you do? At what point will you understand that what you are pushing for is in fact exactly what will destroy what it is that you believe you are preserving? Where is the point that you awaken to these realities unfolding in real time before all out eyes?

    What will you do?

    And thank you for asking the question, you gave me an opportunity to lay out things that I think you should be paying attention to a bit more and to not be just immersed in the media agenda that is pumped into the brains of the American public which is polluting their ability to think properly.

  • wayne

    The sooner we deal with the chi-coms, the better.

    Seconds / ICBM launch animation

  • Cotour

    To the V-Man and the Zman:

    “A left-wing criminal justice advocacy group with ties to George Soros is targeting nearly 500 prosecutor and sheriff elections across America in 2019 to install leftist local officials who will be soft on crime and refuse to cooperate with U.S. immigration enforcement.”

    I think we can all generally agree that their is one particular Sociopath, one human being who just happens to be a Jew who has amassed great wealth due to the existence of Capitalism and the freedom in the world ensured by America and what he is dedicated to “fix”. A man who could rationally in his own mind justify without any guilt his participation even today in the rounding up of his fellow Jews and the confiscating of their possessions as they were shipped off to be “Reeducated”, relocated, what ever nomenclature was used to justify their extermination like so many annoying insects.

    Even today he has only justification for his actions and no regrets as to the disposition of those who he helped in the disposal of his own people. Now that is one special human being, you can not get more stone cold objective than, G. Soros. Hitler used to take many baths a day trying to cleans himself of his actions. How many baths does Mr. Soros take in day? I fear none, not necessary in his mind.

    And I once again point to our “open society” and how America invites into its society and culture those who pose the most existential threat to its very foundation. Funny how Soros himself uses the same designation, “Open Society” for his organization that is being utilized very successfully to do just that, destroy what was in order to install what a clearly damaged Sociopath Jew exterminating, brown shirt of his day sees as what should be.

    America in its open society structure is lets say an interesting place where all positive and negative potentials exist simultaneously and its always an ongoing gamble which will prevail.

  • Cotour: Was the comment from “James G. LaValle” by you? The email address and IP address was yours.

  • Cotour

    Please remove both, thank you.

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