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Today’s blacklisted American: Literary agent fired for having Parler & Gab accounts

They’re coming for you next: A New York city literary agent was fired by her agency for merely having accounts at both Parler and Gab, based on a single complaint on Twitter.

Colleen Oefelein, an associate literary agent with the New York City-based Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency, was sacked after her boss learned that she owned accounts on Gab and Parler. The agency’s owner, Jennifer DeChiara, publicly announced on Twitter that the firm had dropped Oefelein after making the “distressing” discovery.

“We do not condone this activity, and apologize to anyone who has been affected or offended by this,” the message read. DeChiara stressed that her agency was committed to ensuring a “voice of unity” and was firmly “on the side of social justice.”

Oefelein says she was really fired because she is a conservative and a Christian. And the evidence shows that her use of these two platforms had little to do with politics, as she was having trouble logging onto her Twitter account and was switching for that reason. Moreover, when she did post on any of these social media sites, she used them not for political reasons but to interact with her clients and other writers.

None of those facts mattered. One fascist thug on Twitter complained, slandering her by accusing her without evidence of frequenting “alt-right social media”, whatever that means, and the owner of the agency, Jennifer DeChiara, moved swiftly to fire her.

In other words, merely touching a social media platform that won’t participate in the blacklisting movement is now grounds for blacklisting.

It seems to me she has solid legal grounds to sue, and win big. Regardless, this action by the owner of this literary agency shows that the storm-troopers in today’s leftist dominant culture come from both the rank and file as well as their political leadership in the Democratic Party.

Be aware. Your liberal friends might not really be your friends. Instead, they may be people who enthusiastically endorse McCarthyism and the blacklisting of innocent Americans, merely because those Americans disagree with them.

Pioneer cover

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Unfortunately, that is exactly where that journey takes him.

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He also captures in Pioneer the heart of the human spirit, willing to push forward no matter the odds, no matter the cost. It is that spirit that will make the exploration of the heavens possible, forever, into the never-ending future.

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  • Maybe it had to do with her Client list and the subjects they were writing about.
    Look at the web Pages you visit, do they have the Twitter and Facebook emblem?
    That’s how they know everything about you.

  • David K

    JK Rowling could not get Harry Potter published there today. It has gone off the deep end.

  • John

    I used to browse through Parler and now I read Gab out of spite just because of the purge. Never even knew of Gab before the orgy of censorship. I must have missed all the white supremacy and calls for violence. Lies, Lies, and nothing but Lies from the state controlled media.

    There are some loons on Gab to be sure, but you know what? It’s a free country. Just kidding, not anymore.

  • Geoffrey Panov

    The fundamental elements of fascism are these: 1- Single party rule. 2- The annihilation of all opposition. 3- The use of violence and terror on the general population to to achieve the two prior elements. 4- Create a mythic, evil threat-group within the population to always justify the prior three elements. 5- The individual citizen must surrendor potentially dangerous, independent rights to the state for the greater good. 6- The ruling class of the state are, without question, spiritually and intellectually superior to the masses (and therefore should be exalted at all times.) The seductive appeal of communist fascism, socialist fascism, nationalist socialist fascism, and religious fascism never diminishes to those who are convinced that only they can deliver utopia. The brave, new Democrat Party world awaits us.

  • areff

    Here is Ms Chiara’s list, and not very impressive it is — dead sitcom stars and, on the whole, not too many bright lights. An Andrew Wylie she most definitely is not.

    Basically, she’s a bottom feeder (I wonder if, like so many agents who prey on the hopes of ladies writing about their cats, she charges to read manuscripts), but her authors might not like hearing that they are condemned by association.

    I’ll be contacting a few to let them know them that those who choose to live in a sty are often mistaken for pigs.

  • Interestingly enough, the despicable behavior of these companies may be a violation of NY state law, as law Prof. Eugene Volokh explains. (Click on my handle for the link

  • Shinjinrui

    “she used them not for political reasons but to interact with her clients and other writers.”

    Having worked in permissions and licensing (print, video, music) for 10 years, having multiple social media accounts covering all available platforms is standard practice for someone in the business, even if they don’t use social media for personal reasons. The only way to find and/or contact some rightsholders is through specific social media avenues.

    Definitely sounds like this poor woman is being singled out.

  • Gary


    Great summary..

    Read just the first third of “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich”. You want to follow the antics of the WWI lance corporal as he rises to power and eventually invades Poland . Here you’ll find the template that (unknowingly?) is followed by the the left . Again, I’m not calling anyone Nazis, but I am saying that the techniques used are much the same.

  • Max

    Great summary..

    I agree,
    Your list almost matches what Tucker Carlson said. No one can say it better or more precise than Tucker Carlson.
    The Democrats overplayed their hand, they’re in the wrong, and they’re scared. They’re looking for American terrorist under every bed…

  • Max

    I should add in Glenn Beck’s rundown on Bidens new cabinet, it’s almost identical to the Obama old cabinet. (Here’s the new boss, same as the old boss)

    The American oligarchs. 50min of detailed descriptions and why you should fear the next few years (Billionaire technology, and the defense department becoming partners with the federal government)

    Just for fun, here’s one that’ll probably make you cry and shake your head. The winners in the college debate finals. 5min. (Warning, strong language)
    The dark age is here….

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