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Watch a liberal lynch mob form and riot, in real time

Since the 2016 election campaign, the number of examples of physical attacks by leftists against conservatives, journalists, Trump supporters at campaign events, on college campuses, in restaurants, or simply on the street, has grown so much that they now seem to occur almost every day, and have become ubiquitous. In fact, they have grown so frequent that there are no longer unique and — in that sense — no longer newsworthy.

Just last week for example a couple was arrested for trying to run down two teenage boys with their car because the boys were riding bicycles with Trump flags.

According to an affidavit from Lake County, Indiana, Cailyn Smith, 18, and Kyren Jones, 23, were each charged on Thursday with two felony counts of intimidation and criminal recklessness over the incident involving the teens, who are brothers.

The brothers told police that they were riding their bikes at around 8:30 p.m. when a blue Chevy Malibu “swerved as if the driver wanted to hit them” and they had to ride their bikes into the grass, the affidavit stated.

A woman later identified as Smith then yelled “y’all scared just like your president” and “America is not great [expletive].” The couple reportedly sped off after the boys threatened to call the police.

As I say, this behavior has becoming horribly typical. The American left has become the most intolerant, close-minded, and vicious community I have ever seen in the U.S. in my entire life.

And with each passing day it is becoming even more violent and intolerant, its behavior rising to such levels of blind emotional hatred that we can almost guarantee it will soon lead to murder.

Don’t believe me? Then watch the video below.

A young woman somewhat well known on social media as a defender of the second amendment comes to Ohio University in Athens to make a President’s Day video where she would ask students a variety of trivia questions about the presidency to see how much they know. Watch how the slowly building crowd of hostile students — obviously organized quickly by using smart phones and texting each other — steadily evolves into a violent lynch mob, throwing things and threatening her with violence. And watch also as the campus police stand by, allowing the unruliness to grow while refusing the woman any protection or aid. If she had not brought with her a very large bodyguard, I am personally very doubtful she would exited the campus uninjured.

And what did she do to merit this response? She smiled and asked questions, and then tried to debate people about politics. Then she tried to defend herself against loud and unfounded slanders accusing her of being “racist.” No one would listen however. Instead, the students around her became louder and angrier and more vicious. As she says to one of the women screaming at her, “I thought you guys were tolerant?”

Think of this video when you go next to the polls. This same mob is almost certainly all going to vote for the Democratic candidate, educated as they are by an academic community that is as equally partisan and as hateful to conservatives. And should that candidate be Bernie Sanders and should Sanders win in November, his own campaign people have been repeatedly recorded lauding the wonders of the Soviet gulags. Do you think this mob will have any problem with such a thing?

Note that am not defending this woman’s political beliefs. In fact, other than her strong support of the second amendment, I really don’t know much about them. And in fact, I don’t care. She could be a flaming liberal all in favor of universal healthcare and I would be equally horrified. This is the United States. She has the right to walk on a public street and express her opinion without fear. Or at least, she should have that right. It appears however that in too many places in today’s America, such ideas of freedom of speech are no longer honored, replaced by mob rule and a mindless, emotional, and soviet-style despotism.

Nor should it matter any longer whether you are a Democrat or a Republican. This violence and hate that now dominates the power structure and culture within the left and the Democratic Party has become a direct attack on the principles of freedom and justice epitomized by our Constitution and our culture. These people no longer support these values, only the acquisition of power over everyone else, by any means necessary. You only need to watch this video to understand this.

The left and its minions in the Democratic Party need to be smacked down hard, at the polls. Their funding should be zeroed out, their universities shut down, and they themselves must be removed from every political office or government job. Let them find different work, work that won’t allow them to use power to hurt and attack others.

Only then will it be possible for decent Americans from both sides of the political spectrum to intelligently and rationally debate the issues of our time, of government funding and of healthcare and of social welfare and of aid to the poor. To try to do this debate now, with people like this, consumed as they are by an unreasoning anger and hate, is simply impossible.

One last thing: If you are the parent of any of these students and recognize your daughter or son behaving this way and you don’t do something about it, you are as bad as they are. You have raised a thug, and are willing to look the other way as they act no different than the brownshirts in Germany on Kristallnacht.

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  • t-dub

    It doesn’t help things that they know she works for Alex Jones and InfoWars and they come in to the area in an armored vehicle with an air horn blaring. The fake microphone placard that says “Liberty Hangout” is just like the one Savanah Hernandez, also on InfoWars on the “War Room” with Owen Shroyer, uses that says “A7” which she says stands for “Action 7 News”. People are getting wise to this tatic now. Kaitlin is also famous for bringing a rifle onto her college campus which is how her “career” got started.

  • t-dub: And your point? Nothing you describe is justification for the behavior against her. Nothing.

    Unless you endorse lynch mobs and mindless violence against those with whom you disapprove.

  • t-dub

    My point is that when InfoWars rolls into a situation its like a lightning rod. Of course there is no justification for their behavior and I would never endorse any kind of violence. But when InfoWars is on the scene you will see them at their very worst and I think that context is important. I’m actually watching Gerald Celente on IW right now.

  • t-dub: Bah. All irrelevant and a distraction from the heart of the matter.

  • anonymous

    They’re mostly women. Is this a female college or something?

  • Cotour

    When I write anything or speak about politics I do my best to never use anything from Fox News, Alex Jones or most closely associated “Right” leaning media. Just because it gives whom ever I am communicating with an unnecessary opportunity to become distracted with their own biases. Its just becomes unproductive. And that is not to say that either Fox or Jones can not be very accurate in their reporting. More Fox than Jones.

    That being said, while the young lady featured in the video has the Right to go where ever she chooses and ask whom ever she would like what ever she wants, to put yourself in the middle of a bunch of young, emotional, politically confused, reactionary, probably Left leaning “Politically Correct” college students is in a word incendiary.

    Why bother?

    And we see the reason in the video, it reveals these young, politically naïve, emotional and politically Left leaning children for what they are. And it makes for some action video that characterizes them as such after being prodded and poked with the proper questions.

    For me this kind of video is revealing as to the irrational, anti American and emotional, potentially violent state that exists in these bastions of Leftist thought process and “Political Correctness”, and the tendency of the likes of provocateurs like Jones and those who operate as his operatives to create these kinds of potentially violent confrontations.

    I have little use for either, just not productive.

  • lying dog faced pony soilder

    These are the kids who will takes others to the killing fields. Future little murderers.

  • We need to stop funding the universities that create these little communists. Ain’t so fun taking gender studies when it’s on your dime.

  • mivenho

    To those who regard this young lady as merely a “provocateur,” nowadays merely walking down the street wearing a MAGA hat is regarded as a “provocation” by democrats, frequently leading to violence.

  • Lon

    These little babies will be socialists until they have to start paying their own bills, then there will be a miraculous transition. Ohio U. is not a poor kids school. Most of those brats have never held a real job, not even part time. I used to live in Athens county which is the home of OU and most Athens/Hocking kids don’t go to OU, they go to Hocking College if they go anywhere at all and that’s not a slight to the native kids its just the way things are. Most of the students there, at OU, are from well to do suburbs of Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland and the like and overseas. In other words, these rich little bastards will figure it out when they have to fend for themselves.

  • Ryan Lawson

    I remember a wild-eyed preacher on the campus of U of Alabama in 1996 next to the student center screaming about gays, harlots, sluts, abortions etc etc for several hours. Although a fairly large crowd gathered and occasionally shouted questions or insults to him, there was never any violence or threats of it. Of course our campus was fairly conservative. A few years later the LGB club did something similar and it never got out of hand aside from lots of insults, no one got up in anyone’s face.

    I know from personal experience how a crowd can take on a life of its own and seemingly rational people can get swept up and start behaving horribly, but in this Ohio case there is something about the smartphone video culture that is more disturbing to me.

  • Cotour

    Social media is a very sharp and double edged sword and drives all of this social media based “Reporting” in a not very good manner. (just scroll through this childish crap if you can stomach it)

    And we can see here how it pumps both sides, with childish positioning.

    Like I said, its just not productive, more about manufactured confrontational political BS.

  • wodun

    February 24, 2020 at 1:47 pm
    My point is that when InfoWars rolls into a situation its like a lightning rod.”

    They used an armored vehicle one time, as far as I know. It was likely a statement about the militarization of the police, something lefties are always going on about, as well as some on the right.

    The problem of embracing the hecklers veto is that everything is an affront justifying shutting down events. The provocation is merely the non-Democrats exist.

  • sippin_bourbon


    In the Y-tube comments, on F-book, on twitter, on [name almost any social media platform here]. Its all a cesspool. Linkedin is the one exception, I think, because it is mostly for people looking for work. That has not stopped some agencies from posting politically biased crud, and the comments are starting to get bad. “This is not facebook” or “Stop turning Linkedin into facebook” are common comments sadly.
    I get concerned that it will hit critical mass, and become harder for honest people looking for work to have to post their social-justice credentials just to get looked at for a job.

    There is a reason I am not on social media. Putting aside that it is a waste of time, the depth of depravity found there is bottomless.

  • Cotour


    Most all of the things like this that you see are manufactured controversies IMO, and both sides play into the social media “look at me, I have something to say and I am important” feeding frenzy.

    We have seen it here BTB to some degree, I myself have participated in it in the beginning of posting here. But then you evolve hopefully and leave the learning curve behind and you become a more measured and rational communicator. In theory anyway.

    These mostly young people are still on the learning curve and may just stay there to prove their dogmatic point.

    All BS IMO with the potential to spiral out of control and into violence. And that is just what the extreme Left and extreme Right desire. And I say lets not provide them with their much needed controversy and provocative energy.

  • sippin_bourbon

    It also feeds the attitude common these days of “I’m right, and you’re stupid!”.

  • Cotour

    If you are unable to step back and gain perspective and understand what is going on you remain in the digital / social media vortex. And in the vortex you remain until common sense is visited upon you.

    And from where I sit the vortex is full and getting fuller, no perspective, no development, no escape, a black hole of chaos.

    And those provocators on both extremes and the psyop political operatives / deep staters / arms length operatives / Leftists love it all, its where they grow more and more powerful in the chaos.

  • John

    That was a “Mostly Peaceful” protest against a white supremacist.

    This post brought to you by sarcasm, I can’t stomach watching those people anymore.

  • Patrick Underwood

    Please post a comparable video of a modern American conservative mob doing the same thing to a liberal.

    Yep. I thought so.

  • Foxbat

    To Sippin bourbon

    I hear you, but the message I hear is more like;

    I’m right and you are evil

  • Mark Matis

    And then the tribe wonders:

    “Why Auschwitz???”

  • SDN

    “The couple reportedly sped off after the boys threatened to call the police.”

    But only after telling the kids “Go ahead and call; I’ll tell them you called me a n****r and that’s why I chased you.” Spoiler: the kids didn’t. Just remember that when you’re spouting the justifications of “provocateur” etc.

  • B. Hammer

    Unfortunately, losing an election, will not even slow these people down. Liberty loving individuals, are a minority in elected as well as the government bureaucracy. I would contend that we are even a minority in the population at large. The last three years should dismiss any ideas that the vast, unelected members of three letter agencies, give one damn about anything other than preserving their power.

    If the ideals of liberty, the basics of human dignity, so eloquently laid out in our Declaration of Independence, are going to be preserved, then we must remove the apologist of the marxist lies from our educational institutions. The battle ground is more minute than national elections. This destructive ideology, is prevalent in just about every city council and school board throughout the land.

  • njlamer

    Terrorists need to be SHOT ON SIGHT.. Oh they were supposed protesters??? Shoot them anyways.

  • Fred Garvin

    No, the bigger issue is the lack of protection of this lady’s rights. Where are the police? Have they finally given in to the mob? These people they fail to protect are the ones who support law and order, yet the campus police know where their paycheck comes from. When the Right starts trying to protect themselves with firearms, then what? Odds say they will go to jail. People on the Right don’t want violence but these activists keep poking the bear. One day it’s going to boil over, like Bernie not getting the nomination or when he certainly loses to Trump. It will happen. The riots after Trump got elected are just a foreshadow.

  • wayne

    Barry Goldwater:
    “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice……”

  • Cotour

    And when that happens it will be provocatours like this young lady that choose to wonder into the lair of her ideological “enemy” that will set it off. And she will tell you “Well, its my Right to go where ever I please and ask whom ever I like what ever I want”.

    That is like choosing to yell fire in a crowed theater and causing chaos and possible harm and potentially death. Freedom of speech just like in this case of this young woman and her YouTube feed and its content are free to do as they please.

    But what happens when her Rights due to her agenda cause chaos and harm? Free speech is not free.

    There is no value to what she is doing IMO.

  • Cotour


    keep having this conversation with my beloved Liberal Democrat friends (And I truly do love them) who some now call themselves “Progressives” : Socialism verses Social Programs. Two very, very different things that are conflated to mean the same thing and which destroys a rational political conversation. Right away we are on two different planets.

    I keep running into this when attempting to talk about the now rising Democrat party star and probable presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders. I personally call Bernie a philosophical Communist due to his adoring admiration of Socialism and for the likes of Fidel Castro and the Chinese. And Communism is just Socialism with loaded guns pointed at the heads of the public. And of course the fact that Bernie and his lovely wife spent 10 days in 1988 and honeymooned in Moscow in the middle of the cold war. Now that’s dedication, where did you honeymoon? At the minimum Bernie is a philosophical Communist.

    Bernie, being a philosophical Communist just does not get what America is fundamentally about:

    In having different discussions with my now “Progressive” friends they always default state: “We (America) are already Socialist, what about all of the Social Programs that the government already has? That’s Socialism!”. Wrong.

    Socialism: Is a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

    In other words the means of production / private businesses are communally owned / run by the public I.E. the government. In other words there is no private property, everyone works for the government and the “Community”. Every solution to a Socialist, to someone like Bernie, is the communal / cooperative / government run solution and not the market or free choice choice. The government confiscates the Rights to private property and the means of producing wealth of the people and “redistributes” it to the public. In other words, everyone is poor and remains poor. Now that’s equality.

    And in our Capitalist country we have a fully operational political system and not a “theory of Social organization”.

    Capitalism: An economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than
    by the state.

    In a Capitalist country that also has the strongest Constitution ever conceived, like our country we freely CHOOSE to implement Social programs all while our fully operational governmental system remains separate and apart from the citizens and their private lives. Two very, very different things.

    So are Social Programs the same as Socialism? The answer is without argument, NO. One is mandated by a government which essentially owns all means of production and wealth, and the other is a choice by free people who see a need and through their compassion and some coercion here and there at times provide Social programs for the less fortunate among us.

    So lets at least get on the same planet more or less and not be confused on this subject any more.

  • talgus

    excellent example of lemming behavior of youth. no though, just actions. Heavily exploited by Bernie and company. The COPS, just want to continue as government employees without any real effort. No one listens. This behavior is fed by the drum beat of CNN, MSNBC, and others that downplay all lefty violence (it is speech) and overplay any conservative violence (stop removing our history). 24/7, the message is Trump is destroying the world. Do something. And the lemmings feel the emotion and act.

  • Unclefacts

    “My point is that when InfoWars rolls into a situation its like a lightning rod. Of course there is no justification for their behavior and I would never endorse any kind of violence. But…”

    Perfect example of everything before the word “but” is BS.

  • sippin_bourbon

    Mr Z,

    As per the discussion earlier, twitter is vile.

    I know you ban insults and obscenities.
    You may want to consider further limits.
    When a post such as made earlier regarding violence is made, it will only draw the whole site down.
    And it draws un-needed (and probably unwanted) attention.

    It is a really stupid thing to say/post.
    It is thoughtless, suggests illegality and unethical thinking.
    We had just discussed the vileness of some posts on Social Media.. and Viola!

    It is one thing to say “When the revolution comes, I/we will be prepared”.
    Or perhaps even, “I will always defend myself/my values”, etc.
    It is something else to say “Lets just start killing people.”

  • sippin_bourbon: You have a valid point. I usually take people to task for such posts, but didn’t this time.

    I will consider and make a decision.

  • Freeland_Dave

    The ignorance of our young in college is atrocious. People attempting to behave intelligently only succeeding in showing their stupidity. The problem is they will grow up and end up euthanizing their parents when heir parents can no longer support them.

  • vladdy

    We desperately need cons/trads in the classrooms teaching….esp later-life career changers who know how schools used to be and who would be shocked by what they see now.

    As for the “provocation”….ever hear the famous case of the Nazis marching in Skokie? They were protected and SCOTUS proclaimed their right. This is esp true where taxpayer funding is involved. This is not a leftist-only institution (the school), but of course if we say her being there is a “provocation,” that is what you are saying.

    No, the true provocation was those using their phones to call people to come join the party. They should have respected her right to be there and gone about their business rather than purposefully calling in a mob. At the least, they should have approached her individually. This was [deleted].

    Last, a few mention “extreme left” and “extreme right.” I used to be a Green, considering myself a socialist, long ago and am now a Constitutional Conservative. Since the spectrum goes from totalitarianism on the left to libertarian on the right, why would a Constitutionalist now be considered an “extremist”? If that is not what people mean by using that phrase, what does “extreme right” mean to them? Because what it is, is totalitarianism … on both ends. There is no middle-class, populist/nationalist “extreme right.” Have we really lost our way to that extent?

    This is not a battle between left and right. It’s between freedom and globalism, which has been and is being pushed by a coalition — we all know its members, except that islam is now on their side, as well (they don’t care if the take-over is by communism or islam, as the leaders don’t follow the rules made for the rest of us anyway.) How many know that Bernie’s campaign manager is an islamist with ties to Hamas and the Brotherhood?

    (First visit here. Good site, and I appreciate your rules. Some comments sections are so bad that they’re impossible to visit now. Thanks for having standards.)

  • vladdy: Welcome. Thank you for the comment and the kind words about my work.

    I must note however that though you say you appreciate my comment rules, you violated them. Replacing one letter in an obscenity with an asterisk doesn’t work. To me it is being cute, making believe you are being civil even as you allow the use of a four-letter curse word to replace thoughtful writing.

    I have deleted it. As you are new here, I am only warning you. You are very welcome to comment again, but the next time I will suspend you for a week.

  • fred

    Left = antifa = OWS : French revolution

    Right = tea party : American revolution

  • Saul Rosenberg

    You make your reasoned case against these folks and the current situation on the left. But then you descend into overheated “they must be removed” rhetoric that is no different from theirs – closing with an obviously hyperbolic equivalence between the parents of badly-behaved college students and the Nazis. Also, if you are going to rail at elements of today’s university culture, and do not wish to disrespect those who suffered on that night, you should spell Kristallnacht correctly.

  • Saul Rosenberg: You should be ashamed of yourself for changing the context and meaning of what I wrote. I was very clear, saying it in italics, that these jack-booted thugs “need to be smacked down hard, at the polls.

    In case you don’t know this or have forgotten, “the polls” means removing these people by the use of a peaceful democratic process, by voting, by elections, by freely debating the issues without fear of violence and then allowing each person to make a private decision, in the voting booth. It does not mean rounding them up with guns and putting them in concentration camps or gulags, which it appears the left and Democratic Party increasingly supports.

    That decision also means that the people they elect should have the freedom to decide how tax dollars are spent, including not financing thugs and brownshirts, as we presently do at these universities. It also means that these elected officials should have the right and power to fire unelected government officials who act to stymie or defy the will of the public.

    However, on the relatively minor point of spelling, you are right, I made a typo and left an “l” out of “Kristallnacht”. I have corrected this error. Thank you for pointing it out.

  • Tom M

    these retarded libs love their hate — no justification for it .. they just have hate

  • Jaws

    Shorter T-Dub:

    She was asking for it.

  • Mike

    Good Lord, these people are sad and pathetic. If they didn’t like her, they should have just ignored her and she would have gone away. Immature little children. Is this what a college degree gets you today? They aren’t even educated, let alone endowed with any wisdom.

  • Cotour


    Why will Bernie never be president?

    Just based on this 40 second video is why, that is all you need to understand about why Bernie will never become the president of the United States.

    Bernie’s very vocal audience in this video is much more likely to become president then he.

    Oh yeah, and if you are confused about this issue for some reason, BERNIE IS A COMMINIST!

    If you choose to honeymoon in Moscow during the height of the cold war and you praise the value of bread lines, YOUR A COMMUNIST!

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