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Why are so many conservatives such downers?

Frankly, for the Joe Biden campaign these numbers are an absolute disaster
“Frankly, for the Joe Biden campaign these numbers
are an absolute disaster.” Click for full video.

In the past two weeks I have noticed two political trends within the United States, one that seems quite hopeful and another that depresses me to the bottom of my soul.

The hopeful trend has to do with the left and what appears to be a growing collapse of its political support. The pro-Hamas riots on college campuses and elsewhere have not had the impact of the 2020 Antifa and BLM riots, where those disruptions struck fear into ordinary Americans while instilling them with a deep unfounded guilt that paralyzed them into either inaction or endorsing the foolish racist policies of that BLM movement.

In 2024 the pro-Hamas riots are doing the exact opposite. They are antagonizing everyone, and highlighting the racism and violence that is presently very inherent within the modern policies of the Democratic Party. Who wants to support a party whose base justifies and supports the work of terrorist organizations like Hamas, that torture, rape, and murder of innocents, including women, children, and babies?

On top of those ugly riots, Biden’s administration in almost all things has proven to be a disaster. Inflation has been terrible, the economy has doing poorly, the illegal immigration is out-of-control and impacting not just Republican border states but the Democratically-controlled inner ciites. Internationally Biden’s weak and indecisive leadership has led to wars in the Ukraine and Middle East, with tensions rising in many other places.

The result has been disastrous polls for Joe Biden — across the board — suggesting that not only will Donald Trump win the November election, he will do so with such strong numbers it will be impossible for even the worst vote tampering by the Democrats to overthrow that victory. Those polls also suggest that the Republicans will gain a large majority in the Senate, and likely a larger renewed majority in the House.

The disaster that is Joe Biden and the viciousness of the Democratic Party base has become so evident that even some previously knee-jerk Democrats are beginning to admit to it, and are attempting to change it. They don’t seem to be succeeding, but that effort illustrates further these hopeful trendlines. If even Democrats can no longer stand what their party stands for, then there is a good chance we might finally see that party clean up its act, or die and be replaced with something more laudable.

You must then wonder: What trend could possibly exist at this time that could be depressing me to the bottom of my soul?

Failure Theater!

I’ll tell you. Whenever I write a column outlining these positive trends, the comments on my webpage are filled with self-admitted conservatives insisting that nothing good is going to happen, that it is all hopeless, that there is no point voting or working to clean up the election rolls, or doing anything positive. Some examples, all of which are quite typical and will be very familiar to any reader of the conservative press:

“The more we believe Biden can’t win, the more shocked we’ll be when the DNC just cheats again and steals 2024, too. Believing we can somehow outvote the cheating is absurd. Nobody was prosecuted…very little has been done to fight the DNC’s 2020 theft methods.” [link here.]

The donkeys are the Past Masters of ginning up fake ballots. If President John Gill needs another 81 million ballots this year to “win,” he’ll get them. If he needs 90 million ballots… he’ll get them. [link here.]

Then there is the problem that the Republican Party won’t defend free and fair elections, so there is no point in voting in the first place. Voting for the wrong kind of candidate is likewise futile, because all we get is the outhouse. [Link here.]

If I have no way to know that the vote that I cast is the vote actually counted, I have no reason to believe that standing in line matters at all. [link here.]

The truly depressing part is that even if Trump wins, and brings in Senate and House sweeps with him, we can’t really clean up these departments, there is way too much protection for the permanent uniparty bureaucracy now in the federal code. A Milei style “chainsaw” would bounce off our federal workforce. [link here.]

These are only a sampling. If you read the comments on many conservative websites these comments will seem very familiar. And though it is possible that a handful on my website are what Rush Limbaugh used to call “seminar callers,” trolls who are really agents for the Democrats sent to spread dissension and depression among Republicans, I know that most are not. I know these commenters are conservative. They have been commenting here for too long.

The problem is that every one of their comments are utterly self-defeating, and only work to make sure the left wins. While it is certainly correct to recognize the worst that can happen, these comments are drowning in it, as if there is no other possibility before us.

And they are utterly wrong-headed. All one has to do is to go back to 1990 to recognize that things can change in an instant, for both bad and good. At that time the American press, academia, and political class all believed without doubt and with absolute certainty that we would be stuck in an endless cold war with the Soviet Union for the rest of our lives, as well as the lives of our children, grand-children, and great-grandchildren.

All mocked Ronald Reagan’s hard push to beat the Soviet Union. All considered his effort pointless, simply Don Quixote tilting at windmills.

Demonstrators in front of the Russian parliament during the 1991 August coup
Demonstrators in front of the Russian parliament
protesting the 1991 August coup by the communists

So what happened one year later? The Berlin Wall fell, and by the end of 1991 the Soviet Union no longer existed and that forty-year-old Cold War had ended in a flash. For then next decade-plus the nations that were created out of the former U.S.S.R. embraced freedom and capitalism, and experienced a renaissance of prosperity they hadn’t seen for seven decades of communist rule.

Many of my readers are middle-aged or older. They should remember this history. But they don’t. They cannot imagine Trump doing what Javier Milei is doing in Argentina. To them, the oppressive swamp in DC is forever, and can never be removed.

But it can. We need only have the will to demand it. The only reason the leftists control Washington, the entertainment industry, and academia is because for too long conservatives have had this defeatest attitude. It is time for that to stop. It is time for the right to actually fight for what it believes in, rather than bow its head in defeat, even before the battle is engaged.

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  • Andi

    Minor edit in fourth paragraph: “Republican border states”

  • Andi: Typo fixed. Thanks.

  • Call Me Ishmael

    “go back to 1990”

    You mean 1988. The Berlin Wall fell and the Warsaw Pact dissolved in 1989, although the USSR hung on for another two years.

    And no, Trump won’t be able to do what Milei is doing in Argentina. As I understand it, Milei has been handed sweeping emergency powers by the Argentine legislature. In any case, many of the things he is doing are things an American president doesn’t have Constitutional authority to do. And “sweeping emergency powers from the legislature” automatically makes me think of the Enabling Act passed by the Reichstag in 1933 (or was it 1934?).

  • Clark

    Thank you for writing this, Mr. Z. I’m so sick and tired of the limp-wristed defeatist attitude of far too many on my (right) side of the aisle. I don’t want to hear “Aw, Shucks” defeatism. I want to see torches and pitchforks, millions of them, descending into that corrupt sewer of a city that some call Washington, but I call simply “DC”. I want to see bureaucrats tarred, feathered, and run out on rails. I want to see whole departments of the federal government set aflame to cook a BBQ for every patriotic American who believes that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution means exactly what it says.

    Sorry if that is all a little over the top, and I wouldn’t blame you one bit if you don’t want to post it. But I believe that it is high past time for conservatives in this country to get absolutely loopy with rage for what has been done to this country by the Left.

  • Rocket J Squirrel

    Will the Dems try the same crap they did in ’20 & ’22? Yep.

    Does Trump and his organization know this? Of course.

    Best way to combat it? Get. People. Out. To. VOTE! The more people that vote for Trump, the hard it is to steal the election.

    That the Dems are panicking and making threats not to validate the election shows that they are really worried that the ‘fix’ is not in.

    Don’t get cocky! Power ahead and steam roll them.

  • Mad Celt

    The Republicans have a history of pulling defeat out of the jaws of victory. They have so little ambition to go on the offensive and seem to believe one of the 10 commandments is Thou Shall Be Nice. They have made losing painless.

  • Concerned

    I’ve upbraided many cynical and defeatist posters who claim to be on our side. My message and question to them is: what have you done positively to help us win, ever? Is voting, at a minimum, even if it may be compromised that difficult for you? Have you volunteered or done anything to support those fighting in the arena? Most of these people are just chronic complainers and really just plain lazy. They’re looking for an excuse to quit, which of course is exactly what our enemies want. They need to lead, follow, or get out of the way.

  • Max

    I feel like Charlie brown with Lucy holding the football. Sure, I’ll give it my best shot having “high hopes”, even though deep down I know I’ll end up flat on my back. again!

  • Brother Bob

    It’s hard to be optimistic when we saw 2020, the Dems repeating the same performance in the GA runoffs two months later, followed by the audacity to publish a full confession in Time magazine. We saw Dems not even make any effort to hide the fraud they committed in AZ in 2022 and what has the GOP response been?
    Vote harder!
    The Dems have figured out that they do not have to lose any close major election that they don’t want to and are acting accordingly. Half of the GOP leadership is on their side and the other half is making some gestures that will end up being overruled by some “Hawaiian judge” or simply ignored by Dems. Does anyone truly believe that Trump will be allowed to take office no matter how many votes he gets in November? We’ve been seeing Vichy Republicans resigning from the House to give a slow but certain path to a Dem majority in the House that could vote Trump ineligible. And if that doesn’t work, James Carville is already “joking” about CIA wetwork as a solution.
    I’m not being defeatist, just realist. I’ll be a poll watcher in my heavily Democrat district and will have a sign in my yard for our side. And when the heist happens and the even more illegitimate government is installed we prepare for whatever happens next. And no, that’s not a call for armed revolt or anything violent (for the benefit of any Soros typing monkeys or low level FBI agents charges with trawling comments sections), but maybe it’s time to study how the citizens from various South American nations reacted to their various elections stolen by Marxists.
    I’m not saying to stop fighting the war; just stop fighting the last war.

  • Brother Bob: We are entirely on the same page. See for example my three part essay from March:

    Part 1: The expected upcoming election chaos caused by the left’s hatred of any opposition

    Part 2: A further list of upcoming Democratic Party election chaos

    Part 3: The expected tantrum of madness should Biden actually lose the election

    You can’t win if you don’t look at hard realities. You do, as do I.

    The problem isn’t this, the problem is that all these downers do is whine and complain. You for example are now a poll watcher in exactly the right place. Thank you! When I was younger I did things like go door-to-door campaigning as well as work as an election judge. Right now I don’t have the physical energy for such things, so instead, I write, and write, and write.

    We can always do something. The legal response to the leftist blacklisting of the past three years has largely been successful, because people didn’t simply accept defeat, they fought back.

  • Spectrum Shift

    I remember growing up under the umbrella of the cold war. When the Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet Union dissolved, my friends and I talked about how fast it took place. We discussed the possibility of rapid change in this country. Our Founding Fathers saw the wisdom in the second amendment to thwart tyranny, but, I for one, don’t want tyranny to come looking for me. Trump has my vote and maybe he could win Maryland. Larry Hogan has my vote because he would go to the senate to help the republicans regain the majority. Is this wishful thinking, perhaps. But it can’t happen if I don’t vote along with every other conservative. I’ve lived in Maryland for a long time, and believe me, I know the feeling of a “wasted” vote against the democrats. Change can come quickly, and voting is your investment in that change.

  • I’m fairly optimistic about my neck of the woods. I’m not optimistic about the country.

    When all it takes is a few corrupt cities to change the outcome of entire states and a few states to change the outcome of the entire country, it doesn’t matter if elections in Rapid City are clean and fair.

    That said, tipping points are a thing. Predicting tipping points is not a thing. I’m hopeful, but not optimistic. I believe we’re still in the midst of “things will get worse before they get better”.

    The wheels need to come off before change can happen. The USSR history you bring up is a good example of that. We have a ways to go before the wheels come off, here. We’re definitely on the path – they’re wobbling and the bearings are screaming – but the car is still more-or-less drivable. [Can I drop this metaphor, now?]

    My prediction: Nothing “interesting” will change until we run out of other people’s money. Bond auctions are not going great, but they’re going. As much turmoil and uncertainty as exists here, it’s still much worse in most other places, so buying US dollars is still happening. Until we hoover up that excess cash, the status quo will continue, albeit with fits and starts of change.

    Note that foreign purchases of US dollars are deflationary – it reduces the money supply (as our dollars end up elsewhere), which increases the value of the dollars left here. This is not exactly a problem in an otherwise inflationary time. But, like quantitative tightening, it is a problem for people holding debt, which is most everyone in the US, which includes me (although I did it purposefully since I think inflation will win).

    Once that happens, the whirlwind will begin reaping (I know, subject/object misquote). It’s certainly possible that something else will start the reaping process, but they’re called “iron rice bowls” for a reason – they’re strong.

    My guess: At least three more Presidential election cycles. Trump this time, but he’ll be unable to accomplish much (being the Little Dutch Boy is probably the most to expect, although one can hope for better). A giant fight in 2028 with a close enough race that the fraud throws it Democrat, but it doesn’t matter which party wins because that’s when the house of cards comes tumbling down as Social Security and Medicare/caid go broke (“broker” is fair enough) while interest on the debt is consuming the budget. The election after that in 2032 will see real change.

  • Edward

    You wrote: “The problem is that every one of their comments are utterly self-defeating, and only work to make sure the left wins.

    No. The problem is that even when Republicans win, the left wins. Conservatives never win. That is not a party worth voting for.

    The solution should be for Republicans to support conservatism, but they don’t. Another solution is to form a conservative party that would make sure that conservatism wins and the left loses, any time that the conservative party wins. That would be a party worth voting for.

    I keep trying to get you to change your Republican Party back to one that supports America, but you prefer to try to shame us into accepting the road paved with your good intentions. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil.

    So what happened one year later? The Berlin Wall fell, and by the end of 1991 the Soviet Union no longer existed and that forty-year-old Cold War had ended in a flash.

    And what happened a quarter of a century later? The U.S. was fundamentally transformed into a tyranny where the government influences elections and the once-freedom-loving Republican Party refuses to defend freedom over tyranny. That was a change that happened in an instant. A change that the Republican Party will not correct. This is the hard reality.

    But it can. We need only have the will to demand it.

    I did demand it, but here you are trying to shame me into again voting for the useless idiots. The Republican Party lost my vote. As Republicans, it is up to you to remake your party into something that can once again earn my vote. You have not done so. I am no longer part of your useless party, so I cannot fix it for you. That is for you to do. You’re in the driver’s seat. You have the eyes and ears of thousands or tens of thousands. You are in a position to make Republicans great again.

    I have done my share of damage voting over and over for Republicans who only moved farther and farther left as they thought that was how to keep my vote. They were wrong.

    Nice try, shaming me, but this isn’t the Republican Party from a third of a century ago — which opposed Reagan, by the way. And now you want me to vote not for another Reagan but for another Bill Clinton, as though Clinton was on the right.

    Indeed, you are the defeatist, thinking that doing the same thing over and over again will finally produce different results. It won’t. It may sound like optimism, but it isn’t. I and others are advocating for a change that will take us back to the Constitution, not stay on the path away from it, but your advice is to stay the course.

    If you want my vote, you need to take back your party, my ex-party, and make Republicans conservative again. If you want me to vote for your party, you have to make it a party worth voting for. Quit making excuses or blaming me for your unwillingness to fix your party. This is your responsibility, not mine. Quit your whining and complaining and waiting for some random unpredicted instant change: fix your broken party. An instant change will not last long without your party working for us instead of against us. That is what happened when your party let the left take over for the Soviet Union, except making the new Soviet nation here in America, letting our elections be stolen, allowing government mandates, and even affirming Obamacare as a permanent part of American tyranny. They are useless idiots, that you want me to vote for.

    To paraphrase Clark, above: I believe that it is high past time for conservatives in this country to get absolutely loopy with rage for what has been done to this country by the Republicans.

    My vote will be here, when you are ready for it.

  • James Street

    God wins

  • Paul Revere

    Not that I am paranoid, but this is the Internet after all. How many of those naysayers are really Democrats trying to sow discouragement among conservatives? The comments section of conservative website is certainly not a scientific study of attitudes among conservatives. There probably is some discouragement but I do not care. I am looking for conservative politicians who fight. Look around, there are plenty of them.. Ron DeSantis of course but also Sarah Sanders and Kim Reynolds and Greg Abbott. Of course, they are not perfect, but they’re a hell of a lot better than the alternative..

  • Edward


    I am no longer willing to reward the Republican Party for doing the wrong things. I will make it politically profitable for them to do the right things, and as long as they continue to do the wrong things I will continue to make it politically unprofitable for them. If the Democrats fundamentally change and begin doing the right things, then I will make it politically profitable for them. (1 minute: Milton Freedman, Why it isn’t necessary to throw the bums out)

    It is your party. Making it do the right things is your responsibility. I recommend that you insist that they do, and that you also stop rewarding them for doing the wrong things, such as letting Democrats steal our elections, letting government tell us what to wear, what to buy, where to go, whom to associate with, and affirming Obamacare as the government’s responsibility to control our health.

    We want freedom. We want liberty. We want a political party that protects these rights, not abets in their removal. I’m doing my part. Time for you to do yours.

    My vote will be here, when you are ready for it.

  • Edward: You seem to think the only thing I am asking for is for conservatives to vote Republican. That is wrong.

    To change things requires action, not mere complaining. If voting for the Republican Party in your community is presently a waste of time, then it behooves you as a citizen to go down to the party headquarters and volunteer, inserting yourself in their operations. I have found this to be relatively easy. They are always looking for help.

    Once there, you will be in a truly powerful position to change things, far more powerful than simply voting.

    Or you can become a poll watcher, as another commenter has done. The point is to act, not simply sit by the sidelines and complain.

    However, it seems this is too much for you. Ah well, you can lead a horse to water….

  • Edward

    You keep thinking that your party is my party, too. You might as well recommend that I go down to the Democrat Party headquarters and volunteer there in order to change things. Both parties are far too far to the left. Helping the Republicans equates to helping the Democrats, since the results are the same.

    Don’t you understand what I have been writing here for the past several years?

    If you all want my vote back, you all have to earn it. If you want me off the sidelines, you have to have a party that is worth putting in the effort. Back when they were farther to the right, they crushed the conservative Tea Party movement, so they are not conducive to conservative ideas and even less so, now that they are even farther to the left. Being a poll watcher does not help when the watchers are not allowed to watch. Suggesting change does not produce change without the willingness of those who you want to change.

    Geez! It is like pulling teeth with my fingers, trying to get you to even ponder the possibility of considering putting some thought into making an effort to suggesting your own party make any changes that would get back my vote. If I can’t get you to ponder the possibility, I won’t be successful at party headquarters, where they are fully committed to following the current course to hell. At the very least, they will look up my party affiliation and wonder what I am doing there. If I showed up at your local Republican Party headquarters, what would you think that I — a non-Republican — was doing there?

    It is not my responsibility to fix your party. They would be foolish to trust me to do it, because I would fix it in my image of what it should be, not in theirs. Since their image is that it be more left-wing than center, my image of a conservative party would not conform. Just as I wouldn’t let Republicans define my party, Republicans should not let me define theirs. You don’t. You reject my recommendations for what it takes to get back my vote and instead send me on a fool’s errand.

    You, as a member of your party, are far more suited to effecting change within. You they will listen to, even if they reject your suggestions, as you reject mine. But I get the impression that you are satisfied with the status quo and are unwilling to do what it takes to get back my vote. How can I be in a truly powerful position to change things when I can’t even lead an apparently thirsty horse to water (and you thought I should run for office).

    So I will vote whenever I determine someone on the ballot is worth my vote. Otherwise, I will spend my time on more productive things, such as watching an I Love Lucy rerun all over again.

    My vote will be here, should you ever be ready for it.

  • Edward: You also seem to think somehow that I am a Republican Party hack who supports that party no matter what. If so, then you haven’t been reading what I have been writing here for more than a decade, nor have you absorbed my perspective from any of my books.

    Right now the Republican Party sadly is our only option, and there are real signs that it can be turned into a true conservative party. It needs support and real citizen action for that to happen. — something you won’t give.

    The Democratic Party meanwhile has become hopeless. It has needed a house-cleaning since Bill Clinton, but it won’t get it. It is more likely going to die, or destroy us. No point in going there to try to change it.

    You wrote, “It is not my responsibility to fix your party.” Putting aside the fact that it isn’t “my party”, it is our country, and it is our responsibility to try to fix it. You have made it clear you want to wash your hands of the effort. So be it. I just want it clear to all that you are making yourself the poster child for why our country has been lost.

  • wayne

    on a brighter note…

    November 9, 1989
    Jesus Jones; “Right Here, Right Now”

  • Well down here in NZ we did at least manage to boot the Labour government, which was, luckily, so incompetent that they couldn’t actually implement their increasingly more left-wing policies – although they did manage to blow vast sums of money, greatly boost the debt, and massively increase all the bureaucracies.

    We may not escape this one, even though in some respects it’s not as bad as 1984 when we underwent a bit of a revolution that, in come ways, exceeded that of Thatcher and Reagan.

    WRT you guys, while I’m increasingly confident that Trump will win and have a GOP Senate, and perhaps even a GOP-House, the reality is that you’d have to descend to Argentinian levels of hopelessness before you get a Milei. And I’m sorry to day that Trump is no Milei – and aside from Paul Rand, nobody else in the GOP is either.

    Yes, all the “experts” never saw the end of the USSR and it’s East Euro minions, but it also had to fall a long, long way over many decades before drastic change happened. For the USA I think it won’t happen until Social Security and perhaps more importantly Medicare/Medicaid crash in the early 2030’s.

    So I’m putting forward a view that is both pessimistic and optimistic!

  • Edward

    If you aren’t willing to fix your own party, I am not able to do it for you. To make changes, you and your party have to be willing to make those changes. Until you are willing, your party will continue running farther and farther to the left. Good luck with that.

    You clearly do not mind that your party is chasing the Democrats as they run ever farther to the left, and the rest of the Republicans are like you, willing to go along. That is your choice. The Republican Party isn’t even an option, at this point. The empirical evidence shows that supporting it as it is now will not fix the country but will only make it worse. I, and probably several others here, are not willing to go that far left. That direction is not how we will recover our country from the leftists. Becoming leftists only makes us the problem, not the solution.

    If you want my vote, stop complaining that I won’t give it to you unearned. Earn it. If you want me to assist the Republican Party, you have to earn that, too.

    Your lack of willingness to earn our votes is the answer to your question: “Why are so many conservatives such downers?” We are downers, because so many Republicans, who think of themselves as conservatives, are willing to go along with the party that intentionally crushed the conservative Tea Party, that affirmed Obamacare, that won’t defend our votes, that spends our treasure into the multiple tens of trillions of dollars in debt — they just cannot stop spending. The Republican Party and its voters left conservatism behind a quarter century ago. With the Republican voters’ unwillingness to correct their party, we just don’t see any reason to be optimistic. These are some of the reasons many of us left the Republican Party. We just don’t want to make such bad behavior politically profitable, anymore.

    In the olden days, thirty years ago or so, when one party moved farther to its side, the other party could move a bit in that direction in order to pick up voters that the first party left behind. The Republican Party seems to have tried this same strategy as the Democrats moved to the extreme far left, far beyond any other ever did before, to the point where government tyranny controls everything from lifestyle to commerce to health, mothers can kill their babies without limitations, men can use women’s locker rooms, and anyone is whatever they say they are — forcing everyone else to accept their fantasy as reality.

    What good does it do to be a poll watcher when reporting irregularities (complete with video of election fraud in action) results in no investigation, much less anything done about the fraud? Why be optimistic when our representatives do nothing when government is caught actively and intentionally influencing multiple elections? Nothing!

    The Republicans moved so far to the left that it abandoned the Constitution, conservative principles, and the conservatives who follow those principles. Thus, many conservatives have reciprocated by abandoning the Republican Party. To get us back, the party has to come back. We cannot make that happen, thus the lack of optimism, but you can. You won’t, thus the pessimism.

    You present us with no hope that the only party that would bring us back to liberty and freedom will ever do so. Rather than fixing your broken party, you only blame us for not supporting the party’s run to the left, thus the defeatist attitude.

    Reread the five quotes you have chosen as examples in your essay. All of them are begging you to change your party to return to protecting our rights. It is, after all, the primary purpose of government. It is why the Founding Fathers chose to give us a representative government that would “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.” Make it politically profitable to support the party you think is an option. Thirty years ago it was an option; it kept its promise. Even the Senate went along with the House’s promise, and the political momentum was so strong that the Democrat president even signed several of the promised bills. It is different now.

    You think that “the problem is that every one of their comments are utterly self-defeating, and only work to make sure the left wins.” In reality, the problem is that practical experience shows even when the left loses, the Republican Party gives them what they want anyway. Despite Republican promises, when we gave them the House, then the Senate, then the Presidency, they affirmed Obamacare anyway, locking it into American law and culture for decades, if not centuries. Promises made. Promises broken. The Republican Party always pulls away the football and Charlie Brown always ends up on his back. Despite all we did for the Republican Party, despite the Republican Party winning over and over, the left got what it wanted. This is what you want us to support, but we are tired of ending up on our backs.

    Your party is broken, Robert, and I cannot fix it for you.

    My vote will be here, should you ever be ready for it.

  • Col Beausabre

    Inshallah! The late president of Iran, may he rest in pieces.

  • Jeff Wright

    A moment of silence for the helicopter

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