20 delusions that shape how liberals vote

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Disconnected from reality: Twenty crazy beliefs repeatedly argued by liberals and Democrats that have no connection at all with reality.

I especially like the one on climate, with this line: “Politicians in this country can vote to change the world’s climate to be an ideal climate.”



  • Jwing

    Yes, very funny article Robert because it is so ironically true.

    I thought of this one while reading it: “Climate change” means believing in an irrational scientific quackery that maintains the world is becoming both dangerously hotter and colder at the same time.

  • CVA

    Robert, seems some have “caught on” to the power derived through the willful suspension of belief in empirical science. In it’s purest form, enlightened moon-bat ideology requires but two essential ingredients 1) wish it to be so and 2) be politically correct about the former.

    Mixed in proper proportions this alchemy shall save the world from itself!

    Together, if we all wish hard enough, while remaining dogmatically compliant to focus group extracted political objectives, moon-bat utopia will one day amount to so much more than just flying around blind in the dark. Trust me.

  • As much as I agree with you about the inability of the modern left to ground its ideas in reality, I wish you would not use such insulting terms as “moonbat” to describe these people. Our goal is to convince people that the liberal ideas they have accepted as truth make no sense. If we insult them first, we will drive them away and thus make it impossible to change their minds.

    Or to use an old American saying, you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.

  • CVA

    My apologies. Henceforth, my responses will be made “within the pale” as proscribed.

  • wodun

    Funny but it doesn’t come close to a Poe’s Law level of satire. Democrats don’t view their positions this way and it would have been more effective if it was a little closer to what they actually think and not what others think of them.

  • Jim H

    I had to wait until this evening to read this article because the reality bats last website has been labeled “Hate Speech” by my company’s website filter.

    I particularly liked “The 22 trillion dollars spent on the War on Poverty was quite successful in reducing the number of people in poverty.”

    I have to agree with wodun, the execution of the article could be improved. I think we could put together a list with using direct quotes from people that would be very effective.

  • PeterF

    If I wanted to catch flies I would use manure. Oh, wait, that desribes global warming already…

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