2016 Obamacare premiums to skyrocket 20%

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Finding out what’s in it: Health insurance premiums in 2016 will rise more than 20%, three times more than predicted by Obama officials.

The discrepancy is because the government excluded price data for three of the four Obamacare health insurance plans when the officials issued their recent forecast claiming enrollees would face only a 7.5 percent average rate increase in 2016. When data for all four plans are included, premium costs will actually rise on average 20.3 percent next year.

In other words, Obama administration officials purposely manipulated the numbers to hide the actual rate increase. Then, not surprisingly, “The mainstream media was quick to embrace the 7.5 percent number, claiming it reflected the real-world experience of most Obamacare customers,” when it truth the number was a lie.



  • Edward


    What a crock of [stuff]. Even at 7.5%, the rate of increase is worse than it was before Obamacare (BO), and that rate of increase was seen as too expensive for many people — a basic reason for implementing this expensive, hideous, abominable behemoth. Even the sugar coated 7.5% version of the annual rate of increase leaves a bad taste.

    Does the media compare even the sugar coated rate with the BO rate? Of course not. That would emphasize the failure of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in its title purpose: to make healthcare affordable (what the patients are supposed to be protected against is a mystery that may never be solved).

    It does not matter what “metal” these plans are, each is still a turd. That they cost more and increase at a greater rate than our free market plans did BO shows how [turdlike] each of these plans is.

    This “affordable” healthcare law keeps making healthcare less and less affordable each passing year. It is just like most government programs, exacerbating rather than mitigating the problems they are intended to solve (similar to what MikeP recently noted elsewhere: https://behindtheblack.com/behind-the-black/points-of-information/another-obamacare-co-op-the-largest-collapses/#comment-821105 ).

  • Cotour

    I do not have Obamacare but I have to report what I just received in the mail from my healthcare provider Oxford.
    My monthly rate is going down by $72.00 and my out of network deductible has gone up from $6000.00 to $7,000.00.

    I will interpret this as good news.

  • Edward

    It looks like you save money, so long as you don’t have to use more than $6,862 of deductible. On the other hand, you’re maximum extra cost is $138, so unless you are unlucky you seem to have come out better than most. This year. Congratulations on choosing a good insurer.

    Unless your premiums were too high for this year, explaining the lowered premium for next year, in which case I offer you condolences for the extra that you paid.

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