A history of global warming “Tipping Points” where it was declared that doomsday was certain in only a few years if we didn’t act now

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Crying wolf! A history of global warming “Tipping Points” where it was declared that doomsday was certain in only a few years if we didn’t act now.

The article is quite hilarious. Again and again and again and again the climate fear-mongers have announced with absolute certainty that, unless we pass draconian government regulations, the climate was going to go crazy and we were all going to die. Sometimes they declared we only had hours, sometimes months, sometimes years, sometimes even decades, but every time they were certain they knew what was going to happen and thus we had better obey them. And anyone who dared question their certainty was worse than a fool and should be imprisoned!

Of course, none of these predictions have proven true. The climate might yet warm and even go wild, but none of these doom-sayers have done any of us any good. If things do start going bad in future years, it is now going to be very difficult to convince anyone of this fact.

Posted from Tucson International Airport. I am on the way to Denver to tape two television interviews with George Noory of Coast to Coast for his television show, Beyond Belief. Should be fun.



  • joe

    Yes he does, too bad he’s not here anymore.

  • Cotour

    While Carlin makes his big picture point that’s not to say that as we move into the future that “WE” the human race should not develop and employ the best and cleanest technology available to accomplish what must be accomplished. In the big picture we are all terminal, that does not mean that you choose to loose your common sense, autonomy and self determination.

    I think the majority of people who are concerned are genuine in their concern but are unable to understand that the issue has been commandeered by others that would turn honest concern into a tool of mass control, ultimately not by our own government but by a world centered powered run by the U.N. That may sound cliche and paranoid but what other conclusion can you come to when you objectively view the facts related to the issue?

  • Edward

    But … we haven’t had warming in almost two decades. We solved the problem two decades ago. Why are we *still* hearing that we have only a limited amount of time to solve the problem instead of cheering in the streets that we have been saved?

    We don’t need to do more, because we have already done enough. Doing any more might lead to global cooling and another ice age. It is like the 1970s, when we went overboard on eliminating the particulates that were causing global cooling and the coming ice age; once the particulates were gone, we had global warming. Let’s keep the perfect balance between CO2 and particulates that we have now.

    Otherwise we may have only days/months/years to regain that balance before it is too late.

  • Richard

    It gives me chills just thinking about it.

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