A list of all smallsat launch rockets

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Doug Messier has compiled a very interesting table showing all the known smallsat launch vehicles presently under construction or in operation.

Most of the operational rockets, such as Orbital ATK’s Minotaur, have turned out to be too expensive for their small payloads, and have not been very profitable. The new generation of rockets, however, have the chance of success, as they are all working to reduce the cost significantly. Keep your eye especially on Rocket Labs (which just signed a contract with Moon Express), Swiss Space Systems, Firefly Space Systems, and (dare I say it?) Virgin Galactic.


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  • Edward

    Thank you for the list, Robert. I had been putting together my own list over the past year or so, based upon what I found in news reports, but this list is far more extensive than I expected it would be.

    I am a little surprised that Lockheed Martin still offers their Athena, as I thought they completely gave up on that a decade or so ago. But, I guess, if you come, they will build it.

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