A massive breach of federal personnel data

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Government marches on! It appears that the federal Office of Personal Management and the Interior Department have both been hacked, exposing 90% of all federal employee records.

This information is being reported in many places, some of which say Chinese hackers did the deed.



  • Rick

    If only they had used the same security that Hillary used on her private server. You know, the one that she used for her classified SoS emails.

  • ted

    And we are supposed to trust this monopoly(US government) with our financial and medical data?

  • Max

    They should use the computer system that has never been hacked or messed with. Even though the technology is 20 years old, it is safe as Fort Knox. Yes, I am talking about the same computer system that handles the election. No one has ever tampered with that…

  • I’m not feeling a lot of sympathy for the Feds here.

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