A Virginia school board has voted unanimously to revise their zero tolerance policy in connection to guns after two boys were suspended for “using pencils like guns”.

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A Virginia school board has voted unanimously to revise their zero tolerance policy in connection to guns after two boys were suspended for “using pencils like guns”.

Under the revised policy, school administrators can look at factors such as intentions of harm and whether the object is listed as a weapon to determine the punishment. Ordinary objects will not be considered weapons.

Well, duh. Sounds like common sense, doesn’t it?



  • jwing

    It’s funny isn’t it, but when a “gun free zone” is instituted in a school it is never enough is it? Naturally, emementary school children don’t by nature bring actual guns to school so the administration, by instituting a zero tolerance measure on top of its gun free zone, effectively creates a prohibition on the childrens’ thoughts and actions. Hence, t-shirts with the sillohette of a gun, the half eaten sandwich in the shape of a gun or even a pencil become as intollerable (zero tolerance) as the gun itself. This is not by accident…it is by design.

    These increasingly more frequent instances are wicked and evil, and by their very nature limits the individuas willingness to even protest the ridiculousnessof it all without becoming “suspect”, “irrational” and possibly a bitter clinging tea party/NRA member.

    Folks…this is how tyranny takes hold as it has in past places like Stalinist Russian in the 30’s, Nazi Germany in the 40’s and Moa’s China in the 50’s.

    It can happen hear, and I contend it is already here.

    Wake up….America!

  • wodun

    It is all about fighting the “gun culture.” Kids may not get suspended at that school but they will probably get some sort of lecture on the evils of guns.

  • lino

    Have we addressed the concept of the half eaten gun in the shape of a sandwich?

  • jwing

    This is alright be their way of thinking. Eating a gun is good as the gun is destroyed but eating a sandwich shaped like a gun will get you suspended.

  • joe

    Yes, this is state sanctioned mind control, the politically correct crowd is trying to eliminate the thought of guns for any use in society, they started with climate change and water conservation and have been almost successful, look at how many idiot’s believe in global warming even with very good evidence that there is no warming in last 17 years, much of this mind control starts in school!

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