Academic invents new non-oppressive physics to protect minorities

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This paper is not a prank: A feminist gender studies academic from the University of Arizona has invented a theory of “intersectional quantum physics” to fight the oppression of Newtonian physics.

Whitney Stark argues in support of “combining intersectionality and quantum physics” to better understand “marginalized people” and to create “safer spaces” for them, in the latest issue of The Minnesota Review. Because traditional quantum physics theory has influenced humanity’s understanding of the world, it has also helped lend credence to the ongoing regime of racism, sexism and classism that hurts minorities, Stark writes in “Assembled Bodies: Reconfiguring Quantum Identities.”

What is also important is that this college researcher, who also has an appointment in the culture and gender studies department at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, got her paper published in a journal published by Duke University Press. Below is her full abstract. I dare you to tell me what it means.

In this semimanifesto, I approach how understandings of quantum physics and cyborgian bodies can (or always already do) ally with feminist anti-oppression practices long in use. The idea of the body (whether biological, social, or of work) is not stagnant, and new materialist feminisms help to recognize how multiple phenomena work together to behave in what can become legible at any given moment as a body. By utilizing the materiality of conceptions about connectivity often thought to be merely theoretical, by taking a critical look at the noncentralized and multiple movements of quantum physics, and by dehierarchizing the necessity of linear bodies through time, it becomes possible to reconfigure structures of value, longevity, and subjectivity in ways explicitly aligned with anti-oppression practices and identity politics. Combining intersectionality and quantum physics can provide for differing perspectives on organizing practices long used by marginalized people, for enabling apparatuses that allow for new possibilities of safer spaces, and for practices of accountability.

I also dare you to build a rocket using this new physics. I also wonder if anyone can tell the difference between this legitimate paper and this fake one.



  • Chris L

    Yes because the laws of physics will bend to your political agenda if you use enough buzz words in your paper. Not even the hack pseudo-scientist you replaced on Coast to Coast AM would buy this bovine scat.

  • Ben K

    “dehierarchizing the necessity of linear bodies through time”

    That is certainly a phrase to conjure with.

  • Michael

    Sort of reminds me of the difference between Aryan Physics and Jewish Physics.

  • Ben K

    Any link to the rigorous treatment of the theory? It really needs some math to bring out the meaning.

  • Cotour

    Q: If a fully autonomous and functional robot that identifies as “Black” with human equivalent or higher artificial intelligence makes an observation, does it make a difference?

    (Besides the addition of the racial identity I am truly interested in an answer to the question. Does the observation by an autonomous “Conscious” AI device make a difference or is observation by a biological entity necessary to effect quantum activity? )

    The story obviously does not relate to science but to political correctness gone insane. Political correctness is THEE genuine threat to us all, and it just keeps coming.

  • wayne

    Stupidity Level = (her Mass) X (C squared)

  • Ted

    Anybody remember Prof. Irwin Cory? He made more sense than she does. I’d bet he’s on Youtube!

  • wayne

    Now that you mention him, yes! (and he is on youtube)

    Richard Feynman on Pseudoscience

  • Mitch S.

    The cat is dead

  • Cotour

    I have read that paragraph 3 times, twice very slowly, and I will be damned, I can not make out her point, intent or observation.

    What is it suppose to mean?

    I am wondering, Is this woman of such a high intellect that what she has written is entirely valid and true but others less intellectually gifted are just unable to comprehend her observation?

    Are you sure this is not a hoax?

  • wayne


    Cotour–she’s just whacky…
    (trapped in a world of her own making)

    10 Sir Isaac Newton Quotes

    “I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people.”

  • wodun

    In this semimanifesto, I approach how understandings of quantum physics and cyborgian bodies can (or always already do) ally with feminist anti-oppression practices long in use.

    It sounds like she wants to program robots, or AI, to be SJW’s. Because of the way our modern society works with technology, she wants to embed her ideology into the standards and practices that guide how technology is created. It is very totalitarian and you can’t argue with a computer about how damaging identity politics is to society.

    SJW know they can’t prevail in any debate with other humans, so they want to hard wire their twisted ideology into everything.

  • Joe

    Wayne, Great quote from Newton, most appropriate for the insanity from the intellectually dishonest in academia!

  • Edward

    Robert wrote: “This paper is not a prank

    I’m not so certain about that. The Minnesota Review is a literary magazine rather than a physics or even scientific publication.
    covering literary and cultural studies which places a special emphasis on politically engaged criticism, fiction, and poetry. Issues are often ‘themed,’ recent issues examining the nature of academic publishing, of academic celebrity, and of ‘smart’ working class kids’ experiences as adults or children within the educational system.

    As for her Social(ist) (In)Justice Wombat paper’s abstract, it boils down to: “men drool, womyn rule, so physics doesn’t work like the old dead white guys say it does. Neener, neener.

    “Unless the white guy’s identity politics puts him in a protected minority group.”

  • Chris

    The meaning of the paragraph is that she is looking for more funding and the abstract is really abstract and therefore needs lots of funding and if large enough she will come to cocktail parties to discuss her “findings” and needs for more research and more funding.

  • Laurie

    “Professing themselves to wise, they became fools.”

  • I don’t think the paper is about physics (a rigorous description of the observable universe) at all. It appears she wants to take the non-linear aspects of quantum physics as a model for reconstructing and thinking about social spaces and interaction.

    That’s the best I can do.

  • wayne

    Laurie– excuse my ignorance once again—that’s from the Bible, correct? (I have read it all, but was most interested in the Beginning and the End, parts.)

    That’s a good try!

    I have not made the attempt, but it would be interesting to diagram her sentences grammatically and nail down the Noun(s), Verb(s), and Subject(s).
    -I would put forth— don’t give her the wiggle room, she doesn’t deserve it. In the Behavioral Psychology Biz, we call that “psychobabble.”

    [Newton’s crime, apparently, is that he is a dead, white, Christian, Male.]

    “Nature, and Nature’s Laws lay hid in Night.
    God said, Let Newton be! and All was Light.”
    Alexander Pope

    “Here is buried Isaac Newton, Knight, who by a strength of mind almost divine, and mathematical principles peculiarly his own, explored the course and figures of the planets, the paths of comets, the tides of the sea, the dissimilarities in rays of light, and, what no other scholar has previously imagined, the properties of the colours thus produced. Diligent, sagacious and faithful, in his expositions of nature, antiquity and the holy Scriptures, he vindicated by his philosophy the majesty of God mighty and good, and expressed the simplicity of the Gospel in his manners.
    Mortals rejoice that there has existed such and so great an ornament of the human race!”

    -Inscription on Newton Monument, designed by William Kent and erected in 1731.

    (I doubt Whitney Stark will rate this caliber of accolade on her tombstone.)

  • wayne

    wodun opined–
    “SJW know they can’t prevail in any debate with other humans, so they want to hard wire their twisted ideology into everything.”

    Nail, on the head, my friend!
    Well stated.

  • Cotour

    Related, because ridiculous is similar to contrary and dishonest and manipulative.

    Now this is from 2010 but it is still relevant.

    Why would someone who actually believed what he has been saying for much longer than 7 years about the potential rising sea levels due to human activities and “Global Warming” buy a multi million dollar mansion…………………………………………………ON THE OCEANFRONT?

    I suppose the answer would come with ease from the author of this non-offensive physics paper. Up is down, right is left, good is bad etc, etc, the insanity continues, but at some point rational people must reconcile what must be reconciled, and this includes the double legal standard applied to Hillary Clinton.

    Good for me but not for thee.

  • Edward

    Cotour asked: “Why would someone who actually believed what he has been saying … buy a multi million dollar mansion…………………………………………………ON THE OCEANFRONT?

    Someone who realizes that we are now 1/6 of the way through the 21st century, has compared the predictions for temperature increase and ocean rise with actual measurements, and realized that the predictions are completely bogus would gladly buy oceanfront property. Do the actual measurements show that these two phenomena have risen 1/6 of the predicted amounts? Not by a long shot.

    Why not?

    That is a very good question, and I’m glad you asked. It is clear that the Earth has been recovering from the Little Ice Age (LIE) for two or three centuries, so increases in temperature this from natural process would be expected. I am sure that Al Gore and others have been counting upon natural processes to continue as in the 1980s and 1990s. This would have helped them generate more fear of human activity, giving them an excuse to make even more mountains of money, extract even more freedoms from us, and take more control over our lives.

    Actually, to answer “why not:” I have no idea why not. Maybe global warming happens because heat is coming out of the oceans, and LIEs happen when the heat hides in the ocean in the way that the global warming advocates (GWAs) say it is doing now. Even the GWAs have no idea, which explains why they are not talking about it much.

  • Cotour

    No man who actually seriously believed what they were saying about the risk of sea level rise at the rate that Al Gore proposed would do such a thing as buy a house, any house, on the ocean. Let alone a $9 million dollar one.

    This FACT, which I just happen to stumble upon today alone IMO is the Al Gore reveal and is incontrovertible evidence that what he says is fraudulent and he does not in fact believe it. There is no theory or estimate involved, no wondering or speculation and no science. A man does not do such a thing if they sincerely believe that the sea will be rising by 2 feet in the next 10 years, let alone the 20 or so that he has claimed.

    Facts and evidence are hard things to argue with. Al Gore, fraud. Proven beyond a doubt, right here, today, with evidence from 7 years ago. Who wunda thunk?

  • wayne

    I believe it is/was Gore (but it could have been John Edwards) who has a (mansion) house in the South as well—somebody leaked his utility bills (mid 2000’s), and he was paying something like $1,200 a month for electric, for a 10,000+ square-foot house.
    (something outrageous along those lines.)

    Is this another, mansion on the coast for Gore? or is this the same one he’s always had?

    Was not The old-man Gore, in the KKK? (But I could be confusing him for Byrd.)

  • Cotour

    Gore? Edwards? Does it really matter?

    Two BS American lawyers and former politicians who are each just as full of [deleted] as the other. Two frauds who are trained to look anyone in the eye and lie, lie, lie for the $$$$$$$. All of their American idealism (if there ever was any) has been supplanted long ago by the love of money and love the of self.

    Ask their ex wives what the truth is.

  • Cotour: My warnings to others about watching their language applies to you. Dropping one letter from a curse word is insufficient. I do not want my website lowered to the coarseness it appears the rest of the world wishes to wallow in. I will ban you if you do this again.

  • Cotour

    Fair enough, will do.

    I am interested in you thoughts on this Al Gore oceanfront mansion information that I came upon as evidence of his deception. No science needed. Please comment on the subject.

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