“An inconvenient untruth.”

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“An inconvenient untruth.”



  • Kelly Starks

    In public dabaets now a days — lieing WORKS!! the bigger the lie, the bigger your success.
    – Global warwming,
    – Assault weapons laws that don’t impact Assault weapons (which really arn’t whats benig used in crimes anyway)
    – Endargerd species rules for species that are real thriving — or arn’t actually species (Norther Spotted Owls).
    – Fuel economy standards that lower the fule economy of cars no the nations roads.
    – etc, etc.

    Lieing works!!! The public doesn’t care enough to check anythnig, adn the press just wants headlines.

    As for the Al Gores of the world…. mheal Moor was once asked about his INSANE lies in his films, and answered “It doesn’t mater if what I say is true if it gets people to do the right thing”.

  • joe

    The press does not care about the headlines per se, the press is complicit in the spread of this propaganda lie! This media is a total mouth piece of the democratic party and to the u.n. and for the most part do little to hide this fact!

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