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Another Webb galaxy found even closer to the Big Bang

A galaxy formed only 250 million years after the universe formed

Using data from the first Webb deep field, astronomers have identified another galaxy in that image that apparently was able to form less than 250 million years after the the Big Bang, the theorized beginning of the universe.

Like the distant galaxies described last week, it also appears to have the equivalent of a billion Suns of material in the form of stars. The researchers estimate that it might have started star formation as early as 120 million years after the Big Bang, and had certainly done so by 220 million years.

You can read the actual research paper here [pdf]. The image of the galaxy to the right is taken from figure 4 of the paper. From its abstract:

We provide details of the 55 high-redshift galaxy candidates, 44 of which are new, that have enabled this new analysis. Our sample contains 6 galaxies at z≥12, one of which appears to set a new redshift record as an apparently robust galaxy candidate at z≃16.7.

The speed in which this galaxy formed places a great challenge on the Big Bang theory itself. 220 million years is an instant when it comes to galaxy formation, which has been assumed to take far longer. Either galaxy formation is a much faster process than expected, or something is seriously wrong with the timing of the Big Bang theory itself.

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  • Pretty soon, they’re going to find galaxies older than the universe. And maybe that will convince people to start taking a serious look at MOND or other theories. Something is deeply, deeply wrong with conventional astrophysics.

    I would cheerfully pay $1000 for a sophomore astronomy textbook from the year 2100.

  • David Ross

    We’re in luck: Modified Newton accounts for faster galaxy formation. We don’t need to dump Big Bang; just the Lambda + ColdDarkMatter models, which CDM we should be dumping anyway on account we’ve never found any.
    Triton Station and Dispatches From Turtle Island are left wing (to a fault, in Triton’s case) but they are very good on (that is, against) WIMPy dark matter theories.

  • wayne

    Paul Steinhardt –
    “Time to Take the ‘Big Bang’ out of the Big Bang Theory?”

    “…the idea that it began with a bang is pure speculation based on extrapolating back in time, assuming equations remain valid under conditions far beyond where they have been tested. In this talk, Paul Steinhardt will explain why it may be time to jettison the Big Bang…”

  • wayne


    Back to the Future
    “Old Biff, Young Biff, and the Sports Almanac”

  • wayne

    Dr, Roger Penrose
    “Conformal Cyclic Cosmology”
    Solomon Lefschetz Memorial Lecture Series (2015)

  • Steve Richter

    Do there early galaxies tell us anything about dark matter? Is it possible that dark matter is something that was created at the big bang but which has nothing ( but gravity ) in common with electromagnetic radiation, quarks, bosons, protons, … ? Point being a dawn of time image of a galaxy might show an interaction between dark matter and our matter.

  • kkempton

    If you want a credible explanation, I encourage folks to look at the Gran Unified Theory of Classical Physics.
    Also look up Dr, Mills and the Quest for Hydrino Energy which makes a compelling case for an oscillatory universe.
    These new observations support the theory very handily.

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