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Arizona election audit uncovers more evidence of malfeasance in November 2020 election

In hearings today before the Arizona Senate, election audit officials described strong evidence of misconduct and election fraud in Maricopa County, the state’s largest.

Several issues were quite startling. First,

Audit expert Doug Logan revealed during Thursday’s Arizona state election hearing that auditors had reported there 74,000 mail-in ballots received and included in the 2020 election that were never recorded as being mailed out.

Ballots are not something that appear out of thin air. They are only supposed to be provided by the election board, under very strict rules. For there to be 74,000 voted ballots that the board never issued is suspect, to say the least.


the hearing revealed that 11,326 voters in Maricopa County were not on voter rolls on Nov. 7 but were on voter rolls on Dec. 4 and were marked as having voted in the Nov. 3 election.

That’s more than eleven thousand votes from people who were not registered to vote on election day.

Finally, they discovered that the record-keeping made it difficult if not impossible to match up duplicate ballots with the originals. According to the system used in Arizona, duplicate ballots are sometimes generated manually when the original is damaged and cannot be read by the tabulator. When this happens, the duplicate is supposed to include a serial number linking it to the original. This way no one can generate many duplicate (and fake) ballots to help their preferred candidate.

The audit found numerous duplicates with no serial numbers, meaning they could have been generated by someone to help their preferred candidate.

Would these these facts have changed the outcome? This is not known yet. We will have to wait until the final report, expected in August. Either way, these problems prove that the election was, at the least, poorly run, with the strong likelihood that actual criminal conduct occurred. And that last allegation is reinforced by the stone-walling of Maricopa County’s election board, which apparently does not want anyone to take a close independent look at what they have been doing.

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  • Cotour

    What I found interesting and incriminating was the I think it was 37,000 or so entries into the election system that pushed the election records out the other end so that they no longer exist. And the election records were only able to be accessed into March and not to the actual election day, January 3rd. That was done on purpose.

    Why exactly would that be done? I assume to destroy and erase those records. Why did those records need to be erased?

    But the tip of a very dirty iceberg.

  • Shallow Minded Reader

    We need Sheriff Joe to come back in town and clean up this mess. Send the dirty pols to tents in the desert with ankle cuffs.

  • Cotour

    Big picture, Arizona: “Arizona State Senator Demands Biden Electors be Recalled to Arizona and New Election Held Following Thursday’s Stunning Audit Revelations”

    Little by little. This is our system, this is our process.

    This is what the Constitution structures.


  • Mark

    Here is a complete list of highlights from yesterday’s hearing. I don’t expect many to read all the bullet points, but just let it sink in what a corrupt stinking mess this whole thing is:
    * Dominion voting systems has passwords at the county does not have.
    * The same password was used for logins for anyone with access making it nearly impossible to know who was manipulating the machines.
    * The county lied when it’s told the public the voting machines were not connected to the internet during the election
    * Need Dominion passwords to validate what some fishy activity of logins that were not normal.
    * Chain of custody from the county was not lawful
    * Maricopa County refuses to cooperate on civil issues
    *  Maricopa County state that they only secure paper, so there should be no bleeding (thick paper)
    * A Significant number of paper was thin
    * 168,000 ballots were printed on demand at sites, which is where most of the discrepancies were seen 
    * 74,000 mail ballots no clear record of being sent
    * Nearly 4000 voted even though they missed the October 15 registration deadline
    * More ballots received than sent
    * Eb32 and Eb33 should match up and do not
    * Recommend canvassing to verify over voting
    * 11,000 voters didn’t show up on voting day but somehow showed up on voter rolls after the fact.
    * Approximately 18,000 people voted in the Maricopa County Election but then were mysteriously removed from the voter rolls right after the Election
    * Missing images of envelopes for mail-in ballots that Maricopa county refuses to send (not where they said it was)

  • Mark

    For those of you who know more about computer systems, is the following a strong indicator of a deliberate coverup by the computer administrators of the Maricopa election system?: Using a script to auto generate 37,000 queries which results in deleting in memory security logs 1 thru 20,000 so there is no record of who logged on before, during, and after the Nov 3, 2020 election in Maricopa.
    According to cyber expert Ben Cotton in March 2021, there were more than 37,000 anonymous administrative queries to access the 2020 election system in Maricopa County that defied “normal Windows behavior,”. He also stated: “The Windows logs will actually record the user name that is requesting that action” in addition to the IP address and the host name of the client making the request, said tech expert Ben Cotton. “What we are seeing here…is we’re seeing anonymous logins at the system level that do not follow that pattern of normal Windows behavior.” Cotton then said that he needs to obtain data to figure out what the activity is.

  • Cotour


    Thank you mayor DeBlasio (Vial Marxist / Leftist barely human waste) and the “Progressive” Democrats, like the governor of New York State who signed into law their Liberal, Leftist, Marxist, “Woke” agenda that incentivizes common thugs to brazenly carry and kill at will.

    Those listed are directly responsible for this man in the videos death. Look at this video and be proud of your accomplishments.

    And they have empowered the young shooter who is apparently just doing a job. Just taking out the garbage.

    Anyone who continues to vote for anyone with a (D) next to their name has a death wish of their own and for their country.

    You knee jerk vote in the (D) column: STOP DOING THAT!!!

    Call yourself an independent, call yourself what ever you please, just stop doing that one thing.

  • DKN


    I’m not an expert, but in the system I work with (which is used by two dozen colleges), log ins are always recorded and available for years afterwards. We archive old data, too, it is never destroyed. The reason being we handle sensitive data and must have an audit trail and the ability to reconstruct records and actions.

    I’m not a lawyer either, but IIRC, federal law requires all records created during an election to be preserved for 22 months; also so auditors could see who was doing what, when, to data. So, yeah, somebody with admin privileges logging in, and running a script to delete thousands of records, and apparently no written requests/orders from authorities to do so, is reasonably construed as a strong indicator of a coverup.

  • Mark

    Thanks DKN for sharing your experience. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Marcellus, a guard, talks to his philosophical comrade, Horatio, saying, “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark …“ (Act-I, Scene-IV). The means that the situation of Denmark is similar to a fish that rots from head to tail, or in other words, it shows that there is corruption at top of the political hierarchy. For the US, major metro election officials in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, etc. are the rotting tails that stink to high heaven. The swamp in Washington DC is the rotting head. So in America, both the head and tails are rotting.

  • David M. Cook

    On the radio, the ABC news jerk said “the hand count matched the machine count”, mis-informing thousands of people. The White House should shut down ABC for spreading disinformation.

  • Desmond Murphy

    “Audit expert Doug Logan”
    This is his very first election audit. He appears to have been selected to lead this audit because he has been pushing the “Big Lie”.

  • Desmond Murphy: Gee, what a relief. You and I can now completely dismiss, without thought, any evidence presented by the audit!

    It is so nice to be so close-minded. Makes life so easy.

  • Desmond Murphy

    Gee, it must be great to be so open minded! We all tend to motivated reasoning, more readily accepting assertions that back our previous opinion. His experience and motivation is directly relevant to the assertions he is making. Before my first comment I looked into the 74000 vote discrepancy claim and found this:
    I’m sure with your open mind you won’t immediately dismiss it as “lamestream” media propaganda.

    Biden earned 306 electoral votes to Trump’s 232, the same margin that Trump had when he beat Hillary Clinton in 2016, which he repeatedly described as a “landslide.” Trump got 7 million fewer votes. He lost, and he lost “Bigly”.

  • Martin Knight

    @Desmond Murphy
    You’re making an ad hominem argument. So what if he believes fraud marred the 2020 election? He is still a CISP – in other words an auditor with a professional certification.

    By the way, what makes people who believe that it was “the most secure perfect election ever” any more credible?

    They have a process involving 1500 people, video recording everything, extensive documentation, armed security, along with a former Secretary of State to look over the process and a court certified cyber forensics expert following rules and using tools endorsed by Federal authorities.

    Your focusing on the person instead of the process, like every partisan audit critic, says a lot.

  • Martin Knight

    Interesting AP article – I’ve hardly seen anything quite as nakedly biased as this “fact check.”

    They literally just picked a side and declared the other side “false” while, of course, attacking Doug Logan.

    Especially after the discoveries in Georgia and Arizona – whether they politically agree with the people involved or not – the AP (which claims to be an unbiased outfit) should not be using the word “baseless” anymore.

  • Cotour

    “Biden earned 306 electoral votes to Trump’s 232, the same margin that Trump had when he beat Hillary Clinton in 2016, which he repeatedly described as a “landslide.” Trump got 7 million fewer votes. He lost, and he lost “Bigly”.”

    Those are the results of the 2020 election, no doubt. Joe Biden is the president, 100%.

    And I think it is not irrational given all of the monkey business that occurred and was clearly visible, and invisible that is being revealed now as the time can be taken to show it. That there were anomalies and clear frauds and corruption perpetrated in the election. The Democrat party must cheat in any way shape or form that they can. That is also a fact. If not they would never be able to achieve any political power.

    What is coming due to this initial Arizona forensic audit, which was very well thought out, organized and executed by the proper authorities that saw that their fiduciary responsibilities as legislators demanded that they do what they have done. Executed by over 2000 fully vetted objective volunteers who did and are doing a down the middle job of finding the real truth as to what happened in the Maricopa county 2020 election.

    Any one who argues that any election that is questioned, especially when so much evidence is apparent that there were irregularities to say the least is, like I tell my Liberal friends, not a serious person. All elections need to be properly run and examined when any irregularities are suspected, period.

    So, Mr. Murphy, I suggest you stand by as this all plays out in an organized and rational manner which will reveal the truth of the 2020 election, in Maricopa county Arizona anyway.

    Then it will be going to Georgia, then to Pennsylvania. Then on to other states and counties.

    Time and the legal process and the Constitution that structures it all are the enemy of all those that attempt to subvert the peoples will and the truth.

    Stand by, Mr. Murphy.

    Coming it is.

  • Cotour

    I shared my comment with someone who sent me this message:

    Fewer than 200 cases of potential voter fraud out of more than 3 million ballots undercuts Trumps claims of a stolen election!”

    And this was my reply:

    And its not “VOTER fraud” that is in question here.

    Its the clearly organized actions of the people who ran the election in the states and the counties and the systems that they bought and used to register and tabulate the election that are in question.

    The “200 cases of VOTER fraud” is a red herring here.

    Do you understand the distinction here?

  • Desmond Murphy

    @Robert Zimmerman
    Despite the title of this post, both articles you link to contain accusations, not evidence. To accept accusations that reinforce your existing beliefs as evidence is a just a little closed minded of you, is it not? You quoted two sentences from the articles, one of the quotes describes Doug Logan as an audit expert, intended to reinforce the credibility of the “evidence”. Is looking at the relevant experience and motivation of the accuser not relevant?

    If after 2016 Clinton lied about winning the election, and a true believer “audit expert” made similar accusations of wrongdoing I suspect you would have been quite happy to mention their lack of relevant experience and ulterior motives. Or is it easier to label me as close minded so you don’t have to re examine your own beliefs?

  • Martin Knight

    @Desmond Murphy
    The exclusive focus on Doug Logan is curious. Leaving aside the fact that Logan apparently has a CISSP certification, what about the other two principals? Why do you all on the Left try to pretend they don’t exist?

    What about Ken Bennett, a former AZ Secretary of State and certified accountant who intimately knows (from experience of actually handling AZ elections) the election and ballot handling laws of the state, and also knows (as an accountant) how audits work? What about Ben Cotton of CyFIR, a court certified cyber forensics expert – not to mention that CyFIR is the firm that discovered the OPM hack in 2015?

    I suspect you ignore their existence because the notion that they are ignorant novices will fail the laugh test.

    Another thing is that auditing an election system actually requires no special knowledge outside of standard branches of auditing and forensics. There is no uniquely special field known as election auditing. But process and transaction auditing, and computer/networking and document forensics do exist and can be applied to an election.

    So we’re talking about (i) process and transaction audits on precinct poll books, chain of custody documents, adjudication records for spoiled ballots, etc. (ii) computer/networking forensics, i.e. logs, audit trailing and function tests on the tabulating machines, and (iii) carrying out document forensics on the ballots themselves, including ink analysis, checking for printing misalignments, required security features, and other artifacts like folding creases, etc.

  • Edward

    Desmond Murphy wrote: “Despite the title of this post, both articles you link to contain accusations, not evidence.

    Voters being added to the rolls after they have voted is evidence, not accusation. A vote quantity discrepancy is evidence, not accusation; more ballots counted than valid ballots created is a serious, serious problem. Unmatched documentation and incorrect documentation are evidence, not accusation. Testimony is, by definition, evidence. The county announcing a breach in the computer system is evidence, not an accusation. Ballots lacking the required serial numbers is evidence, and ballots with repeated serial numbers is evidence.

    Wrongdoing definitely happened in Arizona. Whether it was intentional or a whole lot of stupidity, the outcome of Arizona’s part of the election is clearly in doubt. How this affects Arizona local elections or ballot measures can also be questioned.

    In 2016, Clinton had three states perform recounts, insisting that the Russians had altered the election results. Once the Wisconsin recount showed that any such alteration benefitted Clinton rather than Trump, the other two recounts were immediately halted.

    One has to wonder why all election discrepancies always favor Democrats.

  • Cotour

    Classic Democrat operations / MO:

    Why? Because they have to, its all they have got.

    Accusations will turn into evidence soon enough.

  • wayne

    You need to be very leery of Psychology Today.
    That being said, yeah— people generally telegraph their true intentions, and folks with personality disorders [that would be most leftist/statists] tend to “project” their internal states onto other people.
    And as you note, “it’s all they’ve got.” (it is that simple, and it is that complex, at the same time. But rules-of-thumb are generally true in the psych-biz.)
    ->Show me a person who is overly obsessed with sex, race, religion, Trump, etc., etc., and I’ll show you someone who is [expletive]-up in the head.

    Deep Space 9
    “In The Pale Moonlight”

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