Artist goes into hiding

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Lost freedom, compounded! The artist who had first proposed the idea of “Everybody Draw Mohammad Day”, then backed off out of fear of attack, has now been forced to abandon her life and career and go into hiding.

It is just this kind of event that makes me wonder: Why would anyone consider Islam a “religion of peace?”



  • John H

    Where is the condemnation from the Imam? Where is the condemnation from Obama? Where is the outcry from all the peace loving followers of Islam? Why do so many feel political correctness trumps first amendment freedoms?

  • Chris L.

    Yeah, that was the interesting thing about the whole “burn the Koran day” thing. Everyone pretty much agreed it was an incredibly stupid idea. There was no doubt about that. What no one wanted to get into a deep discussion about is WHY it was an incredibly stupid idea. Namely, a number of the people who worship that book are just plain bat feces crazy, and seem to relish any chance to be “offended”. It’s a way of exerting control over others.

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