As deadlines loom and the problems with the Obamacare website continue, the Obama administration has issued a number of illegal extensions to the law.

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The law is such an inconvenient thing: As deadlines loom and the problems with the Obamacare website continue, the Obama administration has issued a number of illegal extensions to the law.

I hate the law, as any reader of this website knows. However, the law is the law. Obama and his bureaucratic minions don’t have the legal right to rewrite it at their pleasure, just because it doesn’t work. And they are discovering this, as increasingly insurance companies and state insurance boards are telling them that their so-called changes are invalid and cannot be obeyed.

It appears a growing number of Congressmen also agree: A resolution in the House demands Obama be brought to court for not faithfully executing the law.



  • wodun

    And to think Republicans offered the gift of a 1 year delay and Obama shut down the government rather than take it.

  • mpthompson

    The law is for little people.

  • Cotour

    I found this comment string on a story about the four biggest failures of the government, I thought these guys said what needs to be said. They were commenting of the European situation and their Cap and Trade system in general. Basically create a system so over burdened with debt that all the people can be concerned with is the ever growing level of taxes that must be generated to sustain it all. Its all about a mechanism of control. A very dark and sick system.

    A: This is the essence of liberalism. Big stupid utopian dreams, followed by massive failure and, in my opinion, fully intended consequences. Then more leftist meddling to fix the problems created by leftist meddling. Look at how well the Great Society worked for Detroit … what is the illegitimacy rate among black again? 80%? Great job liberals!

    B: Liberals are like locusts. They sniff out a rich, fertile land of milk and honey…and they SWARM in and devour it into a complete wasteland. Then they stand there and shrug, blame Republicans, or teabaggers or the Koch brothers, and call them “racists.”

    A: Absolutely correct. And when the Marxists take over a place that is not fertile and rich already, and there is no capitalist wealth to feed off of, you get N. Korea. When the place is rich, when the feeding is done, you get Detroit.

    B: Exactly. The Left has put the country on a trajectory to Detroit or Greece.
    Tax, spend, borrow, regulate, nationalize. Power grab after power grab after power grab.

  • Edward

    Utopian dreams is right. Mankind is not built to live in a utopia, as he will always screw it up through individual selfishness; practically everyone wants more. That is why free market capitalism works, it creates and thrives upon that enlightened self interest.

    The (literally) bankrupt Detroit is the right example. Circa 1960, the liberals declared that Detroit would be their example city to show the world what liberalism is about and can do. They took one of the most prosperous cities in the world (an unfair starting point, if you are proving that you do good), as close to utopia as we can get, and turned it into the least prosperous — a dystopia.

    Mission accomplished.

    Greece, of course, demonstrates what happens to a welfare state. Practically everyone wants more, and they complain or riot if the government can only supply less.

    Meanwhile, Obamacare is a liberal system that treats the US public as welfare recipients or the “other people’s money,” which is running out so fast that the Federal Reserve is printing money almost as fast as the government can spend it. Similar to the Weimar Republic.

    We could crash and burn three times before this is over (Detroit tactics, Greece philosophy, and Weimar Republic policy). Does anyone have a parachute, and what color is it?

  • Cotour

    I just read how the FED may create turmoil in the market by beginning to taper towards the end of the year.

    Why can I not believe this?

    Because I believe that most of the reported “good” news in the economy is based in lies and general BS and spin. The stock market is pumped due to the FED and the QE policy, unemployment is rampant, food stamps are rampant, businesses are under Obamacare pressure and dialing down hours, etc. etc. and this administration has done every possible thing counter to creating any kind of confidence in the American economy.

    If the FED tapers on what I perceive as false “good” news and their is no actual economic growth then there will be market turmoil to say the least. Has it gone too far and they have to begin tapering in spite of the false numbers and force the change?

    The only way out of this kind of economy is through true economic growth and this administration is too much based in Marxist philosophy to get on board with any real kind of economic incentives. They are too busy creating massive debt to enslave the population in order to “redistribute the wealth”.

    Edward, this King has no clothes IMO.

  • wade

    I agree with your stated opinions.

  • Edward

    Oh – god, Cotour, you got me started.

    1. He started his presidency (after the election, but before he took office) talking down the economy, telling us that it would take years to correct the seemingly major problem (which was no longer a problem a few short months later, but we are still in a poor economy). Banks were afraid to lend money, but that lasted only a short while.

    2. Before Obama and Bernanke, Fed policy was to not reduce interest rates below 1%, because if you dropped them that low, you would have nowhere to go if the economy remained sluggish. They did, it did, so they followed the panic interest rate with “Quantitative Easing,” printing money was the only option left for making it easy to borrow money. Unfortunately:

    3. Policy changed so fast that businesses did not (still don’t) feel safe making investments in expansions. Money continued to not be borrowed (despite the desperation of banks to lend it) and employees continued to not be hired – at least not in the numbers required to keep up with population growth. Congress is not the only one to be rapidly changing policy, even the president announces that his enforcement of laws is changing, in hopes that businesses will expand and individuals will not be as badly screwed by his health plan law. No one, not businesses, families, or individuals knows what to do in order to keep from getting screwed. And to continue the “unfortunately” from above:

    4. With so much new cash being dumped into the economy every month, the value of each dollar decreases. Thus, once the economy eventually recovers and the added cash circulates like autumn leaves in the wind and the decreased value of those dollars becomes obvious, we can expect rapid inflation that will make the 1970s look like good times.

    5. HIs space policy has allowed the Chinese to look more competent than the US.

    6. Our friends around the world are now looking to our enemies for safety and protection.

    Not only does this King have no clothes, but now that the pictures have gone viral, people around the world are openly laughing at the fool.

  • Cotour

    I was talking the other evening with a high level NY politician (liberal Dem, not a true believer, former NYC office holder, Obama admin participant). He asked me how things were going and I basically laid out for him what we are discussing here and that I have been frozen in growing and apprehensive to borrow money for 5 years.

    There is no confidence projected by this administration, they are immersed in ideology and not economy. That’s all they know.

    He agreed with everything I said and added that if everything were to go down the drain it wouldn’t matter because we would all be in the same situation. Which I totally agree with, but even someone who has been in the inner circle recognizes the plain facts of where we find ourselves.

    But, while I want to be cautious I do not want to be paralyzed, which is where a good portion of the world finds itself because of the obvious. When this segment of history comes to a close, do we forge ahead into explosive growth or do we go down the drain and swim with the fishes?

    Anyone? Edward?

  • Edward

    I still believe America is exceptional. Once we have an administration that regains our trust, we will push through the pain that is coming due to this administration (e.g. very high inflation) and have explosive growth. FDR didn’t stop us, despite his efforts, Jimmy Carter didn’t stop us, despite his incompetence, and BO won’t, either.

  • Orion314

    When empires fall , that is it , game over. If they ever come back , its in name only…

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