Back from the Grand Canyon

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Diane and Gang on the Tonto Plateau

Diane and I just got home and are in the process of catching up. Posting shall resume this weekend, maybe tonight! Meanwhile, I was pleasantly surprised that even with my absence, my thoughtful readers (even ones I sometimes disagree with) have been keeping things lively here with some intelligent debate. Kudos to you all!

And as always, the Canyon was what it always is, magnificent and awe-inspiring. The picture on the right shows us hiking on the Tonto Plateau, about 4000 feet down from the rim but above the Colorado River 1000 feet below. If you look real close you can see the tiny figures of Diane and others on the trail.



  • Max

    Next year may I suggest going to the north rim of the Grand Canyon. If you haven’t been there before you’re in for a real treat. The mountain range is full of life. Pine trees giving way to lodgepole pines Butting right up against the Grand Canyon. Beautiful. Very remote, two hours from the nearest hotel in St. George. The old mule trail starts on top of the cliff’s near lucifers throne ( The only lava flow in the canyon ) if you’re lucky, you might see some of the California condors released near by.

  • I’ve been to both rims many times. And I agree about the beauty of the north rim. Quite worth the visit.

  • PeterF

    Thought you might get a kick out of this.

  • Anyone who visits the Canyon and looks at the books for sale in the vendors gift shops will see a book called Over the Edge: Death in the Canyon. Even a quick skim will send chills down your spine. I have myself never been able to bring myself to buy it and read it all because I know how little margin the Canyon gives for mistakes.

    Thus, though the cartoon is silly and funny, I can’t laugh at it as much as I’d like.

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