Been underground

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I just got back from a cave project weekend in the mountains of southeastern Arizona, which is why I have not posted this past weekend. The project involves surveying and mapping one of the more significant caves in Arizona, and has been on-going now for almost three years. We hope to finish sometime next year. I am the cartographer and project leader.

Posting to resume shortly. Stay tuned.



  • D.K. Williams

    Sounds like fun!!!

  • Cotour

    I am interested in ancient / stone age / native American cultures. Have you ever been deep in a cave and found evidence that ancient people have been there and wondered how the hell they got there? Some caves in Europe have beautiful and elaborate cave paintings a half mile deep in some caves, and its not easy in any way to get there. I always think, if their light source was ever lost that would pretty much be it for them. All done with lamps and torches, no batteries.

  • There is ample evidence in Mammoth Cave in Kentucky of American Indians traveling very deep into the cave using reed torches. However, I have seen little evidence in Arizona that the Indians ever traveled much farther than the initial rooms that were still in twilight.

    Regardless, we should never be astonished by the things humans do. We are capable of some amazing things, from journeying deep inside a cave barefoot with only flame torches for light to launching a robot spacecraft to a distant comet so that it can gently land on its surface to take pictures and analyze the surface.

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