Boeing to cut 30 percent of its management ranks.

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Boeing to cut 30 percent of its management ranks.

This could be good news for the company. If they do this right, they will reduce their costs without hurting their ability to produce. That they made this announcement today, the day after the election, and that the cuts mostly involve their defense work also suggests it is linked to sequestration, despite the company’s denial.



  • Kelly Starks

    Really, they are expecting a rapid worldwide decline in economy and market. So they are looking to scale down the company to the new pourer future they see before us all.

  • I think we will see a LOT of rifs in the defense industry in the next few months.

  • Patrick

    I’m already seeing it.

    Just on the fear of these coming budget cuts we have already lost 10% or so of our sales.

    And the heads are making noise about loosing more.

    I work for a company that manufactures electronics for those companies that build things for the government.
    We are no longer even making replacement parts for the M1 Abrams tank because this administration has decided that the US doesn’t need a main battle tank. And can’t think of something to replace them with.

  • Kelly Starks

    He doesn’t think the US should have a military — except when he wants to use it.

    Yeah, expect the US mil to be eviscerated.

  • Chris Kirkendall

    Kelly, you are exactly right – unless the military can do something to make HIM look good – like getting bin Laden – he has no use for them. Completely unrelated to this thread (but relevant) is the fact that while using them this way, he did everything in his power to ensure military ballots would not get to the troops in time to be counted. I believe I read the military vote was down 70% this year compared to ’08…

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