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Border wall to divide SpaceX’s Texas spaceport?

According to this article, the proposed location of the border wall in Boca Chica will bisect SpaceX’s spaceport facility there, and Democrats are working a deal to prevent this.

This article is part of the full court press being put on by the Democrats, with blatant media help, to block the wall, in any way possible, as I noted previously. I have very serious doubts the wall will cut across SpaceX’s property in any way that is significant, but if it is threatening to do so, the solution would not be to not build a wall there (which is what the Democrats want), but to work out an arrangement where the wall is built on the edge of their property and thus does them no harm.

If no wall is built here, the property then becomes a target for illegals, and thus will create even worst problems for SpaceX.

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  • wodun

    Why would a wall protecting the USA leave part of the USA on the other side of the wall? Why would a resource that is critical to American interests be cut in half and damage the resource?

    It looks like the Democrats are trying to capitalize on the cult of Musk but this also illustrates that everyone recognizes the importance of SpaceX, even though the company, and its significance, is not well understood by the general public.

  • Phill O

    We were talking to folk who just came back to the boot-heel from Albuquerque. The vastness of the homeless encampments boggled their minds. Why would people encourage more to invade? The medical system is full of illegals with some of the worst health issues. Animals in similar situations are not even permitted in the USA.

  • wayne

    Good stuff.
    Why would our border not include American land? Does SpaceX own adjacent land, in Mexico?

    I know a little about land surveying and easement’s, this proposition doesn’t make sense on it’s face.
    >Sounds like Fake News— people who don’t know anything about anything, reporting on stuff that doesn’t exist, creating a government thing, that does nothing. On to the next manufactured “crisis.”

  • wayne

    don’t have “texas” handy, but this is descriptive….

    Land Descriptions: Arizona

  • Michael

    I’ll bet that Elon and his cohorts are smart enough to figure it out.

  • pzatchok

    As for the placement of the fence.

    We can not work putting it up in Mexican land. So we have to work just a bit away from the actual border. About 10 to 15 feet.
    We also have a problem in that the actual border is in the middle of the RioGrand river. We can not build there.

    the real problem is that once the wall is up what do we do with people who do not get over the wall the but get caught on the southern side but on US soil?
    The Dems will insist that they are released into the U.S.

    We need processing camps on the Mexican side so we never have to let them free inside the U.S.
    We also need to change the lower limit of excuses needed to stay in the U.S. Right now all they have to say is that they are afraid of violence.

  • BSJ

    The river is the border. They can’t build Il Duce’s silly wall in a river so they would have to be built some distance away, which is often on private property.

    The wall will deprive the owner’s the use of their property. And most likely that land will be seized through Eminent domain or just theft without compensation.

    All in the name of a campaign lie, made by a con-man to get votes from the gullible.

  • BSJ: You apparently have no direct knowledge of the situation at the border and in the southwest border areas of the U.S., or are pretending to make-believe the problems do not exist.

    The federal government has an obligation to defend the borders of the country. It has routinely failed to do so for decades, resulting in waves of illegals, of all types, with many bad actors sprinkled in. Had the government done its job, those bad actors would have been blocked.

    The wall might not be the right approach, but having the federal government do its legally required job is. At least in this case Trump is making an effort, the first president in thirty years to do so.

  • Phill O

    The New Mexico agents are now reporting only groups crossing. A group must be above 100 people to hit the stats. In the Antelope Wells area, there were 26 groups apprehended last week. If this is not an invasion, what is?

  • Cotour


    All while you live securely behind your fence with its locked gate and your secure locked front door while you sleep, probably hundreds if not thousands of miles from the border. How nice.

    Il Duce? (Didn’t you mean Hitlarian?)

    You mean the first president in modern memory who has the actual leadership stones to do what must be done and stand against the un American leadership of both political party’s and actually attempt to reduce illegal immigration into OUR country. Yeah, he’s a real dictator, what a nationalist nut. (A nut just like me)

    I had a conversation with a nice lady the other night who I know for a fact holds me and my opinions in high regard, she mentioned Trump. I told her Trump is the best modern American president, probably since Lincoln. She looked at me cockeyed, waited to see if I was serious, then called me crazy when she understood how serious I was.

    I told her if you insist on calling me crazy (And she knows very well that I am not) that I would have to refer to her as being politically ignorant and naive. And so I say the same to you, you are politically ignorant and naive and are a danger to yourself and others.

    And eminent domain has its function as per the Constitution. Not to be abused, but it certainly has its function. I love how concerned the Liberals and Leftists are now concerned about eminent domain, a term most were not familiar with until now. Your concern is misplaced, again because you are politically ignorant and naive.

  • pzatchok

    The claim of eminent domain has already been addressed.

    The U.S. government has full right and authority to use the area next to the border as it sees fit. They do not even have to go to court over it. Just hand you the cash for your border land they are using and its over.

    Plus ask anyone who owns border land. They are more than willing to let the feds put up a wall to stop illegals from crossing, making a camp on, making a garbage dump out of and even dying on their land.
    Some will ask for access to the river but not all and not many.

    Plus there are already hundreds of miles of border wall and fence up now. And its working.
    Of course, sometimes they get through but they ARE forced to take extravagant measures to do so. So the wall is still doing its job then by concentrating them into easily watchable and findable areas.

  • Jason Hillyer

    Who knew the SpaceX side and politics side of this website could mix… actually, I wish it would mix more often, it’s a bit comical.

  • wayne

    Does someone have an aerial picture, with the border superimposed, of the land in question? I find it hard to believe (Ultra-pasteurized, Ultra-Homogenized, Made Up, Ultra-Fake News) the border “bisects” SpaceX land. (only if they own adjacent land on both sides of the border, and if that’s the case SpaceX knew that going in and it’s their risk.)

    “Bisect,: by definition, “into two equal parts.”

    You never normally build your fence/wall, directly on top of your property-line. (don’t do it. And don’t build it until you’ve had a legal boundary survey done by a land-surveyor. Real estate agents aren’t land surveyors btw. don’t believe anything they tell you.)
    In a residential setting using chain-link fencing, the cement supports, the poles, and the fencing are all constructed on your side of the boundary. (In many States there is a mandated legal distance, although that is normally measured in inches, and never in feet.) For a more substantial barrier, it will be constructed so the outside of your barrier will just touch your boundary line. The idea is to construct your barrier, 100% on your land, unless your neighbor is paying 1/2, at which point the barrier can go “on top of the line,” and you both own the barrier.

    November 9, 1989

    “A woman on the radio talked about revolution,
    when it’s already passed her by.
    Bob Dylan didn’t have this to sing about,
    you know it feels good to be alive.
    I was alive and I waited, waited,
    I was alive and I waited for this.
    Right here, right now
    there is no other place I want to be
    Right here, right now
    watching the world wake up from history…”

  • BSJ


    Your messianic adoration of Trump is laughable.

    I was born in Texas. Maybe I know a bit more about this wall non-sense than you think…

    You’ve all fallen into Trump’s false claim that “doing something” even if it’s the wrong thing, is better than nothing.

    No! It’s still the wrong thing to do.

    Trump isn’t “doing” anything but demanding we waste VAST sums of taxpayer’s dollars, on nonsensical campaign lies.

    You’ll get your wall when Mexico pays for it! Oh wait. Now that you must admit that ‘promise’ was really a lie, you demand that he make you pay for it instead.

    But that’s how con-men work. Make the duped keep coming back for more. Over and over again!

  • pzatchok

    I don’t think that a fence is a waste of money.
    I would rather pay 20 billion for a fence than spend 15 billion on state and federal aid to illegals.

    And they DO get government aid. As soon as they are on our soil we MUST grant them a court date. Normally 2 years later.
    So since we can not kick them out until then we give them a temporary green card.
    With that green card they can and do get free federal HUD housing, welfare, medical coverage, education for those still in school, language classes and adult education.
    Add on top of that, thanks to Obama’s policy, they get free transportation to any place in the country. He didn’t want them filling up border areas so they were easily counted.
    Add on the fact that when they do end up getting a job they are accepting them at lower wages than residents would normally accept.
    Thinking that they will spend all the cash back inside the US is wrong. Billions are sent back to relatives in Mexico helping to prop up the Mexican economy.

    And yes Mexico WILL pay for the wall. First by finally having to support all the ones who don’t get in to the US.
    Yes Mexico will pay for the wall, just not directly by cash, like the simple people think Trunp meant.

  • Cotour

    My “messianic adoration” is based in observation and evidence related to an unlikely and unique political figure in American politics. Trump is a true leader, all other modern American presidents were not leaders but the facilitators of bigger men’s agendas in the world at the expense of the American people and the Constitution. Even though at times his leadership is a seat of the pants exercise. That is just one other positive indicator that he leads over bends to other men’s agendas.

    I know that this model can be upsetting to some, that difference makes them / you uneasy, they want what they are used to, a sell out. And what have they become used to is the slow but sure drift towards the Socialist / Globalization model where America surrenders its sovereignty and Constitution to U.N. like governmental bodies. You may not recognize this but this is what has been going on.

    In comparison the “vast” sums of money that you site in order to gain some reasonable physical control of our own border is a budget rounding error in the tenths of one percent. It amazes me that those who want the status quo are willing to accept vast and growing numbers of people illegally entering OUR country and their family’s accompanied by documented every day vast numbers of criminal operatives, drug conduits, sex traffickers and people who regularly kill and murder their fellow citizens. Why are you willing to accept that? They just have not got around to murdering one of you own?

    And to boot because of the nature of our government we the people are through law required to house them, feed them, educate their children, provide medical services and many other social benefits, all forced by law to be paid for by the American tax payer.

    Why is it unreasonable to you that there not be an organized and rational immigration system? Is that how you run your life? I suspect the answer is no. The answer is, and you may or may not be aware of this fact, this is the only way or one of the major ways that the Democrats see that they can grow their voting base over time. And this has been going on for the last 50 years. The Democrat party is dying as the people see them for what they are, Leftist, un American and desperate to remain in power and will do anything to remain in power. ANYTHING.

    So your argument related to the border is IMO not sustainable for one minute. To allow such a chaotic system to continue to exist serves only one purpose, to sustain the Democrat party and their agenda to be eternally empowered by the voters that they are attempting to mint over time by flooding the country with their obedient and theoretically obligated servants.

    And to be clear, I am not for one second proposing that there be no immigration from the Southern border. We need these people to join our country and those who want to come here to work or become Americans should be welcomed.

    Again, you do not operate in this chaotic way, what would you do if you went to bed and woke up to six illegal immigrants sitting in your living room resting before they continue their journey? Drinking your beer, eating your food, ogling your wife / life mate / partner. Why should the government allow such a ridiculous systems to exist? A system that you personally would never allow to exist in your own life.

    Fences and barriers where they are determined to be necessary on the border, reasonable immigration and asylum policies, reasonable migrant guest worker policies, these are all reasonable and rational things that the population of America is reasonable to expect. Anything other than that is by design a system to usurp the rights of the American people in order to serve a political agenda and is a threat to our Constitution.

    Are you sure that you were born in Texas? Because it sounds like you were born in Chicago or New York. You may have been born there but I suspect you have not been back in a long, long time.

    PS: The “Messiah” is at 52 percent approval, a head scratcher to most of you on the Left, makes perfect sense to me. The Democrats and their Leftist operative are in the process of ensuring a Trump land slide the more they push their dopey and illogical anti / un American agendas and opinions. They would do better to just stay at home and out of the media and keep quiet. The more they / people like you reveal what they think the clearer it becomes to the every day American what is what.

  • pzatchok

    I forgot to mention the anchor baby problem.

    If in those 2 years an illegal has a child on American soil the parents cannot be deported until the child is 18.
    During the child’s early life they can also ask that a relative or two come to the US to help out with the child.

    I am not sure but they might also be allowed to sponsor more immigrants if they can prove responsibility for them.

  • Cotour


    A little bit more of Democrat / Liberal / Leftist un American stupid for you.

    People who enter the United States ILLEGALLY are technically by definition CRIMINALS. If you are arrested for drunk driving and you are are here illegally you are once again, a criminal now times two.

    Just as long as they don’t run you or a member of your family over its OK?

    Is it reasonable to think that if a person who is here in America ILLEGALLY and kills someone, you, me or a member of our family, that if they were not here in the first place, you, me or that member of our family would still be alive?

    Its really not a difficult question.

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