Cassini’s last shot of Titan

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The Cassini science team has released the spacecraft’s last shot of Titan, taken during its last fly-by of that moon of Saturn on September 11, 2017, and posted below.

Titan by Casssini



  • Willi

    Tuesday’s podcast is available on Batchelor’s podcasts page.

  • Nicholas Horianopoulos

    A friendly reminder: Your discussion with Mr. Batchelor earlier in the week had you misquoting the day of the last transmission of Cassini; it’s due to make its last contact home early Friday morning EDT, not Saturday.

  • ken anthony

    Looks like there might be some interesting terrain under that methane atmosphere. We should get a rover down there?

  • Nicholas Horianopoulos: Yes, I am aware. It appears that the date shifted as they refined Cassini’s orbit, and I missed this change. I of course can’t note a correction on the audio tapes, so it will be what it will be.

  • wayne

    I’ll stick this in here:

    NASA Previews Saturn Mission End (news briefing)

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