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China admits it will do nothing to stop North Korea from attacking US

In an official editorial, China has admitted that it will do nothing to stop North Korea from using missiles to attack the US territory of Guam.

Beijing is not able to persuade Washington or Pyongyang to back down at this time. It needs to make clear its stance to all sides and make them understand that when their actions jeopardize China’s interests, China will respond with a firm hand.

China should also make clear that if North Korea launches missiles that threaten US soil first and the US retaliates, China will stay neutral. If the US and South Korea carry out strikes and try to overthrow the North Korean regime and change the political pattern of the Korean Peninsula, China will prevent them from doing so.

In other words, China will not stop North Korea from carrying out its attacks, but if it does so China will also not do anything if the U.S. responds.

The editorial is intellectually dishonest however. It also states,

The real danger is that such a reckless game may lead to miscalculations and a strategic “war.” That is to say, neither Washington nor Pyongyang really wants war, but a war could break out anyway as they do not have the experience of putting such an extreme game under control. [emphasis mine]

The highlighted words are simply wrong. It has been very clear now for several years that North Korea is eager for war, and has been doing everything it can to instigate a conflict.


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  • wayne

    Recently I came across an interesting BBC series covering WW-2; they took the actual BBC radio broadcast transcripts and recreated them for Television (visual) presentation, with appropriate cuts to historic film footage never available in real-time.
    It’s very powerful. “as it happened” There is a contextual difference between hearing it and seeing it, makes WW-2 even more “real,” vs. a movie/film/documentary after the fact.
    (Fully granted the BBC was the official organ of the British government, and our media was infinitely more patriotic at the time. The outcome was inevitable, but it certainly wasn’t assured at the time. We have the distinct luxury of always knowing who wins.
    –I have no doubt that same BBC coverage would be attacked today by the left wing in America.
    Which leads me to the general Media presentation of the Vietnam War, as I kid I watched it on TV, complete with a body-count scorecard every day on CBS.
    And now I’m watching Main Stream Media, blame DJT for this current mess.
    Holy cow.
    Who said– “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme?” I wasn’t alive in 1939, but this current situation is morphing into what I might imagine it felt like. [“life during wartime”]

    The Chinese are not our friends and they never have been.
    It’s going to get messy, sooner rather than later, and I really wonder if we are prepared to put up with, what it might inevitably take to resolve.

  • wayne

    as an example-
    BBC News 44
    June 6, 1944 – (Part 9 of 14)

  • Cotour

    IMO China and the United States administrations of the past have created this tenuous situation. China through encouraging N. Korea to be a thorn in the side of America for their own aspirations of world dominance and our own flaccid figureheads and administrations by not having strong policies and having the general Globalist (Leftist / Liberal) agendas that coincides with the Chinese aspirations. The Chinese love a weak and leftist America, that suits them just fine. China is not our ally, rather they are our frenimie. Our own plainly perceivable weak Leftist drift has created these potentials. And they lie in wait for us again in the future in the form of Iran thanks to the B. Obama / John Kerry administration. Traitors sure.

    This current situation will be set off for real if the N. Koreans continue to test the outer limits of their perceived “new” power. To me they seem to be of the opinion that their staged photo ops of their president appreciating their powerful rockets and masses of man power intimidates the U.S. . I think this is a potentially fatal mistake, this is more like a movie than reality from my seat in the theater, and in their movie they misunderstand that the new U.S. president is completely different than the presidents of the past.

    If they were naive enough to actually launch an nuke or two towards any American asset or ally Trump will I am certain order a massive strike that will cripple their entire country. This game, and I can not tell if they are out totally on their own exerting their perceived power or they are doing Bejing’s bidding to grind us down, but if they continue, the potential for a massive problem just grows. And I do not think that the response would be nuclear initially but more conventional, first taking out all military striking potential that threatens S. Korea and then it would grow North to every military installation that exists. This is not about man power so much as it is about the technology of war and the ability to deliver it in a precise and massive manner. I believe we have that ability.

    I do not believe that China is ready to make their big world play at this moment though, they are still building their machines of war. N. Korea appears to be running largely on their own hype, they actually seem to believe that they should be out on their own rather than at a negotiation table. They have been sanctioned to death, resupplied by the Chinese to the point that they now have some degree of missile and possibly nuclear strike force / ability.

    And then there will be the Russians. I trust neither the Russians nor the Chinese to be willing to upset the power balance in their part of the world, so what will they be willing to do or not do if things are set off?

    And if it does go to a nuclear level, one Ohio class sub has I believe 192 total nuke war heads, 7 nukes X’s 24 missiles. We have I think 14 of these. Hopefully it will never get to that point. Not to mention the many JDAM and cruise missile delivery platforms ans ability to serve them up.

    I am hopeful that they will decide to dial it back to reality because I have no doubt that if their is an attack for real this massive potential will all reveal itself. Then what?

  • Orion314

    The RUB, of course, is proving this whole kabuki theatre is not a false flag op. Which liar do you trust more?

  • wayne

    “Duck and Cover” (clipped)

  • Cotour

    It appears that these messages of the threat of war are coming from the N. Korean president through their own news / propaganda delivery service. A false flag is always a possibility, it is a tool of war and domination, but where is the line drawn and who is drawing it?

  • Cotour

    Trump once again demonstrates that he is not like past American presidents who by their activities were essentially Globalists and supported China’s aspirations. As un American as it gets IMO, probably all of the presidents since Reagan should be serving time for what they allowed and what they freely participated in.

    From what I gather China openly steals EVERYTHING so Trumps confronting them on this policy is going to be disturbing to them and their aspirations. What are their aspirations? World domination at some point in the future. Could the N. Korea situation and their becoming more aggressive (Without the internal military back up to enforce it) be a tactical distraction on this front? Could be.

  • pzatchok

    China’s main and possibly only reason for backing NK is that it does not want a US ally right on its boarder.
    At least not since communism began.

    Now that they are slowly turning socialist, and eventually more democratic, I can see them eventually allowing a US ally directly on their boarder.
    Thus I can see them right now making the statement that they will remain neutral as long as the US does not make the first offensive attack.

    For China this is in all actuality a very bold statement.
    Culturally this is also about the most direct way China would tell NK to STFU.

  • wayne

    Have to disagree with “the Chinese are slowly turning socialist, and eventually more democratic.”
    Chinese and their best-friends the North Koreans, are Totalitarian Statists. Always were, and will remain, until they are annihilated.

  • Cotour

    An illustrative tutorial of one aspect of Americas counter strike capability should N. Korea sadly decide to execute their stated intent of attacking Guam.

    If Kim Jung Un IS thinking in some movie script way that this attack would be a good and sustainable thing to do, hopefully he looks in on B2B and happens to read this comment and watches this short video.

  • wayne

    We do have the most lethal military force on Earth.
    Deterrence however, depends heavily on the will to follow through, and I am not at all sure we have the guts to stomach, what has to be done.

    Besides– it’s a huge distraction from Persia, which will also have to be annihilated, or at a minimum decimated, as-in the entire ruling elite & the 10 largest cities vaporized.

    Norks had these miniaturized nukes, 2-3 years ago.

    BTW–Where’s that flakey Delegate from Guam, who was worried about the island “tipping over?”

  • Cotour

    Wayne: I share with you my response to a friend of mine along the same lines as your point about following through. He wanted to know what the cause and solution to our current problems were. He claims to be a G. Soros adherent:

    The cause of our current problems? : “Our own plainly perceivable weak Leftist drift has created these potentials. And they lie in wait for us again in the future in the form of Iran thanks to the B. Obama / John Kerry administration. Traitors sure.”

    Weak is weak, weak never ends well. This “Globalist” plan is the G. Soros kind of plan. If G. Soros is all about Globalism then he supports the continued Left leaning of our country and us surrendering to the likes of N. Korea and China and things like this continuing and becoming the norm, and you by extension would be supporting that. (I do not particularly think that you really think in this manner though. I truly believe that you are a true patriot but find the choices before you a bit too messy and politically incorrect in some ways)

    An illustrative tutorial of one aspect of Americas counter strike capability should N. Korea sadly decide to execute their stated intent of attacking Guam.

    If Kim Jung Un IS thinking in some movie script way that this attack would be a good and sustainable thing to do, hopefully he looks in on our conversation and watches this short video. Because I have little doubt that given the proposed scenario proposed by UN that Trump will execute. “Crazy” works in this particular game of world domination. Its when someone is totally focused on being “reasonable” and “Sane” and “agreeable” and wants to be seen as “erudite” and “intelligent” by others instead of taking care of business that the real trouble begins in earnest.

    Weak is weak.

  • Commodude

    We have the most lethal military on the planet. IF the military is allowed to do it’s job unfettered.

    The politicians don’t have the spine to handle the outcome of shock and awe done correctly. Just FYI, for the few who don’t know, the “shock and awe” campaign over Iraq was a watered down shadow of what the op plan called for.

  • LocalFluff

    I think that he said that he today will address US trade with China. (Everyone knows who one means by saying He. This is about He and Xi.)

    Trump will of course make full use of US’ total superiority militarily and economically, and in other respects. China and Russia have done so for decades and therefor they have gotten so powerful relative the US. If the US simply plays the same game, the rest of the world has no chance to keep up. Consider his adversaries: Un, Jinping, Putin. None of them have had anything near Trump’s experience with business and media. Like Clinton they rely on their advisers telling them what to tell everyone.

    Being POTUS is the easiest job Trump has ever had! He doesn’t even need to use negotiation, he could use ultimatum with either economic or military ruin as the immediate consequence for any non-complier. But I think he will negotiate because he think that’s fun to play with.

    Notice how he punishes the GOP leadership now by converting governor Justice of West Virginia, and now maybe appointing Democrat senator Manchin to head the DOE after Rick Perry. The replacement senator will vote to repeal Obamacare and McCain will be sidestepped for the rest of his sorry political career, ending up in the socialist camp as he now has. By appointing senators to the WH, the president can shape the Senate majority on the margin, within months and between ordinary elections. At the same time winning over moderate Democrat voters by being cooperative.

  • LocalFluff

    When Trump today at 3 e.m. signs a trade war with China, the Chinese top bureaucrats cum generals will blame each other and destroy each other. One of them loses a billion more than another of them, so they disagree angrily. They have no market mechanism to clear such adaptions to a changing reality. They still do it the hard way.

    But the topic of China trade will probably never come into his mind ;-)

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