China launches GPS satellite, matches record for annual launches

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China today completed its 20th launch in 2018, putting a GPS satellite into orbit with its Long March 3C rocket.

Twenty launches matches China’s 2016 record for annual launches, but they have done so in just over half a year. They continue on track to meet their prediction of about 40 launches in2018.

The updated 2018 leader launch standings:

20 China
12 SpaceX
8 Russia
4 Japan

China now leads the U.S. 20 to 18 in the national rankings.



  • Captain Emeritus

    Do the Chinese communists ignite their rockets with a four foot long wooden match jammed into each
    combustion chamber like the Russian communists, or do they still rely on waterproof fuse?

  • Mike Borgelt

    Technically it isn’t GPS. Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) is used to describe the generic idea of navsats.
    China has its own system called BeiDou Navigation Satellite System
    Russia has Glonass, Europe has Galileo and India has NAVIC for the Indian ocean region. Also Japanese have QZSS to boost GPS availability in Japan and the SBAS satellites are also GPS compatible.
    There is a nice app on the Google PlayStore called GNSSview that can can show all constellations in view.
    Right now where I am I have 45 GNSS satellites visible.
    4QZSS, 12 GPS8 Glonass, 10 beidou 6 Galileo and 5 SBAS.

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