Conservative firebrand Loomer easily wins Republican primary

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A good sign: Conservative firebrand and outsider Laura Loomer easily won her Republican primary today in Florida, beating five opponents by a large margin.

Loomer gained prominence on social media over the past few years for a number of stunts, including handcuffing herself to Twitter’s headquarters to protest her suspension from the platform and hopping the fence at Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s house to protest immigration. In addition to her suspension from Twitter, Loomer has also been suspended from GoFundMe, Facebook, Uber, and Lyft.

After being suspended from multiple platforms, Loomer’s campaign message was that of free speech, “making America safe again,” and the Second Amendment. With the help of large donors, Loomer raised more than $1 million while campaigning.

She will now face the Democratic incumbent, Lois Frankel, in the November election.


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  • Richard M

    The 21st District as it exists now, post-2010 redistricting, is pretty heavily blue: Hilary and Obama both won it by 20 points. But maybe Loomer can make some noise.

  • Phill O

    On her stance for the 2nd amendment, my friends tell me ammunition is at a premium and hand gun sales have depleted stocks.

    Me thinks the dims should be awarded an honor for re-stimulating the firearm sales.

    Likewise, I am hoping there will be many more like her looming on the horizon. As with Covid jokes, it is a real pundemic.

  • Michael G. Gallagher

    She has all the right enemies.

  • Joe

    She is an up and comer and looking to unseat an incumbent. This is good new. Every incumbent should be tossed out on the keester for their power structures and back-room deals.

    I hope she wins.

  • Cotour


    All of the speakers at the Democrat convention that call themselves Republicans but are well known to actually be RINOS (Republicans in name only) have been flushed out by Trump. And of course the Democrats are unable to recognize that Bill Clinton is now accused of also being a pedo as per the young woman that accompanied both he and Jeffery Epstein to pedo island. They will all speak at the Democrat convention.

    John Kasich, a zero, really a political zero.

    Collin Powell, called himself a Republican, but you always knew he was a Democrat.

    Cindy MaCain, we know why she is there.

    Christy Todd “There is no problem with the air quality at ground zero” Whitman.

    And, former president, William Jefferson “I did not have sex with that woman, and I was never on Pedo Island with Jeffery Epstein, even though there is a credible woman who says you were there with 2 under age girls Clinton. The Democrat party and the cancel culture is unable to detect him. How does that happen? Simple, he is a Democrat.

    (Can you imagine the videos and the pictures that must exist in Epstein’s files that no one will ever see and will be used for years to “influence” those people in those videos and pictures? And who is in possession of those files? Is this an unreasonable assumption? I don’t think so.)

    And Trump forces them all to reveal themselves for what they are, Liberals at the minimum and Globalists at the max and people who desire to raze our Constitution as it was designed and intended.

    And that is the function of the Trump presidency.

  • Cotour

    And the Democrat party really is the all inclusive party, here Linda Sarsour, America hater and Leftist is among the participants in their convention.

    And we all understand that Joe Biden, at least to these Leftists like Sarsour, AOC and the like is just the best Bernie Sanders proxy they can get.

    And that is the real contest I wanted to see: Trump / Capitalism / Constitution V Bernie Sanders / Communist / Leftist / “progressive”.

    Biden is a beard for Sanders and his “progressive” agenda and that is what this is all really about. Because a Trump V
    Bernie head to head contest would have been an immediate disaster. The Trump V Biden contest is a just slow motion political train wreck.

    But I suspect the end result will be the same.

  • Nitecat

    I voted for her. ( Loomer ) One of our local morning AM radio drive time hosts pointed out that several conservative Trump – supporting candidates across Florida won unexpectedly , and this may foretell a Republican tsunami in November . We should all stay strong and do what we can to make this happen !

  • Col Beausabre

    Of course, NBC’s headline on this story calls her a “right wing extremist”.

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