Cooking the climate numbers in Australia

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A comparison of the raw climate data with the adjusted numbers released by Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology shows that the adjustments have routinely turned the trends from cooling to warming.

This is the same finding that Steven Goddard and others in the U.S. found when they did the same comparison of NASA and NOAA numbers. In every case the adjustments either cooled the past or warmed the present in order to accentuate the appearance of a warming trend, sometimes in complete contradiction of numbers that had been accepted by scientists for decades.

So, does this mean the climate isn’t warming? No. What it means is we haven’t the slightest idea what’s happening, since the data has now been corrupted so badly that it is almost meaningless.



  • Cotour

    All the BS “science” fine tuning aside, this has been one hell of a pleasant summer in the North East this year and if this is what Global Warming or Climate Chaos, what ever the terrifying label of the moment might be is going to bring, I say bring it on!

    (keeping in mind that when I comment on climate issues it is understood that I always am interested in and support the investigating and development of new technology in industry and power generation and the upgrading and installation of the best and cleanest technology when ever feasible and or possible.)

    Speaking of which has anyone commented on Andrea Rossi and LENR lately, any thoughts? This thing has been going on for some time now and seems to be holding up.

  • Cotour

    And while we are on the subject of BS, what are are the Chinese smoking these days? This IMO is a ridiculous story and is designed to throw some kind of monkey wrench in the American strategic thinking or is part of a story line for a Chinese science fiction movie. Any volunteers for taking the first ride in that submarine? I know that there have been demonstrations of a torpedo moving within a cavitation bubble at around 300 miles per hour or so but an entire submarine moving at 3600 miles per hour? I am calling BS on the Chinese.

    “Chinese scientists a step closer to developing supersonic submarine
    The new ‘supercavitation’ methodology could see the vehicles travel at rates up to 3,600 mph underwater, being able to make the trip from Shanghai to San Francisco in about two hours.”

  • DK Williams

    A lib friend argued his case that there two sides to the climate debate. His side, supported by “data” and the denier side supported by evil corporations. This was too much for me. I stated that I concur that there are two sides. The climate-scam side led by Algore and his media friends, and the other side, which is simply the truth. I also pointed out that most corporations are run ethically and without them, we would be Haiti.

  • Cotour

    Here’s a good real world example about traveling 4,000 miles per hour high in the atmosphere never mind under water. What happened? IT BLEW UP!

    You may find that the story about the Chinese building a 3,600 mile per hour sub is a hoax created for the gullible. (IMO of course)

  • Cotour

    Its hard enough keeping a boat going at 200 MPH on top of the water without destroying itself, never mind 3,600 MPH under the water.

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