Democratic staffer signed off on computer theft by foreign IT workers

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New evidence in the scandal surrounding the computer staff used by Democratic congressmen shows that the chief of staff for Yvette Clark (D-New York) apparently okayed the loss of $120,000 worth of missing computer equipment, thus hiding the loss from investigators.

Clarke’s chief of staff at the time effectively dismissed the loss and prevented it from coming up in future audits by signing a form removing the missing equipment from a House-wide tracking system after one of the Awan brothers alerted the office the equipment was gone. The Pakistani-born brothers are now at the center of an FBI investigation over their IT work with dozens of Congressional offices.

A senior House official with knowledge of the situation provided TheDCNF with new details about how exactly the brothers are suspected to have stolen the equipment and possibly data from Congress, raising questions about the members or staffers who were signing the checks on equipment purchases.

The $120,000 figure amounts to about a tenth of the office’s annual budget, or enough to hire four legislative assistants to handle the concerns of constituents in her New York district. Yet when one of the brothers alerted the office to the massive loss, the chief of staff signed a form that quietly reconciled the missing equipment in the office budget, the official told TheDCNF. Abid Awan remained employed by the office for months after the loss of the equipment was flagged.

It is not clear who actually did this, as there was a change in staffing at the time. Either way, it once again appears as if the Awan family had some dirt on the Democrats, and was using it to compel their cooperation in a variety of illegal acts.



  • Commodude

    The more issues Congress has with IT, the more i think it should be brought in house completely. Too many sensitive tasks subcontracted in the name of saving a few dollars. How many security breaches have been traced back to contractors working in classified areas?

    Put it under one of the military services branches, USAF has the lead on cybersecurity, IIRC, and get the contractors out. Things take on a whole different meaning when you’re subject to UCMJ.

  • RockribbedTrumpkin

    This is a criminal conspiracy that ties many Democrat Congress members to Pakistani secret service agents. I hope jail sentences will be the outcome of the investigation

  • wayne

    “The D.C. U.S. attorney’s office is currently led by Channing D. Phillips, an Obama holdover who was never confirmed. (Still awaiting Senate confirmation is Jessie Liu, nominated by President Trump in June.)”
    “Meanwhile, Steven Wasserman, Representative Wasserman Schultz’s brother, has been an assistant U.S. attorney in the D.C. office for many years.”

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