Democrats make no gains in special elections

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Despite their screaming and protesting since the election of Donald Trump, the Democratic Party’s effort to win elections continues to falter.

The Democrat resistance may be generating a lot of noise in Washington, D.C., but so far in 2017, it has shown little impact on elections in the states. Even with hefty financial investments and high profile Democrats lending star power to state-level candidates, Republicans won control of every district they previously held across multiple states that Democrats have won in the last three or more presidential elections, including as recently as yesterday in Connecticut.

Read the whole thing. Essentially, the protests and wild mindless opposition to Trump by Democrats nationwide has failed to persuade anyone who voted for Trump or the Republicans to switch their votes. In fact, the failed Democratic election effort, which included significant campaign spending in some very small local elections, suggests that the voters have been turned off by their almost hateful opposition. Not only did vulnerable Republicans win their special elections, they appear to have generally done so comfortably.



  • Cotour

    They may be loud, but they are not deep.

    Why is this happen might we suppose? I think that many Democrat voters are in the process of realizing that their party has been taken over by a Leftist operative leadership. (Duh)

    What did the DNC just do? They just elected an Obama Leftist to head it, and what did this new leader of the DNC immediately do upon being empowered by the rank and file? He immediately made Keith Ellison his deputy. Two confirmed Obama type American Leftists.

    The mass of the Democrat party are traditional American Democrats, thats middle / leaning Left. These people who have managed through their proven “community organizing” tactics to usurp the Democrat party are anything but middle / leaning Left. They are all full bore American Leftist / Marxist true believers.

    We are also in the process of watching how Obama and his minions are setting up to battle Trump and the rest of America to insinuate their beliefs on us all. Their claws have been allowed to become deeply embedded into Americas flesh and we all must work to dislodge their hold and cast them aside.

    This is crazy and its going to get crazier, never before seen in America, expect anything.

  • Orion314

    A photo on Drudge contradicts Pelosi’s statement about not meeting Ambassador Kislyak. What I don’t understand is how a creature like Pelosi has such Darth Vader like power.I understand that the creature’s power is attributed to its fundraising ability, , i.e. knowing where the bodies are buried. , i.e blackmail. I’m mean really , their is not one reporter with a pair of brass balls that can hold up a picture of that to the creatures face in a press conference and publicly denounce such a beast? Imagine watching it’s brain go into vapor lock while it thrashs , shrieks and squirms?.
    This vile creature who thinks that Bush is still POTUS? What does take to get a criminal politician thrown in jail? Are the always untouchable?

  • Cotour

    I wonder what it is that people suppose an ambassador or a Senator or Congressman / woman’s function is?

    Sessions question by Frank was a shaped lawyerly question and Sessions answered it as a lawyer would. What is being attempted here is to create a narrative that their meeting was “secret” and nefarious. Mean while they all have met the Russian ambassador, as is their job.

    What was it the Democrat politicians, including Obama some 22 (?) times, talked to the Russian ambassador about when they met him? We know what Obama said to Medvedev on a hot mic “Tell Vlad that I will be more flexible after I am reelected”. That sounds like Obama was in the process of giving something to Putin that he could only provide after reelection because if it was found out before the election it could put Obama’s ability to deliver to Putin in jeopardy. I think it was the disarming of America’s nukes.

    That sounds more like treason to me than negotiation.

    There really are consequences to elections.

  • ken anthony

    There needs to be hard push back. The republican talking point should be loud and repetitive: What crime?

    Obama’s shadow govt. needs to be thoroughly purged. A firing squad for treason would be too good for them. Watergate was nothing compared to this lefty criminal mob.

  • Frank

    The Democrat party of my father is gone, replaced by factions pushing their social justice agendas, led by big city and coastal hypocrites, Washington elites, academia, much of the press and Hollywood.

    The loudest and most outraged in Washington, like Peolsi, Schumer, Warren, Wasserman-Schultz no longer speak for average working Americans. They have become the representatives of the anti-American voices and of the elites who now keep them in power.

    These people fight dirty and they must be defeated for this country to survive.

  • pzatchok

    The democrat party of our fathers turned away from the majority if the nation when they began to embrace the fringe groups on the hopes of winning more elections, ignoring their base.

    They embraced the baby boomers in the late 60’s and propagated the lie that they were the party of racial equality.
    With the Boomers came the fringe groups of the time. In the Dems hopes of keeping that growing majority they embraced the fringe, not realizing the fringe would eventually gain more and more influence thanks to their support. Eventually they would take power in the in the party.
    Now we have the Dem party of today.

    Actively supporting the anti-religious members of their party and not making any effort to support those religious members concerns.
    Actively supporting the fringe environmentalists and not supporting the real first environmentalists, the hunters.
    They now actively support big businesses in hopes of big donations.
    They now support globalists instead of America first.
    Actively supporting the fringe alternate sex rights members and ignoring the majority party members.
    Actively supporting illegal aliens under the false guise that they do jobs legal Americans will not. All the time ignoring the out of work children of their long time members.

    The farm industry has reported that their are only 200,000 registered migrant workers in the US. Even if that is wrong and there are ten times as many migrant workers what jobs are the other 10 million illegals doing?
    they are doing the low skilled entry level jobs our native born young people could be doing to get them through collage or giving them experience to move into better jobs.
    Illegals do not move into better jobs because they can not pass the E-Verify or back ground checks needed for better paying jobs. They just block new workers from moving up.
    Especially into Union jobs. Their main Democratic supporters.

    They can not back out now. They MUST keep supporting the fringe.
    All the Republicans need do is reach out to the typical democratic majority.
    Reach out to the religious.
    Reach out to the patriotic.
    Reach out to the fare minded about voting laws. Sanctuary cities allow ‘residents’ to vote not just legal citizens. And often do not separate state and national voting forms. Residents are defined as anyone with a current utility bill or lease contract in their name. Republicans MUST teach this to the public.

    So much to say and so little time.

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