Did Russia test hypersonic glide plane?

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The Russian state press is reporting that they have successfully tested a hypersonic glide plane for use as a ICBM warhead.

The details are slim but if true, they will have a warhead that will be difficult if not impossible to intercept.



  • me & myself

    Hypersonic glide vehicles? The US did that with the ASSET and PRIME vehicles in the 60’s. They are also not impossible to intercept because nothing is. Actually, they might be more vulnerable at certain points because they can’t go as fast as a ballistic warhead and regular anti-aircraft missiles might have a good shot at them. Also, the payload goes way down so a MIRV’ed missile might carry 2-3 instead of 10.

    If you really want some that is hypersonic and useful then make it a bomber.

  • pzatchok

    Why do the Russians always seem to perfect and implement technologies a year after the US tests them?
    They even claim to have a hypersonic anti-ship cruse missile.
    We can’t even get the sustained hypersonic part down and they seem to have it licked and even perfected the guidance system enough to hit ships.

    Instead of hypersonic nuclear warheads I would like to see the US perfect and implement hypersonic kinetic kill warheads.
    Re use the old ICBM rockets and have multiple re-entry warheads capable of inflicting 1kt or so of nonnuclear damage to a target.
    We should have the control, shielding and guidance needed for this to work by now.

  • Wayne

    Interesting recent video of Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense & Terminal High Altitude Area Defense–

    How do these rate against the new Russian threat?

  • Wayne

    >kick in the front door & the whole corrupt enterprise will collapse

  • Edward

    Wayne asked: “How do these rate against the new Russian threat?”

    THAAD is designed for ballistic missiles. The unpowered ballistic trajectory must be known at THAAD launchtime, because it puts itself into its own ballistic intercept trajectory, with only minor intercept course adjustments possible as it approaches the target. The new threat is designed to maneuver more like an aircraft. It may be a slow maneuver, like an SR-71, but it should be able to evade our anti-ballistic missile missiles.

    Whether an anti-aircraft missile can take it down is another question.

  • D K Rögnvald Williams

    In the chaos of a nuclear war, hundreds, if not thousands, of warheads would likely get through any conceivable defense. It doesn’t matter to me if I get vaporized from an ICBM, sub-launched ballistic missile, cruise missile, or suitcase nuke. If the Rooskies want to bankrupt themselves on such projects, so be it.

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