DSCOVR images the Moon crossing in front of the Earth

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Cool video time! Images from the recently launched Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) have been assembled to create a short movie showing the Moon transiting across the face of the Earth.

I have embedded the animation below the fold.


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  • Edward

    A friend of mine worked on the EPIC camera, back when the satellite was known as Triana, or sometimes “GoreSat.” He told me that there would be a brightening in the center of the Earth, because the sunlight would be reflected directly back at the camera from a region perpendicular to the direction of the light’s source (DSCOVR being at the L1 point, always directly between the Earth and the Sun).

    In these images, we can see this effect. To me, it looks like the sun is looking at itself in a really dull convex mirror.

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