Elon Musk outlines the upcoming test program for the development of the man-rated Dragon capsule.

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Elon Musk outlines the upcoming test program for the development of the man-rated Dragon capsule.

The bottom line is that they are planning two major unmanned flight tests in 2014, followed by a manned flight test in 2015. The manned flight would use their employees, not NASA astronauts.


One comment

  • Pzatchok

    Once they have a ship rated for returning people to Earth they will have the ability to sell these capsules to other nations.
    Maybe not with the same electronics but with everything else ready for space.

    They could make profit from not even putting them into space themselves.

    They could eventually spin off the manufacturing end as its own separate company.
    They could even spin off a taxi service company using equipment they lease from their other divisions and spin offs.
    A wonder if the falcon could eventually be launched from a ocean ship like the French are doing?
    This would give them the ability to rent out launch services to other nation right off their own coasts.

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