Faced with an almost certain recall over her gun control votes, a third Colorado state legislator has resigned.

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Pushback: Faced with an almost certain recall over her gun control votes, a third Colorado state legislator has resigned.

By resigning she allows the Democratic governor to appoint a Democratic replacement, thereby keeping control of the state legislature in Democratic hands. Had she been recalled the voters would have had the option to vote for a Republican replacement, as happened with the first two legislators who were recalled.



  • Chris L

    I think the recall election proved conclusively that the voters can’t really be trusted with such important duties like choosing their representatives. Despite millions of dollars spent to educate their ignorant little minds, they voted the wrong way anyway. That’s why the Democrat in question had to take one for the team. Better that our betters make these decisions than the silly people. [/snark]

  • Pzatchok

    Recall the replacement on grounds they were not voted for and at the same time recall the governor.

    Teach him a lesson in party politics.

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