Falcon Heavy static fire test delayed one day

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SpaceX has rescheduled the launchpad static fire test of its first Falcon Heavy rocket 24 hours, with a test window beginning at 1 pm Eastern.



  • ken anthony

    Speaking of testing. Considering the cost of a BFR, how will they get the bugs out without losing one?

  • wayne

    Do they load 100% of the fuel, for this test?

  • geoffc

    @Wayne: That is the goal. 100% of the fuel/oxidizer. Part of the test is to see if they can supercool enough LOX/RP1 and move it in suffiicient time to be able to launch.

  • Calvin Dodge

    @ken I don’t know if they’ll get the bugs out without losing one. But given that they probably won’t have launch contracts to use for testing, and based on what I recall from Elon’s comments, I believe they’ll be doing much more incremental testing than they did with Grasshopper and Falcon 9R. It actually sounded like Jerry Pournelle’s recommendation – fly it some, land it, fly it a little farther/faster, land it, etc.

    If they outfit a prototype or 2 with strain gauges and sensors, and gradually increase the stresses by boosting acceleration/velocity/temperature, they _should_ have a good idea as to what safety margins are available, and whether they can push to the next level at low risk.


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