Faulty concrete at Vostochny launchpad caused by contractor

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The faulty and spongy concrete that the Russians have discovered at the Vostochny Soyuz launchpad was caused when the contractor hurried the job as well as improperly laid the concrete.

“It was a mistake by the contractor Spetsstroi. The process of concrete laying was violated due to rush work,” the source said. “Spetsstroi laid the concrete in winter time in utterly unsuitable conditions and used drying fans.” The source said the cavities in concrete were identified more than a year and “continued to be eliminated by the public corporation itself until the contract with Adonis was concluded.

Part of the blame here falls not to the contractor but to Putin. He demanded that Roscosmos complete a launch at Vostochny in 2016, and to do so all the contractors at Vostochny had to scramble to get the job done. Apparently, this particular contractor was forced to cut corners improperly.



  • Col Beausabre

    “You want it bad, you’ll get it bad” and “Haste makes waste”

    You can’t even send ’em to Siberia, they’re already in Siberia

  • wayne

    Concrete does not dry, it sets.

  • Mouse

    It may much more difficult to pour concrete in Siberia winter as in Florida. In addition, we all know for sure: Failures newer happen in America.

  • wayne

    I’d be willing to wager you were an apologist for the soviet commie regime, as well.

    jeez— 60 million murdered by Russian marxism, and nobody was ever brought to trial

  • Mouse

    Good point, Wayne. You are right. What about Holodomor, for example? However, should we use the term Russian marxism, if nearly no Russians were involved in the first Bolshevik regime, which was composed about 80-85% from another ethnic group as Putin confirmed by himself?

  • Edward

    The saying goes something like: “we can do it fast; we can do it cheap; or we can do it well. Choose two.” Russia did not choose the “well” option. It seems that speed (schedule) was more important than quality.

  • wayne

    “The fascist philosopher behind Vladimir Putin’s information warfare”
    Timothy Snyder on Ivan Ilyin

  • Mouse

    Wayne, what is that for a kind of BS that this Snyder man proposes. Insane. Is he paid by American taxpayer to produce this nonsense?

  • wayne

    It’s ironic, your handle is “mouse.”

    The Holocaust Through the Eyes of a Maus
    (Art Spiegelman)
    UWTV- 2014

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