First commercial crew flights still set for 2018 with chance of delay

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NASA’s manager of the commercial crew program provided an update to the agency’s advisory board on Monday, noting that both SpaceX and Boeing are making good progress to their scheduled first flights late this year.

The bottom line however is that there is a good chance the flights will slip into 2019, though based on the update it appears to me that the flights will not slip that much beyond that.



  • Mike Borgelt

    Remind me again how long it took from GO! to landing on the Moon and returning safely to Earth, starting from a knowledge base much smaller than what we have now.

  • Mike Borgelt: Well, Kennedy’s speech committing us to go to the Moon took place in May 1961. We landed on the Moon in 1969, just over eight years later.

    A better measure would be to use the launch of Sputnik in 1957 as the GO! point. With that measure, it took 12 years to get to the Moon.

    Either way, SLS/Orion is an embarrassment in comparison, especially since it is using engines that already exist and concepts already proven.

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