Five People Arrested in D.C. for Dancing At U.S. Monument

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What would Jefferson say? Five people arrested this weekend in D.C. for dancing at the Jefferson memorial monument.


One comment

  • The Federalist

    I think he would say that he would not care if it did not pick his pocket or break his bone. But since the actions of the dancers would tend to disturb the ability to reflect at a spot designed for reflection, and since the cause being protested is trivial, I think he would conclude something had been picked and something had been broken, and would not have minded the police actions.

    Thought, he might have been a poseur at times, he did wish that rational reason should rule–not acts of arrogance of the self imposed on others who had not been offensive in any way themselves. He had enough of that kind of thing, I should think, from living with his fellow Virginia grandee planters, and believing in good manners as he did, I thus conclude he would have had no problems whatsoever with the law being called as it was in this case. Polite manners are the lubricant of a civilized republican society, and he did, remember, think Andrew Jackson was a vulgarian.

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