Former Vostochny head and comrades sentenced to jail

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Several former top managers of the lead contractor building Russia’s new spaceport Vostochny have now been sentenced to prison for embezzlement.

Yury Khrizman, former head of Dalspetsstroy, and Vladimir Ashikhmin, the company’s former chief accountant, were found guilty of abuse of office and embezzlement, a court official told Interfax. Khrizman was sentenced to 12 years in jail and Ashikhmin received seven years in jail.

“The other people implicated in the case, Viktor Chudov, former chairman of the Khabarovsk Territory’s duma, and Mikhail Khrizman [the son of Yury Khrizman], also got jail terms. Viktor Chudov received six years in a penal colony and Mikhail Khrizman was sentenced to 5.5 years in jail,” the court official said. The court also ordered the convicts to pay 5.16 billion rubles in damage as part of the Roscosmos lawsuit, he said.

Not for an instant do I believe this case cleans out the corruption in Russia’s aerospace industry. All this does it to tell all present managers that if you are going to steal, don’t steal so much that you cause a delay in the project itself. The reason these guys are going to prison is that they got greedy and stole too much, thus causing the completion of Vostochny to be significantly late, with many of its workers not getting paid.



  • wayne

    Jordan Peterson on the Gulag Archipelago
    (excerpt from: “Stalin, Death, Repression and the Gulags.”)

  • wayne

    “They pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work.”

  • Localfluff

    I watched Iannucci’s comedy “The Death of Stalin” yesterday.
    It is full of vile language about sexual abuse and such, but for those who can take it, I recommend it. It portraits striking caricatures of the infamous individuals (like Beria, Chrusjtjov, Molotov) at the top of the Kremlin during the few days between the death of Stalin and his funeral. Like all good European (British this time) movies, it is far from a Hollywood block buster style movie. It is more theatrical and aims at a more narrow audience that has some basic historic orientation about what Soviet was in the 1950s (so I doubt many millennials would appreciate it). But I think it is very well produced and acted and it works very well as a comedy about the terror.

    Consensus decision is always required because any minority sentiment will be noted and shot. Fractions are not allowed. That makes it difficult for them. With the head of the hen cut off, the rest of the body doesn’t quite know what to do. It used to just pick another grain of sand and swallow it pretending that it is edible, but now what without the head? Not the American way of doing business or getting things done. And when the communist sign was finally taken down 30 years ago, all Russians weren’t immediately adopting a completely new philosophy. There’s another head on that hen now. Many of the other Russians birds have flown away. Maybe the space program, the pride of the Soviet Union, is still especially “conservative” in its mentality: One doesn’t make money by creating a better product, but by cheating while sucking up to the boss.

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