Freedom Caucus to push for swift Obamacare repeal

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In a direct clash with the Republican leadership that increasingly wants to slow down a repeal of Obamacare, the conservative House tea party group dubbed the Freedom Caucus announced today that they will push for an immediate repeal of the law.

The House Republican leadership is made up of a bunch of cowards. They fear the polls. They fear the press. They fear the astroturf demonstrations paid for by the left. They fear everything. And they believe in nothing, because if they did believe in freedom and restricting the power of government they would move quickly to repeal Obamacare and let the chips of freedom fall where they may.



  • wayne

    Most excellent summation of the Rino-Statist-Progressive, inside-baseball, controlled House!
    Ryan isn’t part of the solution, he’s a major participant in the problem.

  • m d mill

    May I be permitted to quote myself from a previous response:

    “I agree completely with Wayne’s first comment [again].
    The 60 vote rule is completely artificial.
    Democrats HAVE and will at any time waive it for legislation “vital” to them.
    Republicans should do the same. Repeal it completely…let Senate democracy rule, as spelled out in the constitution.
    McConnell and most republicans are unwilling to repeal the ACA stipulations about preexisting conditions
    because its “mean spirited”. They want the “free lunch” [pandering]. They really don’t want the free market solution, and will never defend it!!
    To repeal the funding rules without first repealing all the regulations and mandates is the easy and inane chicken way out, and will simply destroy the system even faster. The Republicans will be blamed for their stupidity, and they will deserve it. Truly affordable efficient sane hospitalization insurance ,WHICH DID EXIST pre-ACA, will [likely] never be seen again. There is no well reasoned Republican replacement [responce]…its all posturing, and McConnell [and Ryan] is the first among lessers.

  • Edward

    Repeal it completely.

    Let the states get it back. They were doing OK until Obamacare messed up the cost, the benefits, and the work hours we can find in order to pay for the overpriced mess.

    All those people in the video asking the federal government for healthcare just means that they are competing with 300 million others, who are all pulling in different directions. When healthcare is closer to home, the competition is less, with far fewer people pulling in different directions. We are far more likely to get what we want and what we need.

    Meanwhile, in order to pay for those complainers, we not only pay for our own healthcare insurance (those who can afford to do so), but we pay extra taxes in order to pay for the freeloaders, too. In addition, we pay more at the store to pay for the store employees and producer’s employees more expensive healthcare. We pay three times for healthcare.

    That lady in the video who says that the healthy people pull up the sick is absolutely wrong. The healthy people do not waste their hard earned money buying this useless insurance. That is why there are so many who are not covered, and it is why fewer people than expected buy into it. That lady and the government think that Americans are stupid.

    This fiasco must end, and the responsibility for health must be place back with the states, where it belongs, as the Tenth Amendment explicitly states, where it is better controlled by We the Consumers.

  • It’s been evident for some time that the Democrats are the party of Power, and the Republicans are the party of Privilege. Their privilege. We don’t have a republic, we have a functional oligarchy. Perhaps we should revisit term limits.

  • Edward

    I can’t believe that I missed this important point:
    The people in the video have fallen into the governmental trap of dependency. They complain that “we” can’t take away the subsidized healthcare that they depend upon. They now feel entitled to the theft of what the rest of us have so painstakingly produced. Why do they think that they are entitled to take from the middle class and keep for their own use?

    Watch the movie “The Adventures of Robin Hood.” Robin was not stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, as the liberal, progressive, snowflake types would have us believe. He was stealing from the tyrants to pay the ransom for the rightful king. He also cared for the victims of the Norman tyrants but was not redistributing the wealth.

    Wealth redistribution may seem fair to those who have not, but those who have not have so little because they did not produce something that anyone wanted to buy. This is the case for those in school or just leaving, and this is why so many students think that wealth redistribution is a good thing.

    Strangely, it is both the poor and the rich students who believe in wealth redistribution, but for different reasons. The poor students are jealous of those who have already been productive and live well, and the rich students feel guilty that they are the beneficiaries of their own parents’ productivity.

    Then there are those in the video, who just see the availability of free stuff, such as healthcare. They have a need, so socialism looks good to them. From each according to his ability, to each according to his need, and these guys are in need of healthcare.

    But isn’t that the purpose of saving part of your earnings? Isn’t owning your own home rather than renting supposed to be so that you have the wealth needed for the future or to pass on to your children if you don’t need it (ironically causing the children to feel guilty about their inherited wealth)? Isn’t now, when the people in the video are ailing, the future in which that wealth is needed?

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