Gibson Guitars has struck a deal with the federal government to avoid prosecution for the use of banned wood.

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Extortion does work! Gibson Guitars has struck a deal with the federal government to avoid prosecution for the use of banned wood.

The company will pay a $300,000 fine under a criminal enforcement agreement that defers prosecution for criminal violations of the Lacey Act. Another $50,000 fine will go to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation “to be used to promote the conservation, identification and propagation of protected tree species used in the musical instrument industry and the forests where those species are found.”

Notice the political payoff to an outside environmental group. How nice. I wish my cause could get funding this way, by having the U.S. government threaten companies I don’t like and force them to give me money.



  • wodun

    Hmm makes one wonder what role the NFWF had behind the scenes.

  • Patrick

    I welcome our new overlords.

    They know exactly what needs done and how to best do it.

    They have only the peoples best interests in mind when they do anything.

    Totalitarianism is the best thing since sliced bread.

    I love our new overlords.

  • …and the media is silent… This is an outrage, but just one of too many.

  • Did they take private owned guitars at border crossings and air ports? Is an investigation of the China made Les Pauls that are flooding the market pending? Were does the wood come from for these counterfits. Is it nessasary to storm an American manufactureing firm with millitary arms?Did the govnment Document out lineing the possible charges say that Gibson should move to India? To us that are old enough to remember when you were not treated like an enemy by the goverment. I must ask what the hell has happened to this country? In all the major crime done by the Federal reserve to us this is your answer? To inforce a stupid act about labor in India?Not that it was illegal to own this wood. Only a trade agreement that the Indian Government said was never broken in writeing. I think this is more about overtons window softening the peoples outrage over Gun takes that are a heart filled want of the ruleing class.As they poision the way for almost everyone. They know that even the most cowardly yes man will rise before starvation. For all those spouting the glory of the law I ask what LAW? Its back to the old west.

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