Here come the Obamacare tax bills!

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Finding out what’s in it: Here come the Obamacare tax bills!

The new taxes on one customer’s bill added up to $23.14 a month, or $277.68 annually, according to Kaiser Health News. It boosted the monthly premium from $322.26 to $345.40 for that individual. The new taxes and fees include a 2 percent levy on every health plan, which is expected to net about $8 billion for the government in 2014 and increase to $14.3 billion in 2018. There’s also a $2 fee per policy that goes into a new medical-research trust fund called the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute. Insurers pay a 3.5 percent user fee to sell medical plans on the Web site.

This list doesn’t include the hidden tax imposed on medical equipment that will also be passed on to customers.



  • D. K. Williams

    Another punch to the gut.

  • PeterF

    I wonder where the administration thinks all this “extra” revenue is going to come from? Unlike the federal reserve, most americans can’t simply print more money. For us, our budjets truly are a “zero-sum” game. Something else in our budget will have to be cut, thereby depriving the general economy the business activity that we otherwise would have engaged in. And don’t forget that the current occupant has already given us the largest tax increase in history. Soon I predict they will be announcing a “Great Leap Forward” similar to the what the Chinese did…

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