High School band to exclude whites in its music selection

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Bigots: The band directors of a Minnesota high school band have decided to only buy music from “composers of color” this year, purposely excluding anyone who happened to be white.

The band directors at Spring Lake, outside of St. Paul, Minnesota, have pledged to include at least one piece by a female composer and one by a composer of color in each concert, for each of the school’s bands. “We made a commitment this year to only buy music from composers of color,” says Brian Lukkasson, one of the directors.

Because we all know that one can’t write good music if your skin color is the wrong shade.

I should add that this NPR report sees nothing wrong with this policy, even though it probably violates the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (pushed through by Republicans and opposed by southern Democrats) as well as numerous other civil rights laws and regulations passed since. In other words, bigotry is fine as long as the people being oppressed are people you think should be.



  • Orion314

    Nice to see minnesota’s muslim outreach program is coming along swimmingly…sigh

  • Edward

    Robert noted: “bigotry is fine as long as the people being oppressed are people you think should be.

    That is the whole point of Affirmative Action. The 1978 Supreme Court case ruled that, although discrimination is bad, it is acceptable so long as it is reverse discrimination, or as Robert noted: “as long as the people being oppressed are people you think should be.”

    Proponents deemed such programs necessary to make up for past discrimination … The practical effect of Bakke was that most affirmative action programs continued without change.

    Typical of Social Justice, it is OK to oppress or to punish the innocent for the sins of others who can be associated in some way with those innocents. In this case, it is skin color that creates that association. No wonder Elizabeth Warren claims to be American Indian and Rachel Dolezal claimed to be black. White privilege is not as beneficial as some would have us believe.

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