High school student suspended for wearing “Hillary for Prison” t-shirt

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The new fascism: A high school student in Florida was suspended from classes merely because she wore a “Hillary for Prison” t-shirt to school.

The 18-year-old posted a video on Facebook on Tuesday saying the school’s assistant principal had admitted there were no rules against clothes with political slogans on them but said she faced in-school suspension (ISS) because of the disruption it was causing.

She refused to change her clothes, and so was suspended from classes. Watch the video at the link. Essentially, some other students caused a disruption because they didn’t like her opinion, and rather than punishing those students for misbehavior, the school is trying to squelch this girl’s freedom of speech.


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  • Jim Harvey

    The School is operating under the standard Liberal/Leftist Operating Paradigm. Go to your opponent’s ralley, Create a Disturbance, Cause Violence, and then paint your opponents supporters as violent lunatics. The Enabling Media, tehn picks up the story and runs with it… It is really time to drain this swamp..

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