House committee boosts NASA budget while micromanaging its projects

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A NASA budget proposal released earlier this week by the House Appropriations Committee boosts NASA’s budget to $21.5 billion, while also micro-managing some of NASA’s planetary projects.

The bill, though, does specify funding for some programs. It calls for spending $545 million on the Europa Clipper mission and $195 million for a follow-on lander. NASA requested only $264.7 million for Europa Clipper and nothing for the lander.

NASA said in the budget proposal it was seeking to launch Europa Clipper in 2025 on a commercial vehicle, while the bill calls for the use of the Space Launch System and a launch by 2022. In its budget proposal, NASA estimated needing $565 million in 2019 to keep Europa Clipper on track for a 2022 launch but warned of “potential impacts to the rest of the Science portfolio” if funded at that level.

The bill also included $3.5 billion for SLS/Orion, continuing that boondoggle as it continues to fall behind schedule and go over budget. Also in the bill was a half billion dollars for LOP-G, confirming Congress’s desire to get this new boondoggle running, even though the rocket and capsule necessary to fly it, SLS/Orion, hasn’t even come close to completion after almost two decades of work and almost $40 billion so far in spending.

Overall, this NASA budget proposal illustrates once again why we have Trump. Congress is corrupt, is only interested in distributing money to its corporate buddies, and doesn’t care if that cash ever produces anything. In fact, it appears they prefer that nothing ever get built, as a real space effort would carry risk, and we can’t have that!



  • Joe From Houston

    “Help me, Obilon! You’re my only hope!”

  • Localfluff

    I don’t think it is too bad. The Europa missions are covered by the increase and doesn’t affect other science spending. And the SLS thing is what it is. I’m afraid it will actually fly once or twice, and then carrying a probe to Europa would be a great show for it.

  • wodun

    IIRC, LOP-G only needs SLS for components that use Orion as a space tug. It isn’t an issue with any of the components needing SLS but that Orion needs SLS. I want to see more on the LOP-G. There isn’t too much out there on it.

    What is encouraging is the lunar prospecting missions that NASA wants to do. The new NASA director said he wants to partner with companies desires, which is a refreshing breath of capitalism.

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